The Best MLM – Network Marketing Sales Pitch

MLM Sales Pitch


Every MLM professional received them, horrible sales pitches which make you wonder what idiot send them to you….

As a lot of people struggle with producing a great MLM – Network Marketing sales pitch and to uplift the credibility of the Direct Selling industry we organize a SALES PITCH CONTEST.

What is a sales pitch? According to Wikipedia:

A sales pitch is a planned presentation of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale of the same product or service.

A sales pitch is essentially designed to be either an introduction of a product or service to an audience who knows nothing about it, or a descriptive expansion of a product or service that an audience has already expressed interest in.

Sales professionals prepare and give a sales pitch, which can be either formal or informal, and might be delivered in any number of ways.

The rules:

The Prices:

The writers of the 3 best MLM – Network Marketing Sales Pitches, are offered an interview which we will send out to 26,000+ worldwide subscribers, worth $975.

A short sample of a generic MLM Sales Pitch:

Hallo Maria,

I would like to give you a short phone call as I am involved in an interesting business opportunity with great potential and I am looking for a serious partner to expand this business.

Are you open for information, what time would be the best to call you?

Best regards,


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