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Mark and Tammy Smith Nerium International

Mark and Tammy Smith – Nerium Int. Hit $141,000 Per Month


Mark O. Smith and his wife Tammy Coty Smith are from Southern California, USA.

Mark is a former military and college student and turned into a multi-millionaire from home.

As of November 2012 Mark and Tammy has hit the $141,000 per month mark with their Nerium International distributorship.

Nerium International is founded by the Olson family and Dennis Winsor and comprised of a broad team of experienced founders, executives, and home office support personnel that is passionate about empowering the Brand Partners success.

Jeff Olson, CEO has an industry-wide reputation of success and leadership. He has been a top distributor in several companies, building multimillion-dollar sales teams.

Jeff has been the CEO of two corporations, as well as the founder of The People’s Network, a company that became one of the largest personal-development training organizations in the nation.


Mark O. Smith and Tammy Smith –  Bonus Check Nerium International

Mark O. Smith and Tammy Smith Bonus Check Nerium International


Nerium Top Earners est.earnings



WW Rank Name Company Est. Month Est. Year Website
87 Mark and Tammy Smith Nerium $150,000 $1,800,000
218 Darin Kidd Nerium $91,000 $1,092,000
347 Silver Fisher Nerium $80,000 $960,000
428 Danny Gasemy Nerium $70,000 $840,000
596 Caroline Russell Nerium $50,000 $600,000
647 Josalyn and Erik Dean Nerium $50,000 $600,000
990 Laura Knox Nerium $33,000 $396,000
1028 Don Wilkinson Nerium $30,000 $360,000
1182 Paddy McCracken Nerium $26,000 $312,000
1878 Paulie Wood Nerium $25,000 $300,000
2272 Toan and Van Nguyen Nerium $22,000 $264,000
2527 Puya Ghandian Nerium $20,000 $240,000
4528 Tricia Costa Nerium $15,000 $180,000
4846 Brittany Burtz Nerium $12,000 $144,000
5195 Anne Ford Nerium $10,000 $120,000
7959 Joe Benedetti Nerium $5,000 $60,000


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