David Wood Empower Network Review 2011

David Wood Empower Network


David Wood is a top Internet marketer, the nr.1 in the Internet Hal of Fame. In the direct selling world we know him from his second place as Top Earner in Numis Network. Besides that he is also of one the top producers in My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

David is an awesome (video) presenter, and launched recently his own – Empower Network System – claiming to have sold in his first week over $335,000 which equal approx. 2,000+ sign ups, and most likely he did. All though this website concentrates on the Direct Selling Industry, there is a large demand for an independent review and as David is involved in MLM there we go:

Bottom line: A smart system if you are a newbie in the Internet world.



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  1. Nice review Ted…. however not 100% accurate.

    Members can add both Aweber & Get Response to their optin so you are building your list.

    I believe the “compression of commissions” is actually really ethical.
    If you don’t own something yourself what moral authority do you have to sell that product?
    It’s like owining a BMW dealership & driving a Merc.

    Also in terms of upgrading… just make one sale & your subscription is covered… pretty cool.

    I believe the advanced marketer can benefit too by running the Empowered Network with their own personal blog… great backlink to an authority site.

    To the top,
    Andrew Burong

  2. Just what the “newbies” need. Whole lot more of those than “gurus”. “…it depends on the number of personal sign up’s you will get”. Well…there is also the fact that number 2, 4, and 6 go up, and then every 5. So one tier? Time will tell just how many broke people wish to make a few dollars with pretty much a hands off system. Setting up account with first data is a snap. Print the instructions, and it takes 20 minutes if you read and follow directions. Don’t know why explained as be so complicated.

  3. Mostly a good review. I think the comments above cleared up the few things that were incorrect. Sll in sll its a great system to get started
    Making $ online. After 6 months to a year you need to start branding yourself as you suggest with your own website or blog.

  4. I love this post and am so glad you wrote it. I have a lot of the same thoughts. I am not promoting Empower Network for many of the reasons you listed but the main one for me was that I do not believe in the product and am focused on long term residuals after all that is why I became a network marketer. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Much ado about nothing. This is a typical fly by night program – lots of heat and hype for a few weeks, then the big fizzle. David Wood is an amazing marketer (but a lousy network marketer) with a guru complex. His ability to motivate and manipulate is scary.

  6. Good article Ted – I have a few concerns with this product but my main one is that whatever way you look at this it appears far too similar to a cash gifting programme for my liking. I imagine the model is positioned so that it isn’t (legally at least) viewed as such but the emphasis on signing up for a monthly membership in order to sell a same priced membership is on rocky ground for me.

    The model will make a few people a lot of money quickly but offers little in terms of long term guidance and support for those looking to build a residual income in network marketing. It’s got the ability to convert the masses though and that’s obvious – but as with a lot of the guru products, the masses will not succeed and many will find themselves several hundred dollars or maybe thousands out of pocket before leaving this one behind.

  7. I do think that the key points of this review is that empowered network is just another “blogger”, “hubpages”, or “squidoo”. Great for getting traffic, but also always one bad turn away from losing the content to the network owner.

    The basic rules of traffic getting is to create such an authentic presence that people are drawn to your own hub, your blog, your capture page, in essence, You. That is what David Wood did, and what I tell my clients to do.

    The question I have is how long will people stay subscribed. What is the lifetime value of the customer here?
    Does anyone know how long people stayed in the Katie Freiling’s Unified Tribe before they canceled?

    The fact that MLSP, Magnetic Sponsoring, and other top leaders are avoiding it are telling. Egos are inflamed for sure about this….

  8. The question I have is how long will people stay subscribed. What is the lifetime value of the customer here?
    Does anyone know how long people stayed in the Katie Freiling?s Unified Tribe before they canceled?

    Great post Brian. I think everybody should be asking important questions before joining these programs.

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