Christian Steinkeller – Organo Gold Hits $270,000 Per Month

Christian Steinkeller


Christian and Yohanna Steinkeller Organo Gold's Top Earners in Europe hit $270,000 per month.

Aron, Christian and Stephan Steinkeller are 3 brothers working as a team in OG. They are from South Tyrol, Italy near the Austrian border.

Christian Steinkeller, born in 1978, is married to Yohanna with two children, graduated from a polytechnic college and is trained as a land surveyor.

Christian says: We are now definitely playing in the premier league of direct selling not only in Europe but in the world

Just like Dumas’s legendary Three Musketeers, the trio has always worked according to the motto, “one for all, all for one!” “We work as one”, the brothers emphasise, “we have always worked to support one another, even financially if there every was a need.”

The Steinkeller Brothers

Sibling rivalry was never a major problem between the three brothers: “We have always been a great team. We have never known rivalry, but always thrived on our mutual support.


Yohanna and Christian Steinkeller Organo Gold

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