Empower Network Event Expected to Draw 3,000+ Members

David Sharpe Empower Network Co-Founder


David Wood, the chief executive officer of the popular Empower Network announced the date of the Empower Network Austin USA event. It’s scheduled to begin on January 18th and go through to January 20th of 2013.

More than 3,000 members are expected to attend next year’s event which will be used to distribute checks to the network’s biggest earners.

In addition to distributing checks worth thousands of dollars, the event will be used to train new members and to provide advanced training for those that want to learn how to increase their income even more for 2013. Training is provided by the network’s founders and a team of high-level Internet marketers each of which have many years of experience making money online.

The Empower Network has been rated as one of the best MLM opportunities available today. Members of the network are generating thousands of dollars a month while the top earners are making six figures a year with the super affordable Empower Network blogging system.

It costs only $25 to get started which is an investment that offers high quality cutting-edge information products and a proven system that if followed correctly can create incredible wealth for all its members.

According to the latest Empower Network review, the system provides all the training that members need in order to generate a recurring income on a monthly basis. One of the network’s top earners said, “If you can write and post to a blog, you can make money with the system.”

The Empower Network is becoming so popular that Alexa now ranks it as the 537th largest website in the world. In contrast, Alexa ranks Facebook as 2nd largest site in the world. Alexa ranks the billions of websites on the Internet using certain criteria one of which is the amount of traffic a website receives.

The Empower Network is ranked so high because it receives millions of visitors every month, and the network’s member blogs consistently show up in the search engine results pages, which is what drives so much traffic to the network.

Unfortunately, only members of the Empower Network are permitted to join the Austin event. To become a member, please use this link www.empowernetwork.com to sign up today. New members who attend the event will receive special training so they can learn how to begin earning money right away.

The benefits of the Empower Network are almost endless. People all over the world are earning 100% commissions every day with our viral blogging system. You get a business in a box solution that’s easy to implement, manage and control. Plus you get a ton of training on online marketing so you can get the most out of the money making system.

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