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Jose Ardon

Organo Gold – Jose Ardon Hits $460,000 Per Month


Jose Ardon is Organo Gold's first Crown Ambassador. This 28 year old ex-contractor in the air conditioning business from Katy – Texas, USA has build in less then 3 year a $60+ million annual coffee business.

As of April 2012 he is ranked Nr. 8 in Hall Of Fame of 8,500+ Top Earners in the world of Network Marketing.

He already had been involved in network marketing for five years, but was not hitting the ranks that time.

"I was looking for a mentor," Jose said. "When I met Holton Buggs, I knew he was the leader I wanted to work with. That was the number one reason I joined. I wanted to work with a person like Holton Buggs."

Jose Ardon confirmed earnings are $460,000 per month as of April 2012.

Jose Ardon - Organo Gold


Jose Ardon Organo Gold Mercedes



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