ViSalus – Nick and Ashley Sarnicola Hit $260,000 Per Month

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola - Visalus


Nick Sarnicola together with his wife Ashley,  are the Nr. 1 Top earners in ViSalus. They are living in Florida, USA. As of April 2012 they hit $260,000 per month and are ranked Nr. 26 in the revised Hall of Fame.

He is a veteran of network marketing having been involved with the industry for a decade. Nick co-founded ViSalus in 2005 and served as the company’s Chief Sales Officer until January 2010. Nick resigned as Chief Sales Officer and enrolled as a Body by Vi Challenge Promoter, moving up the ranks like anybody else new to the Challenge.

Nick built only one sales distribution channels in those ten years and became a multi-millionaire by the time he was in his mid-twenties.

With homes in places like South Beach and Grand Rapids, he travels North America supporting his team. He stars, along with 5 other members of Visalus, in “The Pyramid Thing,” a reality series, and is the author of “Arrive by 25: What Your Parents & Professors Don’t Know About Money.”

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ViSalus Team Leaders

ViSalus Team Leaders


The est. earnings for ViSalus top earners are as follows:




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  1. Bonjour, I am from Quebec province in Canada. I just joint Visalus Challenge 2 weeks a go. I loose 8 pouds and 2 inches. I want wath you have, I am poor and I beleive I can give wath my children needs in couple months like 2. They live with the father because I just have a small appartment. Sorry the english is not my firs language, my language its french.

    I am from Gatineau and the person contact me for this is Gerry Nault my cousin, he explain me the challenge and after I make challenge in my apartment and i go for distributor i am just a customer for today I dont have the money for distributor. I sale a couple thinks and after that I can pay for my distributor kit and I can put clients under me and they can begin challenge at her home.

    But my message is I am in a verry bad situation financialy, thats wy my childrens go to stay with her father because its to smal in my place its just a small apartment and its far of her shcool, friendsl. Now I put all of I have in visalus because I know visalus can change my life and the life of my childrens, and the life of my sister, brother. Chek you will see my face in a couple months and I can wrote a book of my life and no body coutd beleive were I thak my drive to have a bether life.

    I am working for government but they cut employe and now I dont have a job, I receive under 600$ a month its terrific, i am anxious, I dont sleep, I feel realy bad becaus now I am not a good mother and i just want my childrens (2) with me its only that i want and food in fridg for them and a biger place of here and not to far of school and friends they have 16 an 17 age, at this age you wont your friends close and if i live and another place I could give her wath they need. I feel bad realy bad!!

    I wont a good life in phisicaly, mentaly, financialy!! Équilibre thats french but in english is equilibration in my life, I hope you understand!!

    Have a nice day and enjoy your life, thanks to read me!!

    Camille Nault
    846 Maloney Est apt 104
    Gatineau, Québec
    Canada J8P 1H1

    819-360-3971(my phone is done, but thursday I could pay the bill) 72$

    If somebody want to help me to be a distributor, send at this address

  2. Nick and Ash have helped completely change our lives. We are forever grateful and blessed to be a part of their amazing organization!

  3. Rachel and I are fortunate to be apart of Nick & Ashley’s Team. They are the pace setters, the visionaries and the back bone to the culture we have in this company. It’s our honor to call them our friends.

  4. thank you for being the awesome leaders you are. thank you for paving the way for all of us on ur team! Here i am 16 months later, over 50 lbs lost, 25 inches, down 4 sizes & at the rank of ambassador. Thank you Jesus for Nick & Ashley & my wonderful BBV family.

  5. Love being part of their team and a part of such a significant, passionate culture of Life, Health and Prosperity for many!!! Thanks to their leadership…we have “mighty fine” footsteps to follow as they continue to blaze the trail!!!

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