Organo Gold – John Sachtouras Hits $400,000+ A Month

John and Blanca Sachtouras

John Sachtouras is a rising star in the MLM industry. His income hits $400,000+ per month. Seems he just invested in a brand new Rolls Royce.

John  and Blanca Sachtouras are living in Richmond, Texas, USA and recently moved to a 7,058-square-foot house. John and Blanca are with Coffee Direct Seller Organo Gold since June 2009 and are top earners both in the company as in the Direct Selling industry.

It only took them 90 days to reach Diamond Consultants, one of the top positions within the compensation plan, Blue Diamonds in 6 months, Black Diamonds in 15 Months and Crown Diamonds in 2011. Their estimated earnings are as of March 2012 $400,000+ per month and build a gigantic distributorship in just 2,5 short years.


John Sachtouras

John Sachtouras Residence

John and Blanca Sachtouras Cars

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  1. Congratulations Blanca and John Sachtouras, Leading the way and Showing ALL of us what can and WILL be accomplished when you follow the “OG Simple System ,and HELP OTHERS to DUPLICATE and follow our PROVEN System ”
    Here is Proof that, ITS POSSIBLE .. ITS Being DONE Daily here at ORGANO GOLD INTERNATIONAL !!

  2. I love this business in Organo Gold! It is truly a redemption Company! People from all walks of life are have the ability to live the Number 1 Lifestyle on the planet! Congratulations to the Sacthtouras! They are great leaders in this industry!

  3. God Bless the two of you and your organization. Keep up the awesome awesome work!!!!!!
    Congratulations!!!!!!! I see and know what HARD WORK AND DEDICATION CAN DO!!! FOR

  4. Congratulations to John and Blanca; true leaders of this incredible industry and this wonderful company!
    We appreciate the hard work and service-first mentality you two have and it permeates throughout your ever-growing organization!

    ‘Cup of Joe’

  5. Felicitaciones John and Blanca…, Organo Gold es una verdadera oportunidad…., yo tambien alcanzaré el éxtito Total con Organo Gold.
    Y podré cumplir con el Plan de Vida para mi famiia, y mis hijos tambien lo lograrán con Organo Gold.
    Mi cheque será de 500.000 USD mensuales hasta el próximo año, he ocmenzado desde ahora.

    Hilton C.B.

  6. Say it with me… 2.5 yrs ago.. He had 58 dollars left in his pocket when he got to his 1st OG event, he had sold his furniture to get to the event. A picture is worth a thousand words, in OG it’s worth MILLLLLLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Felicitaciones por buen trabajo. Ustedes son un buen ejemplo de nuestra raza hispana. Continuen siendo buen ejemplo en esta industria de Network Marketing que se le ha dado tan mal nombre ultimamente. Estamos orgullosos de pertenecer a su organizacion atravez de Luis Y Angela Ventura Black Diamond y Domingo Herrera, Esmeralda.

    Muchas bendicioens!!

  8. hola mr jonh y sra blanca son un orgullo para toda la comunidad latina que bendicion haberlos conocidos felicidadez
    por todo el exito que an tenido los quiero mucho …les deceo lo mejor….se meresen esto y mucho mas…
    estan cambiando muchas vidas …

  9. Felicidades por su Exito,se lo Merecen son una pareja de Ejemplo para todas la comunidad Hispana y Americana,Suramericana y Europea Que Dios les siga Bendiciendo.atte MARVIN Y HIOSETH MARTINEZ

  10. Gracias a ustedes por compartir este gran negocio, esta gran oportunidad que esta cambiando la vida a muchos hispanos a nivel del mundo, y que no importa esta situacion economica que vivimos actualmente, esto nos ha fortalecido.
    Un abrazo
    Marcia Amanta e hijos

  11. Felicitaciones John & Blanca,
    Nos conocimos en PR en una reunion especial y sus palabras y acciones profundizaron en mi mente y corazon. De hecho motivaron y confirmaron mi deseo de trabajar el Plan de Compensacion de OrGano Gold. Sus logros son motivo de inspiracion para todos los que queremos superarnos, sencillamente si creemos, nos dejamos guiar y trabajamos inteligentemente. Bendiciones para ambos y si Dios lo permite, nos veremos en la cima.

  12. Félicitations à John et Blanca.
    Je m’appelle Marii Taiarui, je vis en Polynésie française (Tahiti). J’aime votre mode de vie, ma petite famille et moi, nous rêvons d’être comme vous, sauf que, il faut beaucoup travailler, bon on va le faire. Voir un couple qui réussisse dans les affaires, les résultats sont merveilleux. Si vous avez réussis, j’en suis sûr, je réussirai aussi dans cette opportunité, par tous les moyens, je voudrai un jour vous serrer la main. Merçi encore à vous deux, vous êtes un modèle pour moi et ma petite famille. Que Dieu vous bénisse. GO GO GO !!!

  13. I don’t want to be skeptical yet something is not right with these photos. Are you sure he just hasn’t started a limo business?

    Why would he have a black limo? Especially in such a small house. This house looks like a normal high value street? Nice house yet the one next door looks pretty close and similar style [ie its a new development.]

    Frankly the maths don’t stack up with top leader incomes at Organo [ie they are too high for the volume] yet I don’t doubt the integrity of claims so something is being mis-reported. $400k per month = $5mil per month. Thats in the Top 5 in the world. Also ‘Buggs’ in the Top 5 in the world. So a company that is only just going global now has 2 incomes in top 5 in the world…. yeh right. Orrrr there is unbelievable amounts of front-loading going on.

    Relax Organo people, its great your business is booming yet .. If you notice something that does not stack up its always important to report it on these blogs.

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