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From the very start, Jeff Hooks knew that Vemma would be big and as a friend of BK Boreyko and Tom Alkazin, he had a great vantage point. Jeff was a Vemma pioneer and part of the foundation of the company even prior to the launch in 2004. Jeff was excited and committed to the product and opportunity.

But after several lucrative years earning over $2,000,000, and even after being promoted to Royal Ambassador, he left Vemma for other ventures. But in just a few a months, “I started to realize that was a big mistake,” Jeff now recalls. “I wasn’t having a lot of fun with my new venture.

The grass wasn’t greener and it still needed to be mowed.” So Jeff reconnected with BK and restarted his Vemma business from the beginning. Today, having rapidly advanced back up the ranks, Jeff calls his absence a “self-inflicted lobotomized sabbatical” that he is thankful was reversed!

Now having been on both sides of the fence, Jeff can speak to the many benefits of a Vemma business. “We’ve got everything in place,” he asserts. “Vemma is the most balanced opportunity in the industry; a rock-solid company with an incredible product that delivers results and a compensation opportunity that’s second to none. As an owner, BK is what you search for your entire career in this industry. He is a guy that truly cares about the field leaders.” As an experienced network marketing-based business-owner, Jeff was familiar with the ins and outs of starting something successful.

And work he does! In a typical week, Jeff conducts 25 individual meetings and five home events or private business receptions, and spends six to eight hours a day on the phone. Of course, he also spends a great deal of time with his new Brand Partners, laying the foundation for his downline’s success. In addition, Jeff produces a weekly video training series for his team, in which he breaks down key components and principles of what it takes to build a Vemma business.

The unwavering support Tom and Bethany Alkazin have always shown Jeff inspires him to continue to pay it forward. Jeff’s words of wisdom to those who share his Vemma goals and dreams? “Take daily action,” he says. “Consistency is the key; lead by example on a daily basis to do what you want your people to do.”

Naturally, Jeff’s Why plays as important a role in his success as his experience. “My Why is my family,” he says. “I want Vemma to build a financial wall around my family so strong that nothing can penetrate it. My sons are 6 and 9, and I have time to spend with them when I want to; I don’t have to check with HR about how many vacation days I have.”

These days, Jeff is focused forward and excited about the future. Clearly, he’s following one of his own Key Principles of Success: “Have fun and enjoy the journey.”

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