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Zeek is over see : https://www.businessforhome.org/2012/08/sec-shuts-down-zeekrewards-600-million-involved/

Rex Venture Group, which operates the online penny auction site Zeekler.com and affiliates program Zeek Rewards, has closed its headquarters for undisclosed reasons. Currently the websites are offline which is a nightmare for affiliates as for reporters.

A press release is not available.

In my opinion Zeek management has lost control of the situation, a press release could prevent a lot of on going speculation – 200,000+ affiliates are in shock.

The company, known to most as Zeek, posted three signs on the windows of its headquarters at 803 West Center St. in Lexington on Thursday that stated the office will be closed, telling visitors to check the website for more information.

There was no further information available on Zeekler.com or zeekrewards.com. The company also announced it is cancelling its upcoming Red Carpet event, scheduled for Wednesday.

The announcement, made on zeekrewardsnews.com, also advised readers to continue to monitor its websites for more information to be forthcoming.

Paul Burks, chief executive officer of Rex Venture Group, could not be reached for comment. Dr. Clifton Jolley, the company's media representative, also could not be reached. Details about the closing were conflicting on Thursday.

Dozens of people arrived at the company's headquarters throughout the afternoon on Thursday, only to find locked doors and confusion.

Unconfirmed sources said the building was being closed so Zeek could answer inquiries from the Attorney General, made in the form of a Civil Investigative Demand (CID).

According to N.C. General Statutes, a CID is an administrative subpoena that can be issued by the Attorney General whenever there is reason to believe a person, or entity, has information that is relevant to an ongoing investigation.

The Attorney General's office could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

Update – Rod Cook, MLM Watchdog comments as follows:

The North Carolina Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division has done something to cause the website to be shut down because of their investigation.  The AG had started a Civil Investigative Demand, that rarely doesn't shut a company down.   Normally the AG will get a Temporary Restraing Order (TRO) to to lock doors and shut down commerce. No court action on the AG's website so we don't know if the shut doors & missing URL was on part of the AG's office or voluntary on Zeek's part. Zeek has not sent out any email information.


Update  R. S. Foreman :

I took the initiative to CALL Roy Cooper's office (the North Carolina AG, whoose office issued the CID),  I spoke with Gloria in Consumer Affairs, who said their switchboard has been lit up since opening their doors at 8:00 AM. She spoke on behalf of the AG and their office, and emphatically stated that in no way did they shut down Rex Venture Group, Zeekler, or ZeekRewards; that their office did NOT confiscate computers, nor did they issue a Cease and Desist Order. They have not scheduled the administrative hearing yet, and are at this stage simply awaiting a reply from Zeek and Rex Venture Group.


Troy Dooly's website is currently down due to heavy traffic, enclosed his video update on the situation:



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Comments (105)

    1. Diana,

      It is unlikely to be solved. Question – Do you love the Zeek auctions or is the business opportunity?

      If it is the business that interests you, you need to ask yourself – “How many people would buy the Zeek “product” (service?) at the price they are selling it if there were no “opportunity” attached?” The honest answer is – almost nobody. Therefore, the business model is not sustainable in the long run. This same question needs to be asked of any networking opportunity.

      To be sustainable, a company’s producta and/or services have to be a good value to a customer who has no interest or attachment to making money – they must be happy with the value of the product or service in, an of itself…

      I love this industry and I hate to see companies fail, but the truth is that very few companies meet the good value guideline – probably less than 5% in fact. That is why, even in many companies that have good products, their high pricing creates huge attrition, and therefore no long-term residual income. $1 for a penny bid is just one example of that.

      Feel free to contact me if you like.

      All the best,
      Eric Russ

      1. What are you talking about? What products are you talking about? Zeek is an online bidding company just like any other biding company. The problem with the internet is that anybody can come and make statements that are not based on fact but opinion. The vast majority of people are saying that Zeek was shut down but what I got from the ncdoj.gov. is that it was Zeek who shut down business which you can find here https://www.ncdoj.gov/News-and-Alerts/Alerts/Information-about-Zeekler-Zeek-Rewards.aspx

    2. Now we dont know what we need to do almost school coming. we depend in our commission in zeek to help our kids in a good school
      I pray people undestand how zeek help my FAMILY…… GOD BLESS YOU Paul Burks PLEASE FIGHT FOR THIS PROGRAM…

  1. I’m sure that this “storm” that will pass quickly and emerge stronger than they already are. The Zeekler is a serious company that is helping many people like me to solve your financial problems today. The governments of various countries are becoming increasingly imcompetentes to solve these problems. Should be more companies like this, so that more people would have a better life. I fully support the Zeekler and Paul Burks.

    Salvador – Bahia – BRASIL

    1. May be they helped you, but note that they eventually will hurt others while helping you. You don?t get it. THe more people that join Zeeks the more people that will get hurt. That is why they needed to be stopped. The money Zeeks was paying out are the money new members were paying. New customer were not buying bids and purchasing things at the auction as Zeeks explained rather the buying that was going on at the auction was mostly due to free bids given away by affiliate. So no outside revenue is coming in rather Zeeks was bleeding out money from the new affiliates to pay other affiliates as well as stock its online store. Since there not enough or no outside money the consequence would be a complete collapse that could have occurred anyway.

  2. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday announced fraud charges and set up an emergency asset freeze to halt a $600 million Ponzi scheme, alleging that the website ZeekRewards.com fraudulently conveyed the false impression that the company was “extremely” profitable when payouts bore no relation to the company’s net profits. “Most of ZeekRewards’ total revenues and the “net profits” paid to investors have been comprised of funds received from new investors in classic Ponzi scheme fashion” the SEC said.

  3. THIS JUST IN!! The SEC came in and closed ZEEK down for good!! Monies sent in the past week are supposed to be refunded…those that are still in the 90 day window are supposed to be refunded as well..those past that 90 day window are apparently out of luck. Paul Burk has cooperated with the SEC and is working to sort everything out. but ZEEK as we know it is DONE and will NOT be coming back!! This from Troy Dooley’s radio station just now at 3:37 p.m. PST …. Once again…ZEEK REWARDS IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS!! THE SEC HAS SHUT THEM DOWN FOR GOOD!!

  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/halahtouryalai/2012/08/17/sec-shuts-down-600-million-internet-ponzi-scheme/
    Evano mate you are delusional. Zeek is a rip-off. Nobody except the rats who run the show have made any ?real? money. These people exploit greed and destroy dreams. They give network marketing a bad name and make it just that more difficult for genuine MLM business builders to get their message across.

    I see a number of comments here that suggest that we should prey for Zeek, its members and its management. Give me a break. Open your eyes people. If you are true to network marketing then you will denounce Zeek and all like it in the strongest and loudest way possible!

    I am sorry if you lost money there but come on, blind Freddy could see through this con.

    1. Lots of people made money if they took it into their bank accounts …. the people who were at the top promoting … and many of them certainly knew what the legal definition of a Ponzi scheme is. As has happened in the past, there could be a pull back of the money they ‘earned’ in order to restore the later minions who joined since they profited from that influx of funds.

  5. Son momentos difíciles, mi equipo y yo estamos tristes. No sé si podrán defenderse ante todo esto. En el affidavit del bloqueo saben muy bien Usa como funciona la empresa y aún así se atreven a decir que es un ponzi porque empezaba a entrar menos dinero del que salía. No me lo creo!!
    Pienso que a USA le va genial esos 600 millones de dolares para su siguiente guerra. La semana que viene es clave, pero veo el vaso casi vacío.

    1. i sooooooo agree, BUT it looks like there isnt enough to pay all of us back, most of it went to the earlier sponsors who did enjoy the beginnings of zeek , not that they have any faults, but as for us late comers…. we’re sooooo screwed! this truly is a disappoinment and i could hear them all now, ” i told you so !” ugh!!!! all i wanted to do was find mine as well…. =(

  6. If SEC is so concerned about few inquires about Zeek business and stepped in to protect them, how they are going to handle losses of millions of people? How they will make compansation to these? In my openion they should have made the arrangements to settle all issues while the business was running to keep millions of people from getting frustrated. I wish Zeek all the best and wish to see them in the business soon.

    1. You don’t get it. THe more people that join Zeeks the more people that will get hurt. That is why they needed to be stopped. The money Zeeks was paying out are the money new members were paying. New customer were not buying bids and purchasing things at the auction as Zeeks explained rather the buying that was going on at the auction was mostly due to free bids given away by affiliate. So no outside revenue is coming in rather Zeeks was bleeding out money from the new affiliates to pay other affiliates as well as stock its online store. Since there not enough or no outside money the consequence would be a complete collapse that could have occurred anyway.

  7. I was very skeptical about Zeeksrewards promises until I listened to Troy Dooley. In fact he sold it to me. I could not believed some one of his repute could stand before a camera and and make the case for Zeeks they he did without knowing what he was talking about. He sure did’t. He was wrong. I pray I get some if not all my money back. $8000!!!

  8. A lot of people left my company for Zeek Rewards and Zeekler. I spent over a week on the Internet researching and investigating this company. After I finally figured out the compensation plan, I said to myself, “elaborate ponzi scheme” The ROI is only possible as long as people invest money. If people stop investing, the paychecks stop.

    I warned all my friends and colleges, but they just laughed at me. The told me, “Look, at Zeekler, I make money and I don’t have to work”…..sure, money for free.

    Well, score another for the MLM graveyard and history books. I hope you all get your money back.

    Sincerely, Alden Gainey SVP in California

  9. I cant believe some of you actually think this was a legitimate business. How foolish are you? Get a life and go out and find a real job instead of one that preys on stupid people.

    1. Why people like you don?t mind your own business? Is it any of your business what other people chose to do with their own money and time? It?s you that need to get a life rather than come here to act as if you have a right to tell others what business to get into. People who are interested in internet business are people who want to be free and have time to spend with their family and do other things that people that have a 9 – 5 job wish they could do. Don’t knock people who are willing to take risk……its people like that that people like you need and cannot live without……its risk takers that made this Country what it is.

  10. to someof you who join zeek like me, we might lost all the money, this network marketing industry is good but the government itself wasn’t care about community or government only want those who pay them so much money otherwise say it is illegal business.

  11. Zeek Rewards. Esto es fraude total y absoluto… Es matemática simple: La compañía teniía 162 millones de dólares y estaba entregando 160 millones en comisiones… Ahí está clarísimo. Si es que la gente dejaba de reclutar, la compañía igual tiene que seguir pagando, pero ahora dejaría de percibir ingresos.. por ende, las comisiones superarían el ingreso.. y que es eso? PIRAMIDE! –

    si quieres saber mas contacto
    Skype: maxanzu1

  12. The faster way is to ask your friend or his friend in your Zeek upline to pay you back from there profits. The receiver has a list of all those who received the $300million plus paid out I assure you they will all be paying the money back, cars, houses, and other stuff the money was spent on. Its a simple call. If they refuse you take action and file a small claims suit. really easy to do. Most small claims suits will also lead to criminal charges since sec won the Ponzi charges here against Zeek. The IRS would love a courtesy call to for those who been bragging how much money they made in Zeek. IRS has a rewards program for whistle blowing too. Call the credit card company explain to them the deal with sec and you will win back the monthly charges.

  13. Infelizmente aqui no Brasil também ha muita gente sobressaltada com essa questão.Publicamos no site https://sociedademilitar.com um artigo completo sobre a zeekrewards e o suposto fechamento. Aguardamos e esperamos que seja temporário.. Unfortunately here in Brazil also ha startled many people with this questão.Publicamos site https://sociedademilitar.com a full article on the ZeekRewards and the supposed closure. We wait and hope it is temporary.

  14. The truth is that the fact that Zeek was closed down is very Sad for the MLM community because whenever something like this happens, all the people that are against MLM are partying. By the way i have searched about Zeekrewards and even though it was free to join i decided not to participate. Lots of the Zeekrewards leaders in my circle have contacted me recently because they wanted to join Lyoness where i happen to be a Premium Member. Of course i explained to them that there are very few similarities between the two, because Lyoness blends with the real market , is a real company with real people and has registered more than 1100 other companies, shops and online shops in Greece as Loyality Partners and its all around us. So Zeekrewards collapsing has raised my registrations and i have registered for free Zeek members from all around the world that liked the game of MLM.

  15. Greetings Former Zeeksters,

    Please step back and look at the ?Big Picture?. By most comments I see that many are brainwashed and believe what the government wants you to think. Zeeks was a Rock Solid company! It just was not along the lines of the government?s way of only limiting high profits and success to a very small percentage. Remember this as you keep reading? The government wants struggling robot workers, not successful leaders!

    Zeeks was one of the most amazing business model ever introduced. If you look at the growth, profits, cash on hand, and financial responsibilities it all makes absolute sense. The company was profiting 2 million a month, all going back in, and we were only just getting started! What? That doesn?t happen in the corporate world. Greed doesn?t allow it, Corporate Greed doesn?t allow such Fast and Widespread growth. Zeeks was going to be the most successful company in the world within a few years, and millions of people were going to be part of it!!! Millions and millions of people would have been successful, debt free and self sufficient. Well sadly that is not how it works in this world my friends.

    Let me break down the BIG PICTURE for everyone? ?They, the government? was in fear of this business model because ?They? were losing control. Zeeks had grown at an unprecedented rate and already had over One million affiliates in less than two years. Then on top of that we were doubling every two months with a real potential of approximately 15 million within the next year. The government felt pressure because too many people were going to be successful too fast. Overall there would be less interest in government controlled financial institutions. There would have been less interest in the Stock Market/Banking/Etc. With the potential of Zeek?s growth even more people would have been transferring their money out of profit limiting government controlled situations into a successful business model! Zeeksters would have also been starting up even more other small businesses and that is not what ?They? want.
    Think about this, If you and I, the little fish (the masses), are successful in something like Zeeks, we would not risk our money in an unpredictable stock market or banking investments. We would also be debt free, having the ability to pay cash for almost everything and not need to depend on ?Credit? so much either. We would also be able to shop locally more, and at more expensive smaller establishments because we would all have more money to spend.
    Now this is tolerable on a small scale but when it goes viral (multi-millions) and the 3%?ers (Big Business/Corporate Giants/Media Advertising/Etc) start losing control they will put a stop to it anyway they can.
    The main fact is that ?They?, the CIA, Secret Service? Ultimately, The New World Order wants us all to struggle, be in debt and DEPEND on them!
    Now in these times, because of new technology and brilliant minds who think outside the box the little guy has a chance to compete with those 3%?ers and THEY ARE SCARED!!! And when they get scared of losing power they use that power to shut it down and hold us back.

    Also let me ask you all these questions, if Zeeks was such a scam and Paul Burke was such a crook don?t you think he would have taken more than a 2% profit from a so called $600 million Ponzi Scheme? Don?t you think he would have ?siphoned? more than just one million dollars to his family members? Don?t you think the top people in the company would have off shore accounts setup with enough money for the rest of they?re lives, ready to run and hide because they can?t show their faces to anyone? What about Dawn Wright Olivares, yes she was making the most of any affiliate but do you think she made enough money for the rest of her life? Do you really think this woman can even go out in public? Do you really think any of the Zeeks management have lives anymore? They have been made to look like criminals by our corrupt controlling ?New World Order? via the CIA via the Secret Service via the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) via the Attorney General (AG)!
    Then there is You and I, we are all made to look like fools to prove a point. To knock down our big dreams, to cage us like animals and to scare the general public out of thinking we can all be financially secure, living better lives and even make it big someday!

    Listen here is the bottom line, anything can be made to look like a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme and that is what ?T?hey did. When will everyone realize that the whole world is a pyramid? no matter what, it all trickles UP! Whoever starts or runs something will earn more and be a little more successful then those at the bottom, that is common sense. Mr Burke has been made to look like a scammer because he was thinking outside the greedy corporate American box. He was changing too many lives for the better with his ingenious business ideas. So what it came down to was that Mr Burke was given an ultimatum to give up any chance of a fight and walk away with hefty fines or be labeled and ?made to look like?, Bernie Madoff and other real crooks when in fact Mr Burke did nothing wrong. And at 65 yrs old what would you do? I don?t care how solid the company was and how many top attorneys you hire, when it comes to battling the government, they will twist things around to look like however they want, to win the power struggle and sustain control over the general public. They will forever continue to ?Save Us from Ourselves?.

    Overall, this stinks to high heaven with government conspiracy to keep us all in the palm of their hand begging for a crumb! On top of it all, at the end of the day, THEY do win because now the majority are SCARED (of MLM and Self Employment) and will continue to struggle and slave away at their corporate government controlled JOB!

    To my fellow Entrepreneurs? Do Not let this hold you back.
    Say it with me?
    God Bless


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