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Dawn Wright Olivares ZeekRewards


As of 18 august 2012 ZeekRewards is closed by the SEC

ZeekRewards is owned by Rex Venture Group LLC, a subsidiary of Lighthouse America, US (NV) company and adopted the d/b/a Lighthouse America later that year. ZeekRewards is a retail profit pool. At the end of the day the company tallies up its revenue and shares 50% with all qualified Affiliates.

The company is founded in 1997 by Paul Burks a successful and well-respected owner/operator and programmer in Direct Selling  for 14 years. An interview with COO Dawn Wright-Olivares can be found here.

His company FreeStoreClub saw over 3 million representatives and customers in over 175 countries worldwide and is still in existance today as the retail stores that you can shop at through Zeekler & the eCommerce solutions available for subscription through Zeekler.

Since January 2011, ZeekRewards has unprecedented growth and the company is solid, stable, debt-free and healthy.

The headquarters are located in Lexington, NC, USA . The dedicated web server farm, is operated and maintained by Internet Dynamo, Inc and is located in Miami, Florida, USA. ZeekRewards legal advisors are MLM Law Firm, Gerald Nehra & Richard Waak. Est. revenue for 2011 $100+ million, est. revenue for 2012 $600 million.


ZeekRewards is a private, invitation-only, affiliate advertising division for Zeekler. In ZeekRewards associates can qualify to earn rewards on every Retail bid they sell and every VIP bid they buy and give away as samples.

Zeekler is a new kind of auction site called a “penny auction”. It’s a fun way to bid on all sorts of new products at 90% or more off retail. Each night, after the close of the normal business day, the company takes part of the day's overall business production which can include auction sales, product sales, affiliate renewals, bid sales and other income production from our member companies and divides them among the qualified affiliates.

Zeekler Penny Auction Review 2011

When you place a bid at Zeekler the price of the item goes up one penny at a time, hence the name Penny Auction The bid timer adds up to 20 seconds to the clock allowing others time to bid, similar to the old “going once…going twice…sold!!” If no one else bids after you, you’ve just won a great item at a great price.


ShoppingDaisyShoppingDaisy is a free app for instantly finding the lowest price for any item you wish to purchase. ShoppingDaisy works between your search and price comparison services spanning hundreds of millions of products and extending into travel, lodging, tickets, deep discounts, daily deals and more to bring you savings every time.

This product has been under development for 5 years by Randy Blade and is compatible with all search engines and browsers.


Compensation Plan

2 x 5 Forced-Fill Matrix.

The company has created a Retail Profit Pool (RPP) and shares up to 50% of the daily net profits with its Qualified Affiliates. Qualified means you are current in your Silver, Gold or Diamond monthly subscription and that you have purchased at least 10 VIP bids. You must also place a qualifying advertisement during the preceding 24 hours to qualify to receive Cash Rewards for that day. If you do not have customers to give your bids to, you can noot get the points for those bids added to your VIP balance so that you can earn awards on those points.

The payout from the retail profit pool will normally be from 0.5% to 2% historically averaging about 1.2% over 90 days .ZeekRewards offers you 6 ways to earn:

  • ZAP Commissions: Earn 20% on all personally referred customers retail bid pack purchases on Zeekler.com
  • The Retail Store: Earn the difference between your wholesale discounted price and the retail price listed in your retail store. No inventory, promote your link and earn monthly margin checks on any purchases made by your customers.
  • The Retail Profit Pool: As a Premium, Qualified Affiliate who places and submits one free advertisement every day, you can earn daily awards through the ZeekRewards profit-share program. Plus earn up to 10% on every VIP bid sold on your personally sponsored affiliates and up to 5% on your 2nd generation affiliates purchases.
  • The Retail Subscription Profits: Earn a 20% monthly retail profit from all personal retail sales on personally sponsored affiliate subscriptions. The 20% is based on the monthly subscription price regardless of rank qualification or placement in the matrix structure. This 20% takes precedence over other matrix commissions as follows and NOT in addition to it.
  • The Shopping Daisy(coming soon): Earn affiliate commissions through the shopping programs on the Internet by giving away the price-saving application for free.
  • The Matrix: Earn up to $3.50/month on every paid subscriber in your personal 2×5 Forced-fill matrixand qualify to earn matching bonuses to unlimited depth.

ZeekRewards Business Packages Review 2011

ZeekRewards Corporate leadership

Paul Burks – President and CEO, Dawn Wright-Olivares – Chief Operations Officer, Alex de Brantes – Internet Marketing Manager,  Dan Olivares – Master Programmer, Darryl Douglas –Sales Director, Roger Plyler – Member Services Director, Chris Worley – e-Commerce programmer

Paul Burks CEO ZeekRewards Alex de Brantes Zeekler Dan Olivares Zeekler
Paul Burks Dawn Wright-Olivares Alex de Brantes Dan Olivares

ZeekRewards Alexa Ratings, 3 months growth 107%. Worldwide rank 234, Sites linking in: 9,031 The best visited Direct Selling website in the world.

Zeekrewards Alexa Ratings May 2012

ZeekRewards Income Disclosure

ZeekRewards Income Disclosure 2011

The income statistics above are for all active U.S. ZeekRewards affiliates who were eligible to earn in 2011. An active affiliate is defined as an affiliate who has at least 2 personal sponsorships of Preferred Affiliate Customer or Retail Customers. The average annual income for all Affiliates worldwide in 2011 was $1076.24 .

And the median annual income for all Affiliates worldwide in 2011 was $0. In 2011 64 % of all distributors worldwide received no income at all. In 2011 65.73% of U.S. Affiliates received no income at all. Affiliates who have not yet achieved rank have not yet qualified for matrix commissions but still qualify to receive daily cash awards and direct sales commissions through other portions of the ZeekRewards compensation plan.

*ZeekRewards did not begin operating until the end of January 2011. The earnings of the affiliates in this chart are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a ZeekRewards Affiliate can or will earn through his or her participation in the ZeekRewards Compensation Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.

Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with ZeekRewards results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.

ZeekRewards Top Producers and est. earnings:


Aaron Shara Andrews Zeekrewards Trudy Gilmond Zeekrewards Jerry Napier Zeekrewards Martin Zizi Zeekrewards
Aaron and Shara Trudy Gilmond Jerry Napier Martin Zizi
Ove Marcelind Herzi Hershkovitz Tissa Godavitarne Elena Girina
Ove Marcelind Hezi Hershkovitz Tissa Godavitarne Elena Girina

ZeekRewards Est. Earnings







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  1. Thanks for the great information about Zeek Rewards. I am absolutely amazed at the level of integrity the folks at Zeek Rewards have. I have never been a part of a company so amazing as Zeek Rewards. It truly is an income opportunity where everyone can succeed if they will obey the rules and do the work. In my opinion Zeek Rewards will be around for many years, and it is up to us independent affiliates to make that happen. Keep on Zeekin’ on and don’t let anyone tell you this business is a flaw, it’s the furthest thing from. God Bless, Josh Lifford Independent Zeek Rewards Affiliate.

  2. I have a subscription but I rarely visit the site since joining. While browsing around I decided to visit and I tend to explore various topics when visiting and stumbled up on the interview about ZeekRewards, Wow, was I happy! That interview with Joan was sooooo on time! ZeekRewards is God sent to me and I thank him for wisdom to know when an entity is an opportunity, Many people I’ve shown the program to don’t get it-they say,” I want to see how it works with you” There’s no convincing here cause every man in his own time and in his own order!. I’M A ZEEKLERITE; I’M WORKING THE PROGRAM RIGHT! Makeyah Daurham, Diamond Affiliate, ZeekRewards!

  3. I joined 2 months ago and I am SO glad I did. I just had twins and I hate having to go work at this time. By the end of the year i will be able to only “work” from home. Join my team if you want.

    1. Hi,
      i am interested in joining zeekreward will you please help me how i can join it,how to work and is there any charges for joining and the most important thing i am from pakistan ,are you providing your services in pakistan?


  4. I have been part of zeek from the beginning of the the and it is great, it is adjustable for any kind of person that is interested in be part of this wonderful project. If you need help add me in skype: matrix76pt ,I will help you, I speak English, Portuguese, French, a litle bit of Italian and Spanish. DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY!!!!
    Felicidades a todos 🙂

  5. I joined Zeek Rewards April 1st of 2011, I have had more fun with Zeek Rewards than any other Home Business I have been in, I enjoy helping my downline build their businesses. Thanks for the great info on Zeek Rewards, the Auctions at Zeekler.com are great, I have won some great stuff including a very nice HP laptop. A Big Thanks! to to Paul Burks, Dawn Wright-Olivares, Alex de Brantes and staff for making this a great experience.

    1. I guess it’s not such a great program now. I warned those that would listen that this is absolutely a 100% Ponzi Scheme. They use new investors money to pay off the old one’s. Bernie Madolf would be proud of these crooks. How many friends and family members have you sold on this Mr.Stewart? Will you be rfunding them their mone??? Probably no!

  6. if you are looking for 365 day compensation projections calendar, check with [email protected] .

    90 day vip point retirement and 60 bonus point are factored in the calculation

    The variables are:

    Intial bid purchase
    rpp %
    bonus vip after 60 days.

  7. I turned the Zeek Rewards 13.01.2012. I have invested a total of 2100 USA dollar, every day I regularly taught several commercials throughout the world. 22.03.2012. I had to Zeek account 5000 dollar, and since then I could no longer log in to your site. I contacted via chat in Zeek, I sent an e-mail Paul Burks. The only thing we have responded to Zeek Rewards should not have collaborators from CROATIA because it not allow American law. I know that CROATIA NATO countries, to the 2013th be a full EU member, to do business in CROATIA Amway, Avon, Herbalife and many other companies. By this I just want to point out what the company Zeek Rewards, because when I asked them to give me back the money I had invested not we be able to answer, nor return my money

    1. First of all, Zeek is not an investment and not a deposit. You are obviously non-compliant with the company’s rules and the industry’s rules and regulations. This is probably why you can’t login to your website. They probably eliminated your position with the company.Zeek has a zero tolerance regarding compliance violations.

  8. How to Join?

    Getting follow error message when try to join:
    The signup form can only be accessed from the main website of a ZeekRewards Affiliate, not from the Guest website or from a direct link. Please contact the person who invited you to get the address of his or her ZeekRewards website, or contact the company at [email protected] for assistance.

    Please help

    1. Hi Roy. You need to join under somebody. If you want to join under me, I can let you know everything that you need to do to make sure you are earning money and give you the training you need.

    2. Hi Roy,

      I apologize you experincing this problem. However if you are trying to join ZeekReward they system want you to join under the person who introduce the company to you. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding ZeekRewards, please contact me at the below information. I would be more then happy to assist you with this God blessing company.

      Thank you


  9. I joined Zeekler last week and am completely new to mlm marketing. Am I hearing things correctly when someone tells me that I could theoretically turn the purchase of 10,000 bids into approximately 28,000 in 90 days after retiring my initial purchase by only placing one ad a day and not bringing anyone else into the business? This sounds to good to be true.

  10. Could it be true that people resident in some countries cannot take part in this business? I am Nigeria based and about to sign up for the business through a facebook invitation. Kindly confirm that my investment is safe here!

  11. hi
    i just joined the business, i m doing my way easily and nicely, i can tell you that it s a very good and strong business. i m building my team and if you would like to be a part of my wonderful team, be welcome to send me a mail, or join me through my FB : prince liale, and this is a one time offer because in QUEBEC, quebec, this is the first team . be a member of this wonderful growing daily money making team.

  12. Hi all. Yes I LOVE Zeek too. Absolutely the best company where people can EARN even BEFORE they sponsor anyone. Totally amazing. And only have to place an add daily, and now you can use a third party for that part. They will place an add for you twice a day to make SURE you are qualified. What a great service to back you up IF you forget. Could mean a lot of money just to forget it once. If you like the service to just go to their website http://www.auto-adds.com
    Keep up the great work everyone and let us get Zeek up as the biggest MLM company in the world 🙂

  13. I have been zeek over 1 year, and I can tell you from experience that zeek works. If you are on the fence and would like to talk, I am at your desposal. I know people have a lot of questions. Just email me and I will respond. I am a Diamond and doing very well. Remember, this is a business and it needs to be worked like one. I can show you how.

    1. Hello Paul,

      You say you have been in Zeek for over year. Can you answer a few questions for me then?
      Does Zeek send out a 1099 to each affiliate? and if they do, is it for the points you earn each
      day? and can you use all your repurchases of bids as a write-off?

      I’m concerned that at the end of the year I’ll be responsible for paying taxes on money that
      that I haven’t taken out. Is that true?

      Thank you for your time.

  14. Zeek rewards is a fantastic way of earning an extra income, I have seen the results of the
    People who introduced me and the numbers are mind-blowing. Join and you too will reap the rewards.
    Join my downline, username: davidjoel

    1. hey jatin…

      i can show exactly how much you gonna a make for every amount you will deposit and i’ll guide you with everything.
      contact me by email or facebook and i’ll explain you everything.

      facebook – regev kamber

  15. Good day! I started with Zeek in February 2012 with $2000 and not really knowing anything about this industry. In June 2012 my earnings from zeekrewards were more than $7400. I can only say that I am more than pleased and that my “day job” is now time limited!

  16. I’m curious as to what’s the difference (in regards to making money) between :
    -Zeek Rewards
    -Unlimited Profits

    My understanding is that they’re all Penny Bid Auction Sites, but that
    they differ in the amount you can invest and the amount you can earn>

  17. i join not to long but i am very happy to work with Zeek rewards because this site give me home business and rewards plz dont closed this site plz

  18. I was the only person I know who was NOT in Zeek! I felt like SUCH an idiot, for missing out on such a cash cow while all my friends were banking. Now I am SO glad I followed my intuition that something was very wrong. Just like BB, now… headed for a cliff.

    Now, with clawbacks, all those higher earner zeek gurus sitting on top of the world are in serious stress mode.

    make good choices, and don’t follow the herd, they always go over the cliff.

    The People’s Bailout

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