Zeek Receiver Might Go After USA Top Earners

ZeekRewards Claw Back


It was a small statement in Kenneth's Bell conference call, however if you are an USA ZeekRewards Top Earner you should be worried…

Kenneth Bell, the court-appointed receiver for Zeek Rewards, participated in a conference call on 27th August  with various members of the media in an effort to provide an update since Zeek’s unraveling sixteen days ago.

In a conversation that included prepared remarks and a question-and-answer session, Mr. Bell addressed the status of his investigation, as well as a look into his priorities for the near future

In moving forward, Mr. Bell stressed that his job was to locate and lock down all assets both in Zeek’s possession and from “anyone who ought not to have it”. When asked if he was alluding to the possibility of “clawback” litigation against investors who withdrew more than their initial investment, Mr. Bell stuck to his message that he would pursue “every dollar” from those in wrongful possession of the funds.

More details will likely emerge in Mr. Bell’s report to the court following his initial investigation.

I would guess both Dawn Wright Olivares, former COO as Darryl Douglas, former Sales Director Zeekrewards are on the receiver's  hit list. Both seems to have disappeared from the social media.

ZeekRewards ClawBack

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  1. Perhaps if a few more of the heavy hitters both in and out of the US get their wallets felt there will be less enthusiasm for promoting this type of programme in the future. At least that would help maintain the reputatiln of a wonderful industry.

  2. This is a Warning to all of those who lead the charge with Online Money Games AND be very sure your program is not one of those? I was presented with another new one starting, some of the old boys from another era regathering, it has some of the same fast moving viral, affordable elements that built the last giant, unfortunately it also has some of the same built in faults that got the other program also closed by the feds a decade ago. WARNING if there is a flimsy excuse for a product, that when it comes to the acid test will hardly be used by a fraction of the millions that may join, walk away. Sure you may make some big cash short term, however given the points raised here it could come back n bite you in the butt!

  3. Ted, great to see you back in action. you provide great service to the industry. It is a shame to see any company go down. There are a lot of good companies out there who have great products and really look after their affiliates. Just do your homework before you join any company.

  4. It’s called Karma. If I made money over and above my investment, I would simply pay my first levels and everyone I could below me who lost. do this with cashiers checks and keep a copy. those will be favored and will most likely receive less criminal charges. Beleive me laws were Broke and Paul admitted it and cut his deal. Lawyer up guys and Gals and get good advice. Paying back Ponzi money is one thing and easy staying out of jail and taking a felony is another. Depends on the amount you received.

  5. Just going to say, it will be a very, very, very long time before anyone sees any of their monies. If we see them at all. The lawyers will get rich but we will still be without our funds. I was involved in a Ponzi before and it has been 4 years and we are still waiting for our money. It was a pittance compared to the amount of money involved here. $40 million and still waiting. This one is $600 million? You may see something in your great great great grandkids lifetime. Not in mine…..

  6. Bob, Lyoness is a 9 year old, multi-Billion dollar company that pays it affiliates 100% from the fees paid by outside merchants. They are the cleanest, most above board company you will find anyplace on earth. Not one dime is earned on money from another person. Super clean!

  7. I typically do not comment on these articles. But enough is enough. I just have to say something…

    You put Lyoness in the same category as Bidify? Wow. How ignorant does it get?. Bidify was a knock off of Zeek. Everyone knew that.

    With Lyoness there is no daily revenue share. None of that. The commissions only come from the merchants. Plain and simple. You think Walmart, Exxon Mobile, Starbucks (one of the most brilliant corporations) would do business with such a company? 9+ year Multi-billion company with 2,000,000+ members, doing good for children in this world? Please … just take your crud somewhere else. If your going to slander a company, list your Full Name and Credentials, (if you even have any) …. and if you have none…. (which you probably dont) then please … shutup because you know absolutely nothing.

    As far as this article it’s laughable. So take from the little Zeek Affiliates lol? Are you serious? Affiliates that did absolutely NOTHING wrong with no ill intent whatsoever. They were even told (even on the channel 2 news) that this business model was “legal”, above aboard, fully dedicated to compliance, and that they had top notch attorney’s to ensure it’s legally and longevity. They were even FORCED to buy a compliance course produced by one of the most creditable MLM attorneys in existence…. (Kevin Grimes).

    I’ve seen it all now.

    Then I see these “successful business people” up here begging for a lead or two preying on former Zeek Affiliates and anyone else who might be reading. People do you realize how desperate that makes you look? WHAT a turn off. Then at the same time pointing the finger saying: “I told you so” Really?. If your are so successful, and really getting “paid what your worth” … why are you begging for business on an article posted for Zeek? Get a life already.

  8. Zeek was a well-disguised Ponzi scheme but Ponzi just the same, under both the SEC definition and the FTC definition. Leaders need not beat themselves up over this. Many very smart people, including lawyer colleagues of mine, invested large sums despite warnings and their own alleged due diligence. It is sad and disappointing but the leaders who brought their people to Zeek likely believed they were doing the best thing for their group. The task now is to react to Ken Bell’s strategy. If you took money out over and above your investment, consult an attorney or an asset protection consultant ASAP. The receiver’s clawback powers are extensive. Good luck to all those victimized by the business model.

  9. Please think seriously, Kenneth Bell serious talk about “how much is in the Bucket” before he will tell…..(Read his Interview) only shows that he will spend all the time possible to generate money for himself and his staff,It will take years. He already paid for 5 yrs to Go Daddy.com site to reserve his website name. Is there anyone who has set the guide lines for K Bell. I think K Bell should pay out the Initial deposit to all the members ,who have not received anything back. before his talk about going after big earner like DAWN Oliver Executive and another Zeek Rewards executive, who used to lie with same speech again and again every Monday( has been with Paul Berke from last 14 years).Paul Berke ,if you are real man, please return back out of 7 Millions you still hold with, you are 65 yrs old and you do not need all the money. No one carries any material stuff with us on the other side.Bad Karma, Mr Berke, You want to leave your good name behind ,return access money directly to Zeek Members ( Small Investors) at least. ( make them sign, not to claim any money from K Bell)

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