Bidify Changes Comp. Plan After ZeekRewards Melt Down


Source: Bidify Corporate Newsletter

The past few days have been very busy for the entire MLM industry.  As many of you know, our specific niche was rocked last Friday when it became known that Zeek Rewards, our main competitor, was shut down as an illegal ponzi scheme. After reading a few reports, it appears that Paul Burks, Zeek’s founder, is not contesting any of the allegations in the SEC’s complaint.  Assuming those allegations to be true, this is a tragic event for everyone involved with Zeek

Unfortunately, since we’re also operating a network marketing company in the penny auction arena, our name has been drawn into the mud with Zeek.  We understand that many of you have questions and concerns about our business model.  We understand that many of you want to know specifically what factors distinguishes us from Zeek.


Well, for starters, we’re not lying to you about the numbers.  We publish our earnings daily.  Those earnings drive the daily profit rewards.  Second, our bids are actually being used. With Zeek, it has been alleged that only 0.25% of the bids purchased were every used.  It clearly shows that the bid purchases were merely token purchases designed to conceal a money transfer from late investors to early investors.  On Bidsson, the bids are actually being used. We have built an amazing technology platform and when we release our mobile applications, it’s only going to get stronger. 

But we understand that these differences alone are not enough.  We understand that no matter how hard we try to force affiliates to move sample bids to customers, it’s going to be nearly impossible to prevent people from promoting the program as an investment.  In reality, Bidify is NOT an investment.  However, since there’s so much profit generated on the penny auction side of the business, and when people rack up a portion of those profits by providing sample bids for customers, it’ll always be viewed as a passive investment. 

We realize that now, and we’re committed to putting an end to it.  After having countless meetings between management and our legal counsel, we have developed a revised business plan to protect the longevity of the company while keeping it a very competitive and lucrative opportunity for the masses.   

After serious discussions, we have decided to eliminate the leadership bonuses from Bidsson. We are eliminating the ability for people to purchase and give away sample bids.  While it served a valid purpose in generating activity on the Bidsson platform, it creates the most exposure.  And quite frankly, given the excellent condition of our technology and our recent success with Bidsson, there’s really no need to be giving away so many free bids to customers.  We offer an excellent deal for customers, one that they’re willing to pay for.   

We’re eliminating the daily leadership bonuses and turning off the re-purchase.  We feel this was the cancer.  This has led affiliates, both in Zeek and Bidify, to refer to their commissions as “compounding” when in fact it was a function of a simple commission based on customer activity.  In order to cure the cancer and eliminate all confusion, it must be removed. 

In order to make it more lucrative to buy and sell bids for everyone, we are putting together a new bonus plan based more on a traditional MLM, one that will not lead to improper positioning in the field.

With all existing affiliates with bonus points in their back office, we are creating a new pool where we will continue to share profits from Bidsson. These bonus points will trigger a piece of the profits from Bidsson indefinitely.  The size of your profit sharing stake will not grow. It’s our way of honoring our commitments to you. We want to make sure that your experience is consistent with your expectations when you joined. 

We will continue to build Bidsson to become the biggest penny auction platform in the world, and we will continue to reward affiliates for helping us promote it. 

We will take down the website to implement these improvements.  Stay tuned.  We do these changes to make Bidify a long lasting opportunity for everyone. 

We are committed to offering the safest model possible and cannot offer anything less.

Bidify Management


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  1. Nope nope nope… won’t go to another penny auction – sanctions and regulations will be coming soon. Plus, this is not a U.S. based business and $$$ is out of the country. Nope, not for me. And quite frankly – all the promotions of rescuing us Zeekers is insulting. Back to investigating and looking, but learned great lessons to apply with this whole thing.
    I don’t believe Paul had any intentions or ill thoughts when he created this – and truly I feel it morphed out of control on him… he was tending to his sick wife and not at the helm of things. It’s just sad all the way around – it was such a great concept and had everyone believing in their dreams and hopes again.

  2. Isn’t this really “if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, has webbed feet, then it’s a duck?” just last week a friend asked me about Zeek… My comment was “it doesn’t pass the sniff test”. There are a couple others right now the smell rotten…

  3. Jolan I hear you… that’s exactly what I wrote about in my article. But don’t throw the bady out with the bath water here. The reasons for the scrutiny are the comp plans attached, not the penny auction itself. All Bidify is doing is now becoming a normal business. But I agree you have to wonder if it’s a “sorry…. or sorry I got caught” scenario.

  4. Jolan: Agree wholeheartedly with you–perhaps a penny auction really isn’t the best model for an MLM…

    As for all of you trying to “rescue” those former Zeeklers with your opportunity, shame on you–this isn’t the place for shameless self-promotion of your opportunity–fortunately for me, I already had been introduced to a life changing opportunity when Zeek was presented to me so didn’t cripple me financially–however I do feel for those who are now out in the cold because of Zeek.

  5. It’s easy to kick someone when he is down and as someone obove commented,our own people did enough belly aching to shut it down by itself.(Ungrateful bunch of jerks) The thing is, no one knows what is going on and it is going to be a while before they do. I remember when Amway went through the wringer with the Gov. but hey came through. Whatever happened I don’t believe it was intentional as COMPLIANCE was pressed hard on the affiliates. Why would we comply and Zeek not do so. The company was growing faster than any other company in history, keeping up must have been a nightmare. The one thing none of you has thought about is the pot calling the kettle black. As I see it, the Fed. Gov’t is the biggest PONZIE scheme in the world. They are TAKING money from the taxpayers, giving it to the sorry and illegals, giving to countries that hate us, borrowing money they can never pay back and has special interest groups that they are funding in the forms of stimulus and that is being squandered and their is no end to it. Who is looking over their shoulder.GET REAL AND THINK ABOUT IT.

  6. It is sad to see zeek rewards go, but this is the time to edify those in zeek rewards and helping them out in anyway. Like you mentioned many other companies are re-adjusting their comp plans, but I guess it is for the better..

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