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Dawn Wright Olivares


Dawn Wright Olivares is Chief Operation Officer (COO) at ZeekRewards and Zeekler, a division of Rex Venture Group LLC. The company burst onto the scene in 2011 and has very quickly become a leader in the reverse auction industry. A review about ZeekRewards can be found here.

Zeek Rewards is an advertising division of Zeekler.com, which is a reverse auction website and an MLM income opportunity for marketing professionals. The company offers a 2×5 Forced-fill matrix. As of March 2012 the company had an estimated 277,000+  affiliates. In 2011 Zeekrewards had 15 full time employees.

Dawn is living in Ozark, Arkansas, USA and engaged with Alex de Brantes. She has 2 daughters, Emily and Suzi, and 1 son, Jon. She has 25 years MLM field leadership; 10 years software development; 15 years corporate marketing strategist; 15 years creative development and team leadership. Recently Dawn was a speaker at the prestigious Association Of Network Marketing Professionals.

ZeekRewards has the Nr. 1 website in the world according to the Alexa rankings as of March 2012. Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Dawn Wright Olivares.

Dawn, how did you got involved in Zeek Rewards as Chief Operating Officer and what field experience do you have?

My promotion to Chief Operating Officer occurred in October 2011. [private_platinum]

I have been with the company 12+ years and have been working by Paul's side for the past three years very heavily since the launch of FSCAuctions which eventually became Zeekler.  Back in the day I started out as software, graphics and systems development which over the years also became strategic and project development and management.

In 2010, I took on a larger role and by 2011 I was developing then managing most of the departments for Paul.  I initially focused on the creation of  Zeek's product and then when Paul came up with the ZeekRewards concept and momentum started to build – I then increased my focus to internal expansion and compliance.  Paul and I both realized that I simply wasn't the International Marketing Director anymore and looked for a title that better described what it was I did and that title was C.O.O.

Dawn Wright Olivares – Daughter Suzi – Fiancee Alex de Brantes

Dawn Wright Olivares Family

I have over 25 years field experience and leadership that began in my late teens with Mary Kay and Amway.  My first real success was with a weight loss and neutraceuticals company called E'ola. Skybiz was my first corp entry with a rescue project for the McCullough family called Planet Skybiz.  Dan and I (Zeek's Master Programmer and my step-son) were a software and web design team and they needed a hand.

In 1999 we were scooped up by a company with corrupt ownership where I brought 16,000 reps in a matter of 5 weeks as the voice of that project.  They promoted me to VP Marketing, hired Dan as head of IT and moved us out to California before they took Dan, myself and the reps to the cleaners and left us high and dry (never paid a single check).  After licking my wounds we joined a consortium of top MLM leaders but after being bitten by two more companies soon after I vowed I'd never be another companies voice or build another field organization.

I was then introduced to Paul Burks and have never looked at working with another owner in the industry since.  This is the first project I have been the voice for since…because of my trust in Paul.

Zeekler is a cool entertainment shopping experience with Penny Auctions, eCommerce and wholesale stores. ZeekRewards is it’s affiliate program that drives traffic and customers through online advertising and word-of-mouth promotions.  The two together have driven us to nr. 455 and nr. 2380 Alexa traffic ratings and are taking the world by storm.

Nowadays with the weak economy more and more people are looking for a second income. What can these people expect from Zeek Rewards?

ZeekRewards Team; Dawn, Alex de Brantes, Dan Olivares (back) master programmer, Jon Wright- Compliance, Aaron Baker -  fraud InvestigatorMost importantly people can expect to be paid what they earn.  I realize for a new networker that may sound obvious…but it’s not.  There are a great many corrupt companies that come out with nothing more than a website and a promise (parked off-shore without an ounce of true back-bone or legitimacy) that will take the money and run. 

Second, they can expect our products to stay out in front of the trends and for us to keep it fresh, fun and exciting.  Last, they can count on our commitment to compliance.  We are scooping up the greatest minds in this industry for this project to be in compliance with the laws that govern every aspect of this project.

With the rising number of Direct Sales companies, how can someone who's interested in the business know if a company is reliable?

Doing your due diligence is critical.  Check out the ownership and longevity of the company.  I would recommend doing a background check on the owner first.  Then ask the hard questions: “Do they have experience?”, “Are they well-respected in this industry?”, “Do they have a strong BBB rating?”, “Where are they located?”, “Do they have a strong team?  Both corp and IT?” 

Nothing can cripple a company faster than lack of IT.  I’ve seen too many companies SAY they have automation, throw up a site and pretend it’s all in place while they scramble for a cheap, off-shore team they’ve never met and they simply never get off the ground.

Last, if you can afford to make the trip…meet the team.  Legitimate companies have bricks and mortar buildings and real people in them.  Schedule an appointment and either go personally or have someone close in proximity that you trust make the trip.

ZeekRewards Income Disclosure Statement for 2011
ZeekRewards Income Disclosure Statement for 2011


Zeek Rewards has incredible growth, what is the reason for the success?

Haha…the stars aligned!  I would love to be able to say it was one specific thing but I think it was a combination of many things and a little bit of magical fairy dust (and a lot of prayer).  Zeek is a phenomenon. From our iconic little penny, the team and the ownership…to the leaders who gathered and said “this is it” – from the product to the comp plan.  It is a bit of a “rubix cube” puzzle and all of the colors simply matched up.

It’s also a matter of trust.  All of the “wow” factor and product and team and comp can be there…but if the field doesn’t see the company’s integrity…all is lost.  A rock-solid relationship has formed.  One of mutual trust, loyalty, integrity and community.  Zeek is a family now.  Being a part of something this special comes along once in a life-time.  Everyone who is here understands that and we cherish it.  I think that’s what translates in every language across every culture.

Have you been surprised by the exponential growth? The Alexa Rankings shows awesone visitors numbers.

Surprised? No.  We’re way beyond surprised…Shock and awe are better words.   We saw exponential growth and momentum once before with FreeStoreClub (where we grew to 3 million in 175 countries) which is why we were able to handle lightening striking again with Zeek.

Zeekrewards Alexa Rankins March 2012
Zeekrewards Alexa Rankings Over 1 million visitors per month


Massive success means often for any company, criticizer and people spreading rumors. How do you deal with that?

Quite honestly?  We do our best to put it on “ignore.”  Those types of things can serve as large distractions if we let them and we don’t have the time or desire to engage in such things. A long time ago I was told: “Some people build the tallest building.

Other people tear the buildings around them down…so that theirs APPEARS the tallest.” When you are focused on building the tallest building, scrapping in the mud is not on the priority list.

Zeek rewards started a compliance initiative, what can you tell about that?

Our compliance initiative actually began a year ago when Zeek began.  We recognized we were a category creator and started hiring top attorneys and consultants early on because when you do something no ones ever done before…you simply don’t know what you don’t know.   We first hired Nehra and Waak.  Then Dr. Keith Laggos.  They did the first run at it. 

ZeekRewards Team and MascotteWe needed to increase our staff and resources proportionate to our growth and our expected growth, and adjust to all the changes in privacy laws and regulations…. The laws and the internet are always moving…. and when you have a growing field force and their ability to reach people in massive quantities through social media, search engines, You Tube and the like we knew we needed to be on top of it and way out in front – so we hired Kevin Grimes of Grimes & Reese who recommended Greg Caldwell (Investigator/Compliance Expert – White Hat Solutions). 

Then Howard Kaplin (KapTax) and Mark Bonefant & Larry Steinberg – and the prestigious list keeps growing.  We also launched the “ZeekSquad” which is a volunteer field squad to police field compliance and  we’ll soon be launching Kevin Grimes’ MLMComplianceVT course to the field as well.

We are focused on both the field and corp compliance equally.  We all feel strongly that Zeek is worth protecting on every level…both the corp team and field leadership are all very protective of this project and it’s affiliates.

When so many people count on you for their livelihoods…you do whatever it takes to ensure it’s sustainability.  I tell the field all of the time:  “We are a category creator…we must remain agile and be willing to shift as we grow.  We will do whatever it takes to remain compliant with the law and to do the next right thing to preserve and protect Zeek.”

What wishes, goals and plans do you have for the future?

I am working to get our auctions tripled in quantity next quarter, to create relationships that will allow bid currency to buy a great deal more than the click of a bid button and to attract strong advertising sponsorships.  We want Zeek to be a top contender in online shopping and group buying as well as in Penny Auctions and MLMs.

Do you have a success tip for a newbie in our industry?

Yes.  Be patient, loyal, totally committed to both your dream and your company and be willing to grow.  Someone has lied to the newbies of the industry and told them to diversify instantly, have no loyalty and no commitment level whatsoever which is why our beloved industry is in the condition it’s in.  The leaders of this industry (old-school like myself) will all tell you the same thing.

To build a massive, residual sales organization takes time, clarity of intention, sacrifice and serious commitment.  It’s a process.  It’s about mentorship and relationships.  It’s about trusting and being trusted.  It’s about “Be.  Do.  Have.”  You must first BE what others who are successful are, then DOING what they have done…to then HAVE what it is they have.  There are no short-cuts. It’s also a totally worthy journey.  There is nothing like living life on your own terms…so NEVER GIVE UP.

A review about ZeekRewards can be found here

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  1. What a wonderful interview!
    What an amazing company.
    What an incredible business.

    I truly wish this company had been around when I started working on line. I am retired and what a terrific way to have a retirement cushion!

    Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Ted, once again you have done a fantastic job of sharing with the world the facts. I have found Dawn and Alex to be straight shooters, and willing to address any red flag I have asked them about. Although I have never been a fan of mixing reverse auctions and MLM, I can say with all confidence, that of all the companies out there, Zeek is light years ahead of the game in the area of compliance!

    And it is my opinion, that all of the Zeekler team are looking for a long and prosperous future for their field force. Most companies would not take the proactive measures or invest what they have to insure they have done all they can to run a profitable and compliant business.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  3. Troy and Ted – I agree, zeek rewards are doing what they can to remain compliant – this is a challenge for sure with marketers pushing the “investment” model as zeek’s unique appeal. As an opportunity I’d say right now it’s too complex to duplicate and explain easily and despite its obvious growth in the last year I would be surprised to see this continue as it has done. Good luck to those who have money “invested” into the pay plan though as at some point this bubble might just burst.

    1. Neil Ashworth words: “Good luck to those who have money ‘invested’ into the pay plan though as at some point this bubble might just burst.” needs a strong clarification. What does Neil really mean? I’m quite confused. By the way is not “invest” or “investment” a dirty word at Zeek?

  4. Great long overdue story Ted. Thank you
    I am proud to be in the Zeek Family. I love the whole team from top to bottom. As you mentioned in the interview “criticizer and people spreading rumors”, well, we got one that did not wait to criticize (Neil Ashworth) he did not have to type the last line but now we know who you are. Just because it might be too complex for you does not give you the right to trash it.

  5. Well, I don’ think the bubble is going to burst if they (Zeek) continue doing what they are doing
    and remain compliant (to the extent possible without shooting themselves on their own foot).
    This is what “free enterprise” is all about. Let’s give this opportunity a big enough push to help
    sustain themselves into the near and distant future. My best wishes, R Sami

  6. Hi all. I got in around mid Feb this year. I really would like to know how this great program runs. It is not easy for me to “sponsor” others so am wondering how this will now affect my future profits. As time goes on, I think I can refer a few into it, but really need to wait until I am truly convinced how it works (if I get others in, too often this means they too are not great sponsors). I like the direct marketing idea.

    Thanks for all you do.

  7. What a great interview. So proud to be a part of this organization. My income earnings have far exceeded my expectations. Trust me…”they are who they say they are!” Keep up the good work. Go Zeek!

  8. We have been involved with Zeek Rewards for over a year and could not be more pleased! The company, the leadership and the auctions are absolutely amazing. When you can refer friends and have them earn a 6 figure income in their first year and you have pleased customers who are addicted to the auctions and it’s incredible deals, you have a wining combination! We are so incredibly thankful to our close friend who gave us the introduction to Zeekler/ZeekRewards!!! Thank you Zeekler/ZeekRewards and especially Dawn for everything you do. We look forward to years of prosperity and most of all FUN!

  9. Neil, I appreciate you experience and straightforward comments, however I personally feel there is one point that you DO NOT understand about Zeek. This is NOT an investment scheme, you purchase a product (Bids) and give them away to people to entice them to take a look at the auction and bid on products they want or need. Obviously the end goal is for the buyer to purchase additional bids so the company can make money and pay the affiliates.
    Using network marketing is an ingenious way to attract the largest amount of people possible to advertise for you. Relate it to other industries, Zeek doesn?t pay us a PENNY to market their product (unlike most other industries) we do the work, people purchase products at penny?s on the dollar and we get paid AFTER the sale, Zeek collects the money on the sale prior to paying for the advertising (Bet Coke or Budweiser wishes they could do that, sure would make the Super Bowl promoters angry though). Very clever marketing strategy in my opinion, don?t you think thousands of other retailers would love to have someone advertise for them FREE and then only pay people after the sale?

    1. I love love love your response! I am a complete NEWBIE. Never entered the MLM industry never put $ in anything (not even the stock market). So when I was told about this opportunity I was curious but skeptical as usual. The thing was it made complete sense. I tried to ignore the fact it was a win win with both an auction and money maker idea. Now I am glad I jumped in and I am impressed everyday with how Zeek is running this company. Thanks everyone for doing a GREAT job.

  10. Hey Dawn! Thank you for the post I am about to finish reading it and did not want to forget to comment. Although success online and from home is something I have already accomplished, being a part of ZeekRewards has helped many people I know. Although I give Dooley a hard time here and there, I agree with him that Zeek is a total game changer. God bless you and your family and I look forward to continually change lives through this unique opportunity…and WIN SOME KOOOOL STUFFF!

  11. Paul and Dawn, thanks so much for creating a perfect match for all of us who were looking for a company with a family atmosphere built on trust and loyalty. Very excited about the 2nd quarter developments and appreciate so much the efforts to remain compliant which strengthens our position for the long term.

  12. Ted, this was a fantastic interview with Dawn. I have been in this fabulous industry for 18 years and prior to Zeek was able to build two 7 figure networking interests. After being beaten up by a couple of companies, I never thought I would plant my flag with one company again. That was until I met Zeek. After being with Zeek for several months, the management team, that includes Dawn proved they had character and integrity to go along with their business acumen.

  13. I have been Zeekler affiliate since March of 2011 and I have met Paul Burks. I found him to be a man of integrity. His entire team has put together a great opportunity for the average person. There is nothing out there, I feel, can touch the potential this business has for the industry. Dawn, what a wonderful article!!! You are fantastic!!

  14. I totaly agree guys .when you look at the industry of MLM and direct sales these day it is very confusing to know what is what .
    ZeekRewards has been agressively and truly walking the walk and doing what ever humanly possible to be REAL , Compliant and Hugly profitable .
    thank you to all in Corporate for your huge efforts that is making Zeek what it is and god bless.

  15. Great Job, as many people are relying on ZR I see many copy cats popping up every day…
    hmmm so amazing how they compare to”ZEEK” In there advertising, “If you like zeek you will Love us”
    I just Hope the zeek team is ready and prepared!
    Great Interview!!!!
    Keep up all the Good Work, and a HiGH-FVE to Paul B.

  16. Yes it does just come down to a few well known priciples. Planting seeds,watering them well and reaping the harvest.
    Biggest profits are made with a strong foundation and word of mouth.
    All the best

  17. I can’t stand when people use other peoples success as a means to make money. Neil all you are doing is trying to scare people enough that they hopefully come running to you. Nobody ever “invests” money into Zeek – get your facts straight! What kind of track record do you have in helping people to turn their lives around financially? Or do you simply latch on like a parasite to someone else’s success and try and get the stragglers? See the people out there who are successful don’t need to do what you are doing to promote their business. If what you have to offer is so great, why can’t you stand on your own two feet and promote it. Or is this the only way you can get traffic?

  18. Neil – I can see how you might think Zeek is “too complex to duplicate and explain easily”. I’d say, however, it’s growth curve means that is is highly duplicatable. As to explaining easily: give me 8 minutes! And of course, any funds put into any company, especially into a new division, are at risk. When I did my due diligence, I was impressed by the fact that Rex Ventures hasn’t missed a payout in 14 years and couldn’t find a single complaint listed with the BBB. After reading about Dawn and Paul, I’d say these folks know what they’re doing and will manage growth so it doesn’t become unsustainable. Buying great stuff at great discounts seems perfect for this economy, as evidenced by its enormous popularity in Eastern Europe and Russia. Of course, your mileage may vary… especially from the sidelines!

  19. Being a MLM, I have dreamed with a lot of companies. It is only now that I can see everything laid out clearly.Thank you for being transparent and making this opportunity available to anyone. Zeekrewards is a God send and as Dawn says ” Be patient, loyal, and totally committed to your dreams.” It has been my dream to retire my parents, having worked hard all their lives, I know I can attain this with Zeekler. It makes my dream board closer to reality. Thank you once again….I can feel excitement once again after a long time of down time….

  20. No one makes “investments” in ZeekRewards, please do your research Neil. I have heard all the talk of bubbles bursting and a lack of sustainability, but the bottom line is Zeek is changing the industry and has all the ingredients to continue growing at an enormous rate. Most people don’t realize just how “on top of things” they are within the Zeek Executive team. If there was any aspect of this business that proved to be unsustainable I have 100% confidence that management would make the necessary adjustments to keep it both compliant and sustainable. My confidence is based solely on what I have observed in the past year and what I have discovered about Paul Burks in his history of running a Network Marketing company. I have had the pleasure to meet him and I can say that my initial impression was a guy who cares first and foremost about taking care of his affiliates. This has been my experience. I encourage each person to do their own due diligince and to only purchase what you can afford to purchase within this opportunity.

  21. Hi everyone this company is amazing . if you ever wanted to help yourself and friends and family . This the company of a lifetime .
    I wanna thank Dawn and the staff for all they do for the field . My future so bright with Zeek Rewards I got to wear shades.
    LaRon Hough
    Sr. Executive at Zeek Rewards

  22. Hi Dawn,
    Thank you so much for posting “Dawn Wright Olivares ? ZeekRewards COO Interview”
    I is a good summary of the important facts about Zeekler/ZeekRewards, the company, the ownership the capable and experienced people running it, including the important Disclosures.

    I hope you keep this post permanently in our ZeekRewards Site for the prospective members to see and t to remind the Affiliate members that we belong to a Great Company of a lifetime.

  23. I am proud to be with this great company and also being a part of the Zeek-Family! To be able to help people with a real opportunity and real business makes my life wonderful! Thank you Dawn and thanks to the Zeek-Staff for all their hard work!
    Best Regards from Switzerland!

  24. Great Job !
    I hope this post ” Dawn Wright Olivares ? ZeekRewards COO Interview” will be kept permanently in this ZeekRewards site for the prospective members to see and to remind the Affiliate Members always that we have a Great Zeekler/Zeekrewards company
    of a lifetime.

  25. Thanks Dawn for a great interview. I have only been here for less than a month but once I got convinced that it was not a pyramid scheme, I could see that it’s a winner. Haven’t made much yet but am doing my best to advertise to some of my friends who are highly skeptical. Zeekler forever.

  26. I stumbled upon Zeek Rewards 3 weeks ago, and had no idea what it was. Fast forward to today, and I’m thrilled to be part of this company! I’m not one who likes to hype opportunities, but if anyone really watched a webinar about the auctions and the 100% success rate of their affiliates that advertise, how could they not see the potential? Penny Auctions are BIG business, and Zeek Rewards is in this space. Quibids is the leader in the penny auction business and spends around $30-40 million a month in advertising. Skoreit is ESPN’s version of the auctions and you see them advertise daily for their auctions on their global sports network.

    If someone else can tell me of another company that has 100% success rate for affiliates for placing a classified ad for their company, I’d like to hear about it. It’s more like a 5% success rate which is why the industry has such a bad name today. Place an ad, earn income. Pretty simple! My thoughts on buying bids are this…the potential for gain without recruiting (the thing people hate the most) far outweighs the fear of losing any money with Zeek Rewards! This article clearly shows they have been in business for years, very savvy, and intend on laying a foundation for growth in the future. I’m all in with both feet so thanks for the great article!

  27. I wish I knew this company one year ago. I am growing with is company. I am be one of the luckiest on this earth to be part of this company. I hope that this zeekrewards will stay like this for the next ten years. I really need this company to make my dream be come true

  28. Hi Dawn,

    Thank you for posting this strong interview. You are formidable, fantastic.
    Thank you to all guys at the board of Zeekrewards. This is a business
    I have never seen and I am glad to be part of Zeekrewards & Zeekler.
    May God bless you and keep you doing the good job.
    Zeek forever.

  29. What an awesome article and an awesome company!! I think Dawn has such a great approach and understanding of how this industry should REALLY work. Way To Go Zeek!! THANK YOU!!!

  30. All I can say is Zeek Rewards has been a blessing for me. I was introduced to Zeek Rewards at a time in my life when things were very challenging. My sponsor has been with Dawn and Paul since the days of FSC. I knew she had been very successful with FSC so I was open to hearing about Zeek Rewards. I am forever grateful for that telephone call last September. Even better than the success I’ve had with Zeek Rewards… is the fact that everyone I have shared Zeek Rewards with who has been actively involved is reaping the rewards as well. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone involved with Zeekler and Zeek Rewards!

  31. Just a follow up to my previous comment… The Got 20 Second video which introduces the Zeekler Penny Auctions and allows people to register for free bids has been instrumental in my success! Post an ad… give away free bids… earn rewards. How much easier can a business be?

  32. I totaly agree guys .when you look at the industry of MLM and direct sales these day it is very confusing to know what is what .
    ZeekRewards has been agressively and truly walking the walk and doing what ever humanly possible to be REAL , Compliant and Hugly profitable .
    thank you to all in Corporate for your huge efforts that is making Zeek what it is and god bless.

  33. I have been in a few network marketing opportunities over the past several years but none of them measure up to Zeek Rewards. I’m looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with this company.

    Thank you Paul, Dawn, Chris, Alex for making this the most unyque business on the internet.

  34. hey dawn, Actually I think you people are fantastic to create such a plate form that can generate real money share with equity to all the partners…I’m a newbie but I can see that I’m going perform wonders with zeek… congratulations !

  35. What a FANTASTIC and POWERFUL interview. I personally would like to give thanks to ALL staff members for their hard work in keeping up with the GROWTH. I have several years experience in this industry and ZEEK REWARDS, is the Gem of ALL net work companies. This truly is a company on a path to help ALL who are patient and are willing to GIVE back to others. The universal law is and always will be ” GIVE TO RECEIVE ” !

    ” If you NEVER dream around the world, you might not EVER walk around the block ”

    Thanks for all you do !!

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