Rick Gutman Sued by Monavie?

Former Monavie Black Diamond Rick Gutman will be sued bij Monavie. Rick moved from Monavie to Visalus. We asked Rick for comment, his response: [private_platinum]

There will always be bullies in the business world. This is just another example of it. I've never bow'd to the pressures of them. These things don't slow me down… they bring out the competitor in me.

To be honest I haven't even thought about it to much. But it's worth saying that I left my former company with the utmost Integrity and with no deception. To date I haven't made one cross line call. I haven't had too.

I have one of the fastest growing team in the entire VISALUS company. My leaders are good honest men and women that love God and people as I do.

My focus is on them and to truly help them build a financial fortress around their families. I've never seen a better opportunity here in the U.S. and I intend to seize the moment.


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  1. Coach Blaine: in regard to your analogy are you saying that Monavie is the Titanic and that it’s going down? If that’s what you are saying can we conclude that they have hit the “iceberg” called reality? And if so could we also conclude that some of it’s passengers are going to drown in the “ice cold waters” of denial?

    “How you like them apples”

  2. Talk Fusion, oh yea with Bob Reina the biggest POS in the industry, Thats why people are quitting and going to other companies fast and Bob has to sue to try and scare them… Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fryer. Let me ask you, how do you pick your mlms ? Do you blindfold yourself and throw darts at a dartboard ?

  3. Whats amazing is how people will stoop so low — Talk about God. If you love God So much .. then do your due dillegence and look at the ingredietns you are letting other sons and daughters of God put into their bodies and step up and educate people about chemicals. Sucralose is horrific but all these so-called leaders submit to the ingredient decks for financial gain. God wants us to worrhip our temples ( the bodies he gave us to house our spirits). Would you put a horrific coat of paint on your new car? NO. what about your house? NO .. But for the sake of money you will over look ingredients. I think you need to examine yourself a bit closer before you bring God into the picture. Check out the chemicals you are allowing people to take. Starve themselves and excersise and then lets talk about a vialble business. Then they go on their BIG business talk about their vehicles … More cars are getting towed away before they are paid for. Lets not mis-use the word “FREE” — Such mis conception of all these good so called people of God. Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself “Is that what Jesus would do” Put somebody into a 5 year lease that they will never afford.
    Examine Yourself my friend !!

  4. I first met Dallin Larsen in 1998 and found him over the years to be a very reputable business man that has always fought for the integrity of this industry.
    The’re are always sour apples in life, the whiners, and do nothing er’s. There’s always two sides to every story so people should abstain from these negatives, if they don;t know the facts.
    It hurts all of us and maligns this beautiful industry that can save the American economy.

  5. Ed: There Is plenty of evidence To show that mona-vie Was built using the very tactics that they now accuse rick of using. Get yourself a history lesson. What goes around comes around Hypocrites.

    ” How you like them apples?”

  6. I went from making $35,000 a month to $3K a month in ONE YEAR. Over 95% dropout. Monavie STILL hasn?t recovered?from the ?down economy?. Going from $785 million in 2009 to $600 Million in 2010 ? (Source, Wall Street Journal). Numbers are going the wrong way. Tara Wilson Visalus does what maybe 150M a year Monavie 2011 might want to check again sweetie I think your calculator will show another 0 yep Billion Not surprised, Internationally honey!!! Everyone in this industry knows that the giants Amway, Avon, Nuskin, Herbal Life do maybe 10% in USA the rest Internationally well lets see 200 million people 18 and older in the Usa and there is 6 billion internationally HELLO! I don’t think jamaica is the place to build maybe to smoke a certain substance witch is popular with the 20-30 year olds distributors with spiky hair, now a days. I TOLD YOU SO…… LOL hahahahahahah

  7. Smart MLM girl??? LOL BITTER MLM GIRL – much more fitting! FUNNY that you won’t expose your identity, which means you are clearly a nobody.

    You obviously aren’t too “Smart” NOR have I ever been in 10 companies. Obviously you DO not know me, and I hardly doubt I would ever know someone like you, so don’t flatter yourself. I tend to surround myself with like minded people, which clearly, you are not.

    I am PROUD of what I have done, the decisions I’ve made and the 3 companies I have had the honor to work with…I was in 3 mortgage companies, too. Is that okay?? All great companies. Over 3,400 people joined my ViSalus team in August…so joke’s on you.
    You are a supplier because you clearly didn’t have what it takes to build a team. Here’s a tip for you: “How to Win friends and Influence people” READ it!!

    Rick, Blaine, Richard, Mike, Rod, Brent, Matthew, Theresa – Thank you for your contributions to the industry, keeping it real and best of success to all of you!

  8. Hey Smart MLM Girl! Newsflash for you! Tara Wilson is an Amazing Leader! I thoroughly researched Visalus and interviewed many leaders, I went with Tara because she is honest, knows what she is doing and is an Amazing Leader. Thanks to her and her support, I once again have managed to be in the Top 1% of Visalus for the month. So your bashing is nothing more then a BITTER Failure! Couldn’t make it on this side of the fence because you have no people skills. I could care less what you or anybody else thinks of me. I’m a tell it like it is kinda girl. So Stop wasting your precious time on here and put your efforts where should be, your so called “Supplier Business.”
    Get a LIFE, it’s no wonder you SUCK. You spend countless hours being bitter and bashing others. The real question is, “when do you have time to run a business?” It’s actually good to see you wasting your time on here, more business for us 🙂


  9. Mlm gal, I think I’ll leave out the first part for obvious reasons. Not only are you very mislead but you are misleading people with your reckless comments. If you say you’re a christian you should stop aligning yourself with lies and spewing this nonsense. But I think you know this, which is why you don’t use your real name on here. Shame on you! You have know idea what your talking about. I feel compromised just responding to this ridiculous behavior. BTW, you didn’t go to school with me and my name is not Richard.

  10. Ed, curious about your comment “It hurts all of us and maligns this beautiful industry that can save the American economy.” Could you please explain to me the thought process that precedes this comment? How can “this beautiful industry” save the American economy? Now my curiosity is peaked, up until now it has been blah, blah, blah, he said, she said, blah, blah, blah, but it seems now that someone has a whole new topic to discuss. HOW COULD MLM “SAVE THE AMERICAN ECONOMY”? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!

  11. Where is the Intergrity here regardless of whatever happened in a company there is no need to bad mouth anyone there are a lot of great people in the industry of mlm including Mr. Gutman God Bless you & I will continue to pray for you & your family !!!

  12. I was blessed to know network marketing recently. I found a great company based on integrity. In fact,
    loyalty, union, and edification are our core values. It’s only 3 years old and breaking all records in network marketing. It has produced 6 of the 100 top mlm income earners and will continue to produce more. I happened to know 3 people very close to me who are driving their new mercedes they bought cash from their own income by working for 12 months in the company. I will surely follow their steps. You don’t waste your time talking toxic and bitter about other companies when you are sure yours is the best! Success to you all in the industry!
    Organo Gold saved my and my husband’s life!

  13. Response to Mike Collin in regards to my post:
    Wow?The sparks are flying, fur is in the and we have a reak bout going here. But since you are all gthered let me say.
    If you bought a ticket on the Titanic at what point do do ask for your refund and get on anothe ship A. When the ship hits
    the iceberg B. Afeter the ship goes down or C. Never get off and go down with the captain and scream out to the word
    ?My name is Joe or Jane and I am Titanic!?

    No Mike this was not really directed at MonaVie as much as the people that end up with a ZOMBIE LIKE allegiance to a company instead of their own families goals and dreams. I see this through out the industry. When someone make the statement my name is so and so and I am (Pick a company name) is a bit peculiar. I have no inside knowledge that MonaVie is going to sink like the Titanic. Are you kidding me they are currently opening India. Now all of those people who got in to have a part time home based business while taking care of their families and fulltime jobs or businesses as well as helping with church or after school activities, can jump on a plane and go to Bangladesh to sponsor one more to add to their small leg they get paid on to try to re-qualify as a bronze. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I know when I was with MonaVie as a Hawaiian Blue Diamond (at that time in the top 100 of the company) I could not get an audience with Dallin Larsen over a major issues, he was to busy with other issues for Brook and I. We went up to Utah at our expense witha pre-set appointment made at the Indy 500 weeks earlier and Mtr larsen stood us up. I think he was in the back office cutting his deal with Robert Dean or with the attorney mplanniong on suing one of the Black Diamond who helped him do the heavy lifting in the early days.

    So, I was not making a reference to MonaVie going down like the Titaninc as much as if any company or group is sinking good business practice may suggest considering other options. BTW, to my friends who are still in MonaVie I wish you the very best and to the company as well, but I simply lost faith that Dallin really cared about our family.

    Now if you are below through Blue Diamond level in MonaVie do not repsond to this, you will not have a clue what you are talking about and I do not want you to embarass yourself in this forum as I probably already have.

    Rick gutman, you will always be my friend and I am proud of you and that goes for Mike Collins as well.

  14. Talk Fusion WTF
    If you think I blind folded myself and pick an MLM co, then I’m very lucky to have landed on Talk Fusion. If your on Ted Nuyten’s site often then I’m sure you have noticed the position that Talk Fusion has commanded for the last 4 months. Question: Which company belongs to the Top 20 opportunities for 2011? Talk Fusion is # 3. With that being said,where does “Your” company falls? Truthfully Now! Tony just said he personally know of 3 people that drives Mercedes courtesy of Talk Fusion. At the last convention we gave away three times that many! see them here: https://www.talkfusion.com/mail/hotnews/090611_m06.jpg cut & paste if your smart enough. LOL
    PS: I’ll challenge you to darts any time and I’ll wear a blindfold !!!!!!!
    PSS: I’m on pace for my Mercedes come April’s convention, what are you on pace for. (I thought so).

  15. Richard Bliss Brooke: I agreed to what you have commented.

    Indeed it is sad to see the fighting in this industry, it is almost impossible to see distributors from different companies sitting together to have a friendly discussion, however, there is ways to resolve this, and to have even leaders from different companies to joining hands working together yet without creating any conflicts to each other.

    I am glad I am in the group that have this privilege and all of us are working so closely with different products and different comp plan from different companies — without fighting each other or killing each other’s network, but to have positive mindset to help each other to grow and excel in each network!

  16. MonaVie not only suing Rick, they sue anyone and everyone whenever there is an opportunity, as I have mentioned before, the management lead by Dallin Larsen are just too arrogant, all I can say is the Larsens are really a bunch of crazy monkeys having no clue of whaz going on in the industry.

  17. For all those that left MonaVie. BYE! We don’t need you. Every company has ups and down, but you don’t quit when they are down. You fight to bring them back up. Dallin is doing that right now so we will see where everyone is in the future. In the mean time. Build your business’s and stop complaining. Again if you quit MonaVie to go somewhere else, c ya!

  18. to all who are somebody on this site…(when i say somebody, i am talking about a minimum six figure income earner).. anybody else…your opinion is useless and holds no weight (this includes you mr. talk fusion).. NEWS FLASH..there is nothing right now that compares to what visalus is doing. they are an absolute MONSTER!!!. numbers don’t lie and documentation crushes conversation everyday of the week. i want to give everyone in this forum something to think about…….”if visalus continues there growth over the next 12 months at the same rate they just grew in there previous 12 months…(and this doesn’t include all the social media and company enhancements), they will the the 14th billion dollar company in the 200 year history of this industry and the first since 1984″….DID YOU JUST READ WHAT I POSTED??? monavie, acn, isogenix and certainly not talk fusion ever did it annually…. monavie, acn and isogenix did it cumitaviely but not annually.. (and talk fusion isn’t woth the conversation) YOU KNOW WHO DID IT…..AMWAY..HERBALIFE..AVON. and ten others…these are all “legacy” companies..AND GUESS WILL BE NUMBER 14??? “VISALUS” ……………….and to you SMART MLM HO….KER….keep drinking the kool aid and hiding behind your star 1000 rank on the income discosure statement. in fact, if you want i have a hawaiin blue diamond surf board, i can ship one out to you and then you can inflate your story and your income even more…you call yourself a christian??? (and we are not talking about the people that get saved in the fountain at the family reunion and r3global rip off events).. im talking about a real christian….if you are, then lets start being honest with people and with whats really going on. i just looked at the rank advancements for last week…1 gold, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes in the entire freaking country!!!!…are you kidding me?? and this is an opportunity?? we just broke 600 BMW’S in the month of august…THAT IS A $1500 AVERAGE INCOME!!! ..MONAVIE CLOWNS….you have opened 15 of the 20 top international coountries and the companies income went down almost 200 million from 2009 to 2010..what’s next?? i will tell you whats next…lets roll out a three for free, cruise at gold and a reveal yourself challenge….SOUND FAMILIAR??…you can copy us but you will never catch us…and quit telling everybody in your downline that the international market is here..(that is not duplicatable for anyone except the same 50 peole you guys have been parading around for 50 years) ..in terms of company revenue….we shoud blow past you guys by the first or second quarter of next year….WOW!! AND WE JUST GOT STARTED IN THE GOOD OLD USA…. keep rolling blaine, rick, mike and tara!!…100k a month just around the corner……

  19. Mr. Visalus and Mr. Talk Fusion, do you two really need to pitch your deal here in this forum? Who really cares? This thread is about Rick Gutman and Monavie. Have some class and keep your business to yourself.

  20. People old and new back to the basics Courtesy Integrity Respect on behalf of all the defamed I appologise be they a distributor or a company our industry is regulated well, and I think self regulation is required please ease up on the abuse.

    Being a no body I will close with some nice words, I love my company I love the opportunity,and I seriously am in awe of the corporate team. Angry people If you are not happy move along quietly I am certain Rick will be fine he has clearly stated this and I offer him my support.
    Good night

  21. @Howard Mosse, just wanted to ask a couple of brief questions, since you seem to be so aware of the Monavie success story. Do you suppose things like this could be happening in Monavie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8pvY6oP4PE If not, where does this come from, and why isn’t it being policed?

    And do you think the “Hall of Fame” boys (https://www.businessforhome.org/mlm-500-top-earners/top-earners-hall-of-fame/) know about this? Hmmmm, inquiring minds really want to know. Help us all understand why Monavie is the best model out there? Please enlighten us.

  22. @Howard just wanted to ask a couple of brief questions, since you seem to be so aware of the Monavie success story. Do you suppose things like this could be happening in Monavie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8pvY6oP4PE
    If not, where does this come from, and why isn?t it being policed?
    And do you think the ?Hall of Fame? boys (https://www.businessforhome.org/mlm-500-top-earners/top-earners-hall-of-fame/) know about this? Hmmmm, inquiring minds really want to know. Help us all understand why Monavie is the best model out there?

  23. Mr. MonaVie. To your first question. NO. Because we don’t tell people to fill the garage. They buy two or three cases. What is yr point about ebay. I’m sure yo can find Visalus their too. Business from Home did a good story on you. When you make $3B come talk to me.

  24. @ Steve Jones: you’re the tweeker if you think you’re making money in that purple thing…..

    signed Mike (NOT a Visalus rep) Collins

    Ted: Please remove this crap and other comments of this nature……….

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