Amway – More than 54,000 New Platinums And Above

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More than 54,000 new Platinums and above for Amway in 2011 is reported by Amway watcher David Steadson.

It’s also been reported that all of Amway’s Top 10 markets experienced growth for the first 3 months of this year. Amway’s goal, set some years back, was $12 billion Sales revenue in 2012.

Nine of the top 10 markets for Amway, including China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United States, reported strong sales increases.

Japan recorded flat sales in the difficult period following the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Markets posting double-digit increases in 2011 include China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam, plus the Latin American region.

The facts:

With more than 50 years of experience, Amway now holds the top spot in direct selling in key markets like China, India, Japan and Thailand, and is a recognized leader in the industry globally. Reflecting 2011's substantial gain, Amway has increased overall market share to more than 10 percent.

Amway parent company, Alticor Inc., announced in February 2012 global sales exceeding USD$10.9 billion for the year ended December 31, 2011. The results represent 17 percent growth over 2010 annual sales of USD$9.2 billion. This is the sixth consecutive year of growth for the company, which has posted sales increases 11 out of the past 12 years. 

New Crown Ambassadors

Yang K I and Cheng C Amway Crown Ambassador Marina and Mark Kaplun - Amway Crown Ambassador Zhang Gui Jie & Zhang Fan - Amway Crown Ambassador Xia Si Gao & Liang Wei Juan Amway Crown Ambassador
Yang K I and Cheng C Mark & Marina Kaplun Zhang Gui Jie & Zhang Fan Xia Si Gao & Liang Wei Juan


Barry Chi and Holly Chen Crown Ambassador

Barry Chi and Holly Chen – Crown Ambassador 70 Founders Achievement Award Points (FAA) in 2011

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  1. Joana and I are so proud of being part of Amway.
    After 4 years building in Australia, we decided to move back to our home country and we are newly qualified Founders Platinums with 18 months building in Brazil.
    Should you need any help in Latin America, don’t hesitate contacting us!
    Skype: dajolua
    Go Crown!!!
    Daniel & Joana

  2. Just some clarification on this info Ted. The 38,000 figure given for new Platinums may be new Platinums *and above*, ie including all the higher pins plus some others not listed (sapphires, pearls etc). Amway elsewhere is reporting there were 18,000 new platinums. So the 54,000 total figure is likely wrong, it should be 38,000.

    Still an incredible result!

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