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Masa Cemazar BHIP Global

Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero started their career in network marketing in November 2005, when a 17- year-old girl introduced them to their first company. Masa is from Slovenia (Europe) and has a BA & Masters from Oxford University, and a PhD in Molecular Genetics. She spent ten years working in medical research and more than 20 years pursuing her passion of dressage horse-riding. She speaks six languages.

Miguel is from Spain and is a trained commercial pilot. He has also spent more than 15 years as a semi-professional and professional soccer player. Masa and Miguel both have an extremely multi-cultural background that allowed them to help thousands of people around the world achieve their dreams. They now live in Brisbane, Australia and travel frequently to help their teams around the world.

In their first business (Neways), they reached the level of Diamond Ambassador in less than 2 years and established a business in more than 14 countries over three continents.

They were the founding distributors for bHIP Global in Australia and have been fortunate to work with their team in more than 20 countries. They have been achieved numerous awards and have been recognized for their success on the global level. For the past two years running they have received the highest company recognition for leadership: the Masters Award. Their estimated earnings are $400,000 per year, their team is about 7,000 people. Masa and Miguel's biggest teams are in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Australia. The both find it extremely exciting to work with people in such diverse cultures and backgrounds.

They are among the top income earners worldwide for bHIP Global and their team has turned over $10 million in the past 3 years. They are extremely proud of the success of their team and their committed leadership team worldwide.

Masa, how did you get introduced to this industry?

We got introduced to network marketing for the first time when we migrated to Australia, both of us approaching 30 years of age. We could not believe that no one had ever told us about it before. A 17 year old girl introduced us to this industry and we signed up on the spot and fell in love with the idea of creating a leveraged income and financial freedom. We could not see ourselves working for someone else for the next 40 years to come.

Masa Cemazar on Stage Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero bHip Global Traveling in Taiwan
Masa Cemazar on Stage with Corporate
Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero
Building Business in Taiwan


Who have been your mentors?

There have been so many mentors and personalities that have inspired me during the last 6 years, so it would be almost impossible to mention them all. Some mentors have inspired me live and some through their materials, especially audio tools and books. It seems to me that I have learned much more about life in the last few years than I had in the first 30 years of my life. Even though I attended one of the best universities in the world (Oxford University) and studied hard to achieve my PhD, I had never before been exposed to the world of personal development.

I studied and listened endlessly to great authors like Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins and especially, Jerry “the Rhino” Clark, who has become a close friend in the last few years. I was also fortunate to have many inspiring mentors in the network marketing arena in real life. In our current company we have great leadership in every country, but the person that has become a great mentor and friend is our CEO, Terry LaCore. He has more than 15 years experience in the industry both as a distributor and owner and his vision and determination has been very inspiring to follow.

Why did you decide to join forces with bHIP Global?

We joined bHIP in June 2008 after a couple of months of research and evaluating the company. After three and a half years with the company, I can honestly say it has been the best business decision we ever made.  We joined bHIP because we saw a strong leadership team, led by Terry LaCore, together with an inspiring idea of taking a $1 instantly gratifying product to a global market. bHIP has a very solid and experienced management team, infra-structure and distribution to 40+ markets just after a few years in business and of course we saw a compensation plan that we believed would work for different types of distributors, both experienced leaders and first time newbies.

Masa Cemazar – 3 Ways Of Creating More Consistency In MLM

What is your recruitment strategy?

When we started with bHIP, our list was only about 250 people, so we simply decided to speak to everyone we come in contact with, both in a three foot rule and online. We didn’t know many leaders in the MLM industry and initially we recruited about 50 people ourselves. We continue recruiting on a daily basis as we believe in leading by example, so you will often see me speaking to a stranger in a country where we are traveling and expanding the business.

I am always looking for ambitious young people who want to make a difference. My focus in the last 6 months has turned to younger generation, under 30, because no matter in which country I speak with young people I always see the lack of future options as a main reason for them to start with bHIP. If we join forces, we can change the future.

Which countries do you think will have great growth in the near future?

I think network marketing is going to have a great future everywhere around the globe, but it is now finally come to countries that had previously not seen these opportunities. I believe the growth that we are seeing in Asia is set to continue with a higher growth factor and soon, we will see companies opening more African markets.

Also, Eastern Europe and Latin America is set to make incredible expansion in our industry in the near future. Personally I focusing in the Australia-Asia-Pacific region, where more than 1/3 of the world population is extremely hungry for opportunities.

Masa Cemazar in Thailand Masa and Miquel in the USA Masa and Miquel in Australia
Building in the Thailand
Building in the USA
On the Australian Beaches

Do you still get rejection at your level? How do you handle it?

Of course we still get rejected and we believe that it is one of the keys to be successful in this business. The more rejection you are willing to receive, the more successful you will become. It simply means that you have exposed and shared your opportunity with the most people. I understand people reject the opportunity you offer, they don’t reject me, so I just keep sorting and looking for diamonds in the making.

What would be your advise for an MLM newbie?

My advice to a new person starting in this fantastic and exciting industry would be the following:

  • Choose the right mentor, who is experiencing the results you are currently seeking in your life.
  • Be teachable. Make the decision to become the best student you can be.
  • Carefully choose the opportunity, a company with a vision and a solid global infrastructure and proper funding.
  • Success is a journey, enjoy everyday and every minute you spend doing this business and make sure you commit to completing at least 10,000 hours before making a decision whether this is for you or not. Studies have shown that you can master any skill by practicing it at least 10,000 hours.

About Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero:

They now live in Brisbane Australia and love spending their free time doing outdoor activities and travel frequently to Asia and Oceania both for business and pleasure.

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  1. Masa & Miguel are such an inspiration. They have paved the way for the younger generation.
    I absolutely agree with Masa, when she says that you should at least try an idea for 10K hours. A lot of people say, oh no, that’s not for me. But how do they know? How can you judge something when you haven’t experienced it or you only went to a couple of meetings.

    Great interview, loving it! I’ve shared it with my team.

  2. Thank you so much for that article and short video Masa and Miguel. What an amazing journey bHip Global has been to you to us and to many many lands and people in the world and with more to come.

  3. Masa and Miguel set the standard for Leadership and entrepreneurship in our industry…… As friends and true mentors Masa and Miguel have learned from the best and helped not only myself but thousands of people around the world see that there is a better way. Their success is much deserved through their own efforts and I congratulate you both on all your success now and into the future. For anyone who gets 2 mins to spend with these guys, ask good quality questions as their comments will only guide you to success and beyond.

    Results Focused Marketing offers some great tips and there are some good quality nuggets in this interview also, that i will definitely pass onto my team.

    Congrats again, awesome interview.

  4. nice meeting you….you seems to be a wonderful leader………….i decided to read more about you today and im very much satisfied with what i have read so far,may the lord continue to keep you in jesus name

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