Rachel Jackson – ViSalus Hits $130,000 Per Month

Rachel and Josh Jackson


Rachel Jackson – who goes by RJ  is a Royal Ambassador in ViSalus, the highest paid female in the company at only 27 years old. Rachel, with the full support of her husband Josh, is based in Houston, Texas, USA, where they raise and show English Bulldogs in their spare time.

As of June 2012 her monthly income is $130,000+ with 6,000+ active promoters and $4+ million monthly revenue.

A college drop out, RJ spent her early job years working retail jobs and running a part-time business as a nutritionist. It was at the age of 21 when Josh introduced her to the direct selling industry.

Her first 4.5 years in the industry were of moderate success, a learning ground as she called it. She settled & joined ViSalus in February 2011.

RJ's success was rapid and viral, with no team transition, she hit the top of the compensation plan in 65 days, and 5 Star Ambassador in 7 months earning a $250,000 bonus paid out over 18 months.

Within 13 months of getting started, they crossed the Million-A-Year mark.


Rachel and Josh Jackson ViSalus

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  1. Try this Recipe. I will be sure you will be superman or superwoman.

    Make a shake with Visalus put it on the blender and put Organo Gold Mocha. Your challenge party will be on fire!

    I love Visalus and Organo Gold makes me stay young, healthy and live longer!

    Take the challenge and change your life!

  2. I met and interviewed Rachel Jackson on Visalus Regional Event Vancouver, Canada. Go check it out on my website. I posted the video. Great tip for her why most are struggling in MLM and never make it to the top. And why other is killing it!

    Rachel Jackson for me is MLM Superwoman. Superwoman suit will be amazing for her!

  3. I’m a very proud member of RJ’s team and had the pleasure of hearing her speak for the first time at a regional event in Houston in the beginning of December, then I signed up 3 weeks later. I’m extremely excited for RJ and her husbnd Josh, which I met at a Christmas party…and the two of them gave me the inspiration to build a complete website surrounding ALL aspects of the wonderful Visalus opportunity!

  4. Couldn’t be a happier or prouder Dad……She turned a near tragedy as a teenager into one of most amazing success stories I’ve ever been around……..love you Rachel!

  5. A HUGE congrats to you Rachel! You are such an inspiration to us all, the epitome of a true leader and have a heart of gold to top it off. Blessed to be a part of your team!

  6. Being a part of Rachel’s organization inside ViSalus, I can attest to how amazing of a leader she has become…She defines Servant-Driven Leadership and spends countless hours helping those who are running hard achieve their goals in this business. 10 times more success is yet to come for this awesome young lady and her husband!

  7. Rachel you seem to be the lady to talk too about ViSalus, and hopefully you can help me with some reliable 3rd party validation about the ingredients of visalus products because so far, no one has been able too provide actual validation other than documents written by non 3rd party reviewers and I am not talking FDA approvals. I would like to see scientific proof that small amounts of sucralose is safe for you to consume. Can you reply?

  8. Rachel I just wanted to follow up here on my last post to you. I have seen all I need to see about ViSalus and I feel the way all you Vasilians feel now, special THANKS to Lawrence Tam & Kathleen Barry for stepping up and representing their ViSalus businesses. I wish you all great success.

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