Vemma Strengthens Mobile Positioning and Launches 2.0 App

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Malmö, Sweden – USA based wellness company, Vemma, strengthened its position as the world's first mobile network marketing company by appointing its European COO, Simon Grabowski, to a newly established role of Chief Mobile Officer (CMO). Mr. Grabowski will continue his duties as COO, adding CMO to his job title.

As the founder of Implix and GetResponse marketing brands with 220,000 customers worldwide, Mr. Grabowski is uniquely qualified to lead his talented team of 153 technology professionals  in creating innovative business apps designed specifically to support and grow Vemma Brand Partners’ businesses in over 50 markets globally.

Vemma Founder and CEO, BK Boreyko, commented, “Simon’s strong tech background gives Vemma a distinct advantage in our industry. He's built two mega successful technology businesses generating millions in revenue, and his team lives on the cutting edge. As new concepts and technologies are discovered, his first thought is how they can be applied to help grow the Vemma business and put it in the pockets of Brand Partners worldwide.

The explosion in mobile platforms, like iPhone, iPad, Android and apps, gives the Vemma brand massive exposure and allows our Brand Partners to prospect, present, and communicate like never before in our industry.”

Vemma 2.0 was released in the App Store this weekend; and the Android version is set to launch in July. Vemma 2.0 highlights some distinct advantages designed to maximize the upon-average 200+ contacts we store in our smartphone. Using that database, Vemma 2.0 allows a prewritten text to be generated with a custom link to a short, two-minute video. A Brand Partner simply decides which of Vemma's three brands would best suit the contact, then hits “Send.” 

hen the prospect watches the video, a “Push” notification is sent to the Brand Partner revealing which video the prospect is watching. That contact is added to their “Hot List” of prospects for fast follow-up. This app was released with an impressive nine-language option for instant global acceptance.

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Newly appointed CMO, Simon Grabowski, said, “I've learned this business model is all about conversations. As a Brand Partner, the more conversations you start, the stronger your results will be. Technology should never attempt to replace relationships; and what’s revolutionary about Vemma 2.0 is that it simply lets Brand Partners start conversations faster. This conversation accelerates their success, as sending a text to a friend is a nonintrusive 'icebreaker' that lets Brand Partners share the Brand Story with the people they know. This unique ‘Invite-a-Friend’ system is simple, easy and intuitive. It's also fun and rewarding, as they get a ‘Push’ notification the moment their friend starts watching the video.

He goes on to say, This weekend we've seen record mobile activity and record signups, as Brand Partners invited their friends and contacts with the prospecting tool. In fact, our mobile platform has had over 1,000,000 server hits to date and experiences amazing growth. My team is already working on some exciting, next-level enhancements for future versions that I can't wait to introduce later this year.”

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Vemma's mobile team is also hard at work putting the finishing touches on its Bod•e 2.0 app. Featuring Chris Powell (TV Celebrity Transformation Specialist and Vemma Bod•e Product Endorser) and Heidi Powell (Vemma Bod•e Spokesperson, Personal Trainer and Life Coach), Bod•e 2.0 will include 84 daily video tips and inspirational messages exclusively to your smartphone.

One video is featured for each day of the Vemma Bod•e 12-Week Transformation Challenge along with 5 daily “Push” notifications, coaching participants on when and what to eat throughout the day. A fast-food section will deliver high- and low-carb options in the nation’s top 20 restaurant chains, helping participants stay on track when they are away from home.

This free app will, for the first time, become open to the public allowing the Bod•e brand of products to potentially be seen by millions considering Chris Powell's #1 reality show currently has almost 5 million viewers in the US and is seen in over 100 countries.



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