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BRANDON, Florida, USA Talk Fusion, a rapidly growing global video communication company, today has announced that its Independent Associates worldwide are climbing the ranks with an unprecedented surge to the position of Diamond and above, including several new high-ranking Associates who have reached the heights of Blue Diamond, Grand Blue Diamond and Royal Blue Diamond.

“We broke records with the number of Associates achieving the rank of Diamond and above during the month of May,” said Bob Reina, Founder & CEO, Talk Fusion. “Our NOW! event in April, the enduring power of our Diamond Rush Training, and the recent enhancements to our Instant Pay Compensation Plan have all greatly contributed to those Associates’ extraordinary success. Talk Fusion is well positioned to help each one of our Associates build a strong business, achieve financial freedom, and live a happier, more prosperous life.”

One of the early driving forces behind the current rush to Diamond and above, is the resounding success of Talk Fusion’s NOW! Corporate Event in April 2012. The five-day celebration, recognition and training spectacular powerfully motivated Associates who attended from around the world to grow their Talk Fusion business.

Reina added: “It was a gathering like no other that we have created before now. It was an occasion to share stirring successes and inspire people to move the Talk Fusion Opportunity from their heads to their hearts. We are very proud of how it has contributed in an everlasting way that will change lives and allow people to live their dreams.”

Since April 2012, Talk Fusion Associates who have ascended to among the company’s highest ranks include:

Talk Fusion Momentum

  1. ·         Minh & Julie Ho, Oregon [USA], Royal Blue Diamond
  2. ·         Vjacheslav Ushenin, Russian Federation, Grand Blue Diamond
  3. ·         Andrew & Nancy Burling, Wisconsin [USA], Blue Diamond
  4. ·         Artur Kachanov, Ukraine, Blue Diamond
  5. ·         Christian Goebel, Ibiza, Blue Diamond
  6. ·         Leslie Brown, Florida [USA], Blue Diamond
  7. ·         Ron Wright, Texas [USA], Blue Diamond
  8. ·         Steve & Yvette Mitchell, UK, Blue Diamond
  9. ·         Svetlana Shodunke, UK, Blue Diamond
  10. ·         Thomas & Eve Carter, Florida [USA], Blue Diamond


In addition to NOW!, other important factors have helped ignite explosive rank advancement during May 2012:

  • The company recently announced several improvements to its now-famous Instant Pay Compensation Plan. The enhancements include a trip incentive, new ranks, and soon-to-be-released global e-wallet and Alert Pay payment systems, among others. All of these are designed to inspire maximum motivation among active Associates.
  • Talk Fusion’s exceptional and compelling Diamond Rush Training, the cornerstone of the Talk Fusion Opportunity, has consistently delivered to Associates the “4 Simple Steps to Success” and the Power of Duplication to go Diamond and above in 200 days or less. The training is available in multiple languages.

In addition to the Talk Fusion Opportunity being available to Associates, the company’s focus is also on affordable video communication products that constitute a game-changing evolution of online communication. Talk Fusion Video Email, Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting, Fusion On the Go mobile apps, Video Blog, Video Share, E-Subscription Forms, Video Auto Responders, Fusion Wall—a 3-D social network, and the soon-to-be-released Talk Fusion Video Newsletters represent both the ultimate product for business or personal use, and a definitive value throughout the industry.


Talk Fusion is a rapidly growing global company that provides a Cutting-Edge Video Communication Solution to businesses and individuals. The company, founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina, offers an exciting income opportunity based on a unique perspective of the Relationship Marketing business model. While other companies may pay commissions weekly or monthly, Talk Fusion has introduced the world’s first and only Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

Bringing together the world with the power of video by delivering a superior Solution is a top priority because Reina, a former Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy, and the Talk Fusion team have a passion and enthusiasm for charity and the dream of helping people live life on their own terms. While the company adheres to the highest ethical business practices, Reina firmly believes that “with great success comes greater responsibility.” To that end, his commitment to giving back has benefitted various charitable organizations. Like Talk Fusion at Learn more about us at

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  1. I am proud to have partnered with a company that will become one of the giants of the industry during the next 3-5 years, of that I have no doubt. I am also proud and blessed to have Svetlana Shodunke as my immediate upline and sponsor. A lady of the highest integrity and ethical standards. Svetlana is a great leader and is my inspiration to become a major producer within the Talk Fusion global family. With fabulous products, world-class back-office support, a fair and generous compensation plan, a viral marketing system which duplicates at break-neck speed and retention rates, which are among the nighest in Network Marketing globally, it is no wonder that many of the top earners in the industry are Independent Associates with Talk Fusion. Climb aboard, fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride of your lives!

  2. We in India are simply enjoying the video technology online from TALK FUSION USA,
    This came as a Boon for all the internet users in our country , and quickly boomed as an advance version of communication online with video on it ,playing peoples heart out !

    For Talk Fusion, India is a huge potential volume based market ,which am sure they are ready to explore at any cost .
    We will soon witness the real explosion in India, which is very good for TALK FUSION and all the People in India as well.
    Wishing all the best to each and everyone globally.
    Lets Blend with Trend.

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