SevenPoint2 Achieves $500,000 In Retail Sales In First Month

Jason Boreyko, Jason Boreyko, Sam Adams

MLM Start up SevenPoint2, has already dashed out of the gate toward a leading position in the network marketing world. The company is led by CEO, Jason Boreyko; Sam Adams, Co-founder and Visionary; and Dr. Howard Cohn, Executive Vice President of Product Development. Collectively, they have been dubbed the A, B, C gurus of network marketing.

Jason co-founded New Vision International, a network marketing company that produced over $1 billion in combined sales and created 40 millionaires. In the process, the company generated over $350 million in commissions for its members.

Sam took an energy and wellness company’s sales from just $40,000 a month and catapulted them to $25 million the first year it was under his guidance. Dr. Cohn’s background includes developing and testing thousands of nutritional and health products.

Their current vision is to launch a World Wide Alkaline movement, using SevenPoint2 as the vehicle for success.
Jason states, “SevenPoint2 is at the forefront of the pioneering movement in the natural products industry: the areas of alkaline and weight loss products. It took us six months to hit $500,000 in sales with New Vision International and they shot from zero to $9.2 million within the first 13 months.

SevenPoint2 has already produced a whopping $500,000 in retail sales since our official launch on October 1, 2011.

Our goal is to achieve $8.3 million in monthly SevenPoint2 sales by October 31, 2012.”
24 people each qualified for a $600 monthly car payment toward earning a white BMW. To certify for their top achievement level, Black Diamond, a distributor must accumulate $150,000 in Group Volume. Top producer Mike Zanardelli accomplished this status within four weeks.

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  1. Congratulations Jason on your success. Your priorities must be in order. This is such an incredible industry. You have a great story being raised in the Industry and all your prior success. Lets make time soon for another lunch with the wife’s too. Trying to move by you in the next 6 months.

  2. Congratulations Seven Point 2 for an amazingly successful launch! I feel so blessed to be part of this momentous time and to be building a legacy with this company. What gets me excited even more so than my personal success is to see 7 new BMW owners on our team in the first month! Way to go guys!

    Jordan Klause
    SevenPoint2 Diamond

  3. Kudos to Jason and the other co-founders…we all knew this would happen! When you fill a need and have a product that people are passionate about, it’s a piece-of-cake. Great managment team, great consumable products, with a great compensation plan. Finally, a company where not just you, but also your team can build a nice residual income! Helping others has never been more profitable. Join the movement!

    1. Kay,

      I have recently come across your company website and have been trying to find a distributor who could answer my questions. I have questions because your company is so young – I have been burned by young start-ups in the past.

      Here are some initial questions:

      1. Are you operating in Canada ?

      2. What other material could you provide – health info, testimonials and any other pertinent info ?

      3. Why would the owners leave successful companies to start up a new one ?

      4. How do you deal with long distance distributors ?

      5. Are you open to talking on Skpe ?

      Thanks very much,


  4. I am so grateful to have found seven point 2 , the products are wonderful , they make alkalinity so easy and affordable. Even though I know how important it is to be living an alkaline lifestyle, I would never have taken the time or the money necessary to accomplish it. Thank you Jason and Dr Cohn and Sam for bringing this to Canada and congratulations on your success so far, it is only the beginning!
    I am very grateful also for this business opportunity
    Thanks again and God bless
    PS thank you also for the new iPad , I love it

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