Andrew & Nancy Burling Fastest Career Ever?

Andrew and Nancy Burling left with a big bang My Shopping Genie in June 2011.

I covered that story here

Andrew Burling and Nancy Burling found a new home in The Limu Company in July 2011

16 September Talkfusion announced  Andrew and Nancy Burling  went from Diamond to Double Diamond in one week.

In October they reached the highest level: Triple Diamond.

My best estimated is this is one of the fastest careers in the history of MLM.

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  1. For what i know the fastest carrer ever was from the portugues bruno grilo, he went from simple distributor to double diamond in agel in 3 months WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE IN MLM. 3 months from 0 to 50.000 dolors a month, on the 5 month he earned 100.000 usd and had 50.000 people on is organization. Also is brother in law francisco nunes, got to diamod in 4 months earning 50.000 usd, also with no experience what so ever. It was an absolute agel fever in Portugal , a country with only 10 million people. They are now both blue diamonds in monavie !!

  2. Talk Fusion is simply the best of the best and the real great part is Talk Fusion is company that distributors from every Network Marketing company on the planet use. We are a Promotional Tools company that help other companies distributors promote their products, train their distributors, and give the world live products and opportunity webinars. Talk Fusion is here to stay and will be promoting and helping sell your opportunity for you when you see the simplicity of using Talk Fusion’s Tools you will want to sign up and be part of this great company to assist you in your primary business. As a Talk Fusion Triple Diamond Associate myself I know that Andrew & Nancy Burong have found the last company he will ever work! We are here to help anyone in any company become better at product and opportunity sales. Give Talk Fusion a Try you will be glad you did.. Mark Genovese Triple Diamond 541-688-2046

  3. I agree that Andrew is doing some amazing things with Talk Fusion, and Mark is spot on about using it as a tool to promote any Network Marketing business. It helps with team building using Video Conferencing, and the Video Email is a great tool to expose your business to 3-5 people a day…a must for anyone serious about building an income in this industry. Good luck to all of us in this amazing industry!

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