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Brett Hudson Text Cash Network

Text Cash Network is 100% owned by a 5 year old communications company run and owned by The Johnson Group in Florida – USA,  owners of many worldwide interests. President of Text Cash Network is Brett Hudson who lives in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Brett Hudson has over 15 years of management experience in the high technology computer field, created a start up Dot Com Company in 1996 from the ground floor and took it public within 2 years, achieved a 42 million dollar evaluation before exiting the Company.

Founded a stored value card company in 2001 that was acquired by a publicly traded company in 2003. A proven track record of success in team development, internet marketing, retail distribution, lead generation programs and guidance as well as strategic product/sales planning that resulted in profitable growth and market leadership. Brett consistently has managed and produces top-level sales achievements both domestically and internationally.

Through Brett's leadership, training, and sales management skills created a sales niche in the Internet market place and became one of the largest hosting/training companies worldwide selling and servicing websites to small to midsize businesses. Created the FTD Gift Card program in 2003, which had over 500,000 cards in distribution (CVS, 7-Eleven, Exxon, RiteAid, and Staples).

Gene Johnson is Director of Communications. Approx. 85,000 agents sign-up as per 25 november 2011.

The new office in Florida, opening 12 december 2011:

Text Cash Network Head Quaters


Text Cash Network is free to join.You never pay anything unless you want to do some personal advertisements for yourself, or business. You commit to receiving 5 texts messages per day. You can do only 2,3, 4 or 5 texts per day, you have the option to choose. You choose your category of which texts you would like to receive: food, clothes, movies, etc. You pick the time you would like to get the texts.

Their plan is to follow in the steps of Groupon & Living Social and plan to dominate the text advertisement marketplace.

Compensation Plan

#1. The POWER-GRID pays FREE & VIP Referral Agents
#2. The POWER-LINE pays FREE & VIP Referral Agents
#3. The POWER-SHARE pays FREE VIP Referral Agents
#4. The POWER-MATCH pays ONLY VIP Referral Agents

NOTE: There is absolutely NO TEXT CASH NETWORK Compensation earned nor paid for the act of recruiting members or other referral agents. T.C.N. will only pay on products or services being used, sold or purchased. That being said T.C.N. will pay a MAXIMUM of $1.50 per AGENT/MEMBER who would be willing to provide T.C.N. with a SERVICE of accepting up to 5 texts per day. THE KEY WORD BELOW IS ACTIVE THIS MEANS AGENT/MEMBER IS PROVIDING/BUYING/SELLING A SERVICE OR A PRODUCT.


The 100% FREE POWER-GRID pays a Referral Agent a MAXIMUM of $.75 to $1.50 Per Active Referral Agent up to 10 Levels of Referrals. A 2×10 & 3×10 is displayed on your website. However, since there are no limits on the amount of referrals a Referral Agent may refer. There could be a billion different combinations. Here are real examples of real referral agents who have already reached 10 levels of referrals within 14 days.

Here is an Referral Agent who personally referred 77 Referral Agents; The 77 collectively referred 321 onto his 2nd level; The 321 collectively referred 820 onto his 3rd level; The 820 collectively referred 2071 onto his 4th level; The 2071 collectively referred 2809 onto his 5th level; The 2809 collectively referred 3527 onto his 6th level; The 3527 collectively referred 4530 onto his 7th level; The 4530 collectively referred 4327 onto his 8th level; The 4327 collectively referred 3616 onto his 9th level; The 3616 collectively referred 2894 onto his 10th level for a grand total of 24,992 with a MAXIMUM TEXT PAY of $20,914.50 Monthly. This an example and the compensation in this example would come from members/agents receiving up to 5 text messages a day.

Here is an Referral Agent who personally referred 11 Referral Agents; The 11 collectively referred 148 onto his 2nd level; The 148 collectively referred 487 onto his 3rd level; The 487 collectively referred 642 onto his 4th level; The 642 collectively referred 630 onto his 5th level; The 630 collectively referred 431 onto his 6th level; The 431 collectively referred 198 onto his 7th level; The 198 collectively referred 178 onto his 8th level; The 178 collectively referred 169 onto his 9th level; The 169 collectively referred 108 onto his 10th level for a grand total of 3,002 with a MAXIMUM TEXT PAY of $2,332.50 Monthly. This an example and the compensation in this example would come from members/agents receiving up to 5 text messages a day.

We find it simpler to say 10 levels by the power of 2 equals a MAXIMUM TEXT PAY of $2,302.50 Monthly. Bring it up to the power of 3 and it is just to much to put into print.

NOTE: All of the above is based on The 100% Free Model. All of the above has a BILLION Combinations based on how many referred how many on each level up to TEN LEVELS of Referral Agents.

#2 THE POWER LINE is NOT A BINARY (Patent Pending)

When the Exclusive POWER-LINE Tracking Chart is available you may truly grasp how powerful THE POWER-LINE IS. The POWER-LINE Compensation is shared by both 100% FREE & VIP Referral Agents. In the POWER-LINE a FREE or VIP Referral Agent may have many LINKED BONUS POWER-LINE Positions with each one awarded Bonus Points. Each one duplicating itself over and over again and again. A 100% Free Referral Agent could be awarded tens, hundreds or even thousands of LINKED BONUS POWER-LINE Positions. The key word is LINKED. Currently we have over 55,000 Referral Agents in the POWER-LINE. Now imagine YOU just register as a new 100% FREE Referral Agent. HOWEVER in about 24 hours everyone of the 54,000 Referral Agents will have a LINKED BONUS POSITION in front of you generating many more LINKED BONUS POSITIONS to your original FREE POSITION. Each one awarded bonus points with each bonus point having potential compensation for your original position. Again once you see the real time tracking chart in your FREE BACK OFFICE all will be clearer.

How fast you receive additional LINKED BONUS POSITIONS will be based on your level of achievement. DETAILS COMING SOON

#3 THE POWER-SHARE full details by 12/12 (Patent Pending)

This is possibly more exciting than The POWER-GRID, POWER-LINE and The POWER-MATCH Combined. When you see the details of this POWER-SHARE there will be potential personal sales commissions available of $500; $1,000; $5,000 and more. Plus an equal amount shared up to 10 levels of Active VIP Referral Agents in The POWER-GRID. Plus as you will see in the POWER-MATCH another equal amount shared with up to 5 Qualified Referral Agents in The POWER-GRID. Example: When a FREE or VIP Referral Agent earns $500 in The POWER-SHARE up to 10 additional Referral Agents could receive $50 which would also calculate another potential $500 in POWER-MATCH Bonuses paid to the Qualified Referral Agents in the upline.


Only VIP Referral Agents Can Earn POWER-MATCH Bonuses on the compensation earned up to 5 levels of Referral Agents in their POWER-GRID on compensation earned in The POWER-GRID, POWER-LINE and POWER-SHARE Compensation Plans as follows:

MANAGER earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on level 1
SENIOR MANAGER earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on levels 1 & 2
EXECUTIVE earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on levels 1, 2 & 3
SENIOR EXECUTIVE earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on levels 1, 2, 3 & 4
PRESIDENTIAL earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

MANAGER is a VIP RA with 3 Personal VIP RAs
SENIOR MANAGER is a VIP RA with 3 Personal Managers
EXECUTIVE is a VIP RA with 3 Personal Sr Managers
SENIOR EXECUTIVE is a VIP RA with 3 Personal Executives
PRESIDENTIAL is a VIP RA with 3 Personal Senior Executives

Soon your T.C.N. POWER COMPENSATION PLAN will be available in your back office with charts and diagrams for a better understanding.

IMPORTANT: The following paragraph MUST BE READ ALOUD or whenever The Text Cash Network compensation plan is presented verbally, by phone, or included in its entirety when communicating in writing, e-mail or webinar:


The Text Cash Network is a 100% FREE OPPORTUNITY. No commissions are paid for the act of recruiting. T.C.N. Compensation is earned only when: #1) a member/agent provide a service to the company such as receiving up to 5 texts or e-mails daily is a service. #2) When a member/agent were to sell or purchase a product or service. Any purchase of any product or service is 100% OPTIONAL. There are three levels of involvement. Members, Referral Agents & VIP Referral Agents. VIP Referral Agents have sold or purchased a domestic or international VIP Advertising Package to a Non-Member or Non-Referral Agent.


If a Member or Referral Agent wants to participate in The POWER-SHARE TEXT POOL ADVERTISING PROGRAM, They must be very clear that you are purchasing TEXT PACKAGES for T.C.N. to GIVE AWAY as FREE TEST for businesses to try our service 100% FREE. You are NOT purchasing stock or any other form of investment or equity. You MUST actually use the TEXTS that you purchase or give them to The T.C.N. POWER-SHARE ADVERTISING PROGRAM. Affiliates who present our products to others in a misleading manner or in a way that leads the buyer to believe he or she is making an investment or purchasing equities will be terminated and all commissions and awards will be forfeited. Buyers MUST read How The T.C.N. POWER-SHARE ADVERTISING PROGRAM Works on The Text Cash Network website and The Legal Disclaimers.

A recorded call about the company can be found here

Corporate Leadership

Brett Hudson Text Cash Network   Joe Reid Text Cash Network  
Brett Hudson – President

Joe Reid – Master Distributor

Alexa Ratings, 7 day growth 44%. Worldwide rank 11,241

Alexa Rankins Text Cash Network 18 November 2011

Top Producers

TBD, the company started 1 November 2011


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  1. I have deleted all comments as there have been a lot of anonymous comments on this post and I put the full compensation plan in, previous comments where therefore not up to date.

    I apologize for any inconvenience. Let’s keep the discussion polite and without anonymous comments. Only comments will be approved with a Real Name, Real E-mail, and Real Website or Facebook Account. See this post:


  2. I have attempted to reach out to TCN President Brett Hudson to get his side of the story, and to make sure I have my facts straight before making any more public commentary. Unfortunately, Mr. Hudson declined to speak with me and abruptly ended our phone conversation. Therefore, I will pose the same 10 questions here that I intended to ask Mr. Hudson privately.

    1. Who is Gene Johnson? Is he really your Director of Communications? If so, why is there no way to directly communicate with your Director of Communications?

    2. Has Phil Piccolo ever been involved in TCN any way? Not just as a member of your corporate team, but in *any way*, at any time?

    3. A person using the name “Mark Wilson” posted within the comment section of the TCN review at BusinessForHome.org. I have strong, albeit circumstantial evidence this is actually a prominent TCN field “leader”. Do you know the actual identity of “Mark Wilson”?

    4. Where is TCN located?

    5. You chose to make private your domain name registration, and your WY business license lists only the address of your registered agent. There is no corporate address anywhere on your website or within your online discosure documents. Why have you chosen to not reveal your location?

    6. There is a photo of a large office building with “Text Cash Network” on the front of it, which you also referenced in a recent conference call. Is that really your building in the photo?

    7. Your corporate generated email autoresponder has sent members several notices linking to a CNBC article where “CNBC Talks About TEXT CASH NETWORK?”. Are you aware that there is no mention of Cash Text Network in any context anywhere within this article?

    8. TCN is allegedly a division of a five year old Florida tech company called “The Johnson Group”. I cannot locate any business entity related to technology based in the state of Florida with that name. Can you please provide the address and website for this company?

    9. Your online presentation identifies several trademarks associated with TCN, and a “patent pending” compensation plan. Why is there no record of any trademark or patent application associated with TCN or The Johnson Group?

    10. MLM companies commonly identify the MLM attorney who has reviewed and approved their program. I am very familiar with all of the highest profile MLM attorneys and know of none who object to their identity being known (once the review process has been completed). Your Director of Communications indicated that an MLM attorney has reviewed and approved your program, but refused to identify this MLM attorney. Has TCN been reviewed and approved by an MLM attorney? If so, can you please identify this attorney? Also, has any MLM consultant assisted in the development of TCN, and if so can you please identify them?

    Thank you for your assistance in clearing up these issues.

    Len Clements
    MarketWave, Inc.

  3. The emails I receive from TCN are formatted in exactly the same manner as the now famous Warren Anthony, A.K.A. Phillip Piccolo emails from the now defunct DNA. I personally believe that the ownership of TCN is tied in directly with DNA and Phillip Piccolo and that this person, Gene Johnson, the communications director, who is playing the same part that 'Warren Anthony' played for DNA is in fact Phil Piccolo using another alias.

    I registered with TCN to investigate the opportunity for several of my reps who asked me what I thought about it, I am in no way going to promote this business, but wanted to make sure that my guys didn't get hurt.  Since looking into this organization and there are many red flags with this company which have been brought to light be folks who have done even more research.
    Check out this article by Troy Dooly: https://mlmhelpdesk.com/mlm-news-covering-youngevity-visalus-skinny-body-care-text-cash-network-scentsy-tomboy-tools/

    Here is another great article: https://www.patrickpretty.com/2011/11/25/special-report-one-world-one-website-owow-phil-piccolo-associated-entity-that-drove-traffic-to-text-cash-network-listed-in-wyoming-as-inactive-administratively-dissolved-tax-owow-lin/

    Personally I would advise anyone looking at this opportunity to really look closely before jumping in and getting gun ho about it.
    Rick Weston
    MLM Millionaire in Training

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