Banners Broker Review 2012

Banners Broker Review 2012


Banners Broker is an online advertising company, founded in October 2010 by Chris Smith and Kuldip Josun (Kuldip left the company in 2012) offers affiliates the opportunity to advertise their business online while simultaneously earning publishing revenue.

Chris Smith is the sole owner of Banners Broker International since inception and is the sole signing officer for the Banners Broker International bank accounts.

Top earners as Simon Stepsys and Jens Holvoet are leading the way.

Banners Broker places your advertising on the publishing network and as an Ad-Pub Combo member you earn your initial advertising cost back twice according to Banners Broker. Moreover, you don’t even need to own your own business or website.

If you don’t have a business or website, you can promote your own free Banners Broker affiliate website. According to several sources Banners Broker sales revenue is around $40+ million per month with 300,000+ affiliates.

For this review we have contacted top leaders in Banners Broker, corporate executives, former top affiliates and employees and researched the Banners Brokers on-line presentations.

Banners Broker Products and Services

The company uses its buying power to sell banner impressions to the highest bidders, this is being done through a blind advertising network. A – banner impression- is the number of views a banner will get on a website, and is something else then banner clicks.

According to wikipedia a blind advertising network offers companies good pricing to direct marketers in exchange for those marketers relinquishing control over where their ads will run.

As a member you have to upload your own banners, or the Banners Broker banners, targeting your niche and region, country or city and Banners Broker will place your banners automatically on the internet and generate traffic for your website. You can also advertise different businesses with different banners, all at the same time.

The company offers 6 different packages; they all have a different colour. Each package includes a $15 monthly admin fee.

A member who buys the $25 package will receive 1,000 banner impressions (panel cost of $10). The other $15 is the monthly admin fee. Each package also includes the value and the amount of impressions of all the other lower priced panels. So when you buy the Professional Pack, it includes a yellow, purple, blue and green panel.

Available packages:

  • Banners Broker – Starter Pack $25: Includes 1,000 Banner Impressions
  • Banners Broker – Basic Pack $55: Includes 5,000 Banner Impressions
  • Banners Broker – Business Pack $145: Includes 13,000 Banner Impressions
  • Banners Broker – Professional Pack $415: Includes 40,000 Banner Impressions
  • Banners Broker – Enterprise Pack $1,225: Includes 121,000 Banner Impressions
  • Banners Broker – Ultimate Panel Pack $3,655: Includes 365,000 Banner Impressions

What do Banner Impressions cost through other on-line publishers?

Feedjit a well known publisher, check it out here gives you 2 Million Geotargeted or 6 Million Global Ad impressions for $49. It would cost you more then $18,000 in Banners Broker to get the same amount of Banner impressions (5 times the Ultimate Panel Pack).  So as an advertiser you have far better alternatives, however that is a business decision and not a red flag. A company is allowed to price its services as it wants, and sizes of banners variates.

Banners Broker Publishing Network

Banners Broker does not disclose – in the Blind network version-  which websites your banner impressions run. There is a choice network version where some small websites are disclosed. In our opinion a very small percentage of your intitial investment will be spend on Banner impressions, however that is again a business decision and not a red flag.

Finch Sells, a well known internet marketer,  did an indepth analyse about the service offering.

Banners Brokers Partner websites

Banners Broker Compensation Plan

Banners Broker is not a traditional Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing company but is a direct selling company with an affiliate business model.

According to Banners Broker affiliates:

After reaching the traffic cap panel, Banners Broker gives twice a 1,000 banner impressions. Simply put: your $10 panel turned into 2 new panels of $10, giving you a payout of $20. 50% is being paid out in cash (if you put your complimentary 2 panel re-purchase settings at 50%) and you will receive the other 50% in the value of new panels.

Eventually you will make $20 in cash + 2 yellow re-purchased panels that you can start up again and which will generate $20 of revenue again.

In our opinion Banners Broker's marketing department fail to explain how above compensation plan pay out is financed which leads to speculation whether or not the whole concept is a Ponzi as announced by MLM watchdog Rod Cook and MLM helpdesk Troy Dooly.

Banners Broker Corporate Business model

Banners Broker is paying out an huge amount of commissions to its sales force, so the question is how does the company finance their operations? In our opinion their profits are coming from the next sources:

  • $15 monthly admin fee. Per 100,000 members $1,5 million profit per month is flowing into Banners Broker bank account.
  • Very, very huge profits on the Banner packs. Banners Broker sell their Banner impressions to affiliates / investors 100 times or more above the market value. According to Banners Broker 10% is used to buy Banner Impressions on websites. (Source Dublin convention 2012)


As long as affiliates keep pushing the business model, the enormous profits generated by Banners Brokers will growth and the company will most likely not have any cash problem.

When Banners Brokes looses its present momentum and affiliates withdraw their profits / investment in a massive manner we doubt the business model will last, however a traditional bank institution can not survive a bankrun also. The Irish newspaper Sunday World has grilled a Banners Broker affiliate in an investigation.

Banners Brokers could be the hottest thing on earth or a Ponzi scheme, the company is not open and transparant about their compensation plan. You decide. Our advice to Banners Broker affiliates is to withdraw profits very fast, an company E-wallet is NOT a safe bank account…..


Banners Broker Top Earners est. earnings:



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  1. Smells a lot like Zeek Rewards – only a different (invisible) product. This kind of scheme gets the MLM industry a bad name in my opinion Ted. Fast money for a few big names and more debt for the masses who continue to be led by these crooks.

    1. Hi Neil, you didn’t catch the fact. BB is not an MLM, and you can earn money without talking to anybody. Your money flows from your work with BB, not from your organization, and you know, in mlm, if anybody buys the product anybody earns a cent. Switch your thinking, you nose is taking the wrong smell…and you will use BB to promote your business either you know or you don’t, in a few years.

    2. Neil,
      I’m in Banners and can’t wait to get my money out. They now say it takes 20 business days to pay members, up from five days a few weeks ago. I will say this about them. They take the money out of your account pronto, they just can’t seem to get it together to get the money into your account that fast. What a scam. Brandon you are right. People in Banners are claiming they have “earned” thousands of dollars when, in fact, they do not actually have checks for that amount. It’s all air.
      Mark is correct on one thing. You CAN earn money in Banners without sponsoring, etc. It is a lot less work than a typical MLM, but it’s very confusing for the average person, (their manual if more than 70 pages) and any business that makes me wait that long for a check? Let’s say there are many other opportunities out there where you can make money just as easily without the hassle of getting paid.

  2. So how does the average person benefit from their ‘product’… If you look at an opportunity there is always something where the user can benefit from the product…
    I see lots of screenshots with Banners Broker and it says their unfinished panels is over $1,000,000 however in their ‘withdrawal history’ section it only says $700.00, seems like clever marketing but this is where people are getting sucked in. Who knows if it is a ponzi scheme or not, but based on what I have seen it is just people getting sucked in to earning a fortune when really they have actually withdrawn a small amount.

    1. Brandon, account in BB is build from few parts inluded total turnover of Your panels..Your money is what You withdraw.Even You take7000$ as average person in short period of time in other MLM You will hard work for monthson .In BB is much faster , made than in other MLM companies etc. It is best business I ever met and I’m full 100% my business activities into BB.

    2. No you clearly have no understanding of how BB works. I have over 1,000,000 total earnings, but I have taken more than 10% of that. The total earnings included all your earned revenue to date and in addition represents all your inventory you have accumulated. Your inventory consistently produces revenue. I might add that EVERY single person I have sponsored over 40 are creating revenue with or without sponsoring. I have NEVER had that happen in any other opportunity.

      1. I want to add a note for all my affiliates and business partners out there….we should not be posting screen shots of the back office as it can and does confuse people, but further because it is a compliance issue. I know we all get excited about BB but we all need to follow the rules and ensure that BB is here for a long time to come. Lets keep it professional and continue to help people change their lives….it is each and every one of our responsibility to make sure we keep it compliant.

  3. I have looked deep into the BB compensation plan and have not seen the element of ponzi being used. They have a unique arrangement with ad networks to create the market for their services. It has proven to be very profitable for all concerned. I see no direct evidence of any ponzi type compounding or reliance on new people to supply old. Those elements simply do not exist with BB. But lets assume that somehow they have hidden a ponzi program out of sight from plain view, are we not adults fully capable of making our own decisions on the risks we take? After all, it’s our money and our risk. So I fail to see the concern unless specific guarantees are made in writing.

    1. Bernie, I must say your post is the most insightful post concerning BB yet. So many people do not understand the completely UNIQUE relationship BB has created with the ad networks. In the beginning, the 9 out of the 10 MAJOR ad networks said no, but one medium size network said “yes” we can see that type of relationship. Now the rest are coming aboard one by one the way I understand it. This kind of reminds me of George Lucas pitching “Star Wars” to the big guys and they all said no except of course the one. Look at George today. The people writing negatives are either people who did not follow the rules and used the word “investment” on their sites and despite multiple warnings kept it up. The rest try to capitalize on the “keywords” and of course drive traffic to promote their own programs. Bottom line we are adults as Bernie said and I can tell you BB has changed my life and the lives all of my friends and family.

      1. Mark, according to the founder of BB one medium sized ad network said “yes” to the “unique” relationship that BB proposed correct? Seems to me that BB’s destiny is based on this “ONE” medium sized ad network continuing to do biz with BB. What happens to BB if this ad network gives BB the boot… GAME OVER? I can tell you one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt if the time to get paid continues to take 6 to 7 weeks this is going to be the death of BB. Myself along with 10 of my associates are frustrated, concerned and pissed off with not being paid through Solid Trust Pay or Payza in a timely manner! BB certainly takes in money “quickly” through these processors, but taking almost 2 months to get paid through these same processors is RIDICULOUS! The live support is a JOKE and the excuses that come from the top are just as pathetic. I have been a “digital millionaire” with several companies and I congratulate you for having $1,000,000 on your computer screen money in the back office of BB. However, it is more impressive to have the $$$ in your bank account so if I were you I would start pulling out your money (it might take you 5 years to get it all) with the delays and the caps of how much you can pull out without getting permission from corporate. Mark the bottom line is, don’t think this is going to last forever because it ISN’T. I know you are great cheerleader for BB and the fog of wanting to believe that BB will last forever often gets over shadowed by actual reality. The real kicker is that if you are fortunate enough to pull a significant amount of the $$$ and it turns out the BB a Ponzi then you will be faced with claw backs like the 1,200 people from Zeek that received their subpoenas from Keith Bell. Either way it sounds like a lose/lose situation. I am just hoping that my associates and myself can get our money out before the walls cave in. Best of luck to you!

        1. I am in BB for ONE reason and ONE reason only. I have help many people not only get into banners broker but actually take money out consistently without sponsoring people and now that they have they are growing a team. Having said that I have several points to address. Prior to BB despite being in many MLM?Network marketing companies, I was basically a failure. I had limited sucess probably betrer than average, but certainly a failure compared to my sucess in Banners Broker.

          Frakly, I am tried of BB being compared to Zeek. Troy stated point blank it was not, then he stated it was, and now he is going back on everything he promoted. Seriously, whatever Zeek was it was shutdown, mostly because it did not listen to its lawyers and did nto take the action it needed to. BB and Zeek are nothing alike exept people in BB are making money like Zeek, and so for that reason BB must yet be a Ponzi too??? What utter garbage.

          BB has a unique relationship with the single medium size ad network, however BB is making them money and continues to purchase the ad inventory month after month, why would they ever want to kick BB out of the network? Secondly, the business increases as new affiliates purchase ad inventory which increases sales, this sounds ridiculous that I even have to explain this. The larger companies now have a large interest in BB and I believe have started to approach BB concerning the unique model which they originally said no to. Money talks, bull—- walks as they say.

          BB does have some payment issues, however this weekend, the vast majority if not all affiliates were paid. I even recieved my Payza and SolidTrustPay payments as did the many people I have spoken with. This company does not have a cash-flow problem it has a technology and pay-processor issue. Chris assures me that payment issues will be a thing of the past, like any company experiencing tremendous growth, it takes times. BB also has had major communication issues and that will soon be rectified as well.

          If you think I am in a fog my friend you are sadly mistaken. I am all to clear and Im, like Chris see the vision, in fact I saw it from day one. Deep down I knew the model I just could not prove it. Now that heqad office has revealed more, it is exactly what I thought. BB is no different than the Google model. Google accumulated “users” by offering a search engine, then they added the marketing to it. it is the users of the Google search engine that made Google the success it is today. BB did this a little differently, they offered people the chance to purchase ad inventory where the revenue is created. By offering the inventory, people are able to share in the revenue created by the publishing network. They are actually renting the ad space on an actual website, which allows them to earn the actual revenue from that ad spot generated through the ad impressions we all know are real. BB has purchased a 15,000 sq foot building to be the home of support for BB which is well ahead of where Google was at in the same time period. Google was still operating out of a garage, yes folks google like many other big companies were born out of a garage. BB is a REAL business model and the only joke about this is that the so called industry experts just lump BB in with all the other pozis, scams, and other junk out there.

          I have pulled more than 100,000 how much is nobody’s business, however more importantly I have had everyone of my affiliates pull money as well. Yes, there are delays and issues we are aware. It is my belief that this will only get better and better as is already happening. When it comes to pulling money, BB does not have any kind of cash flow issue, they have a technology and pay-processor issue. They are in the process of working out most of the kinks and soon you will see, if not already. Going forward affiliates will recieved up to 10,000 on the card. For affiliates who want to take more than 10,000 they will need to invoice BB for the amount requested. Yes, it is a 3 month time however, this is typical in big business. Net 90 days is typical, I have a friend who was a constractor and net 90 days was good most of the corporations and governments were 6 months and some even a year. Bottom line, if your pulling more than 10,000 you are a business realtionship with BB procuring earnings on the ad inventory and you need to have a standard business relationship in which you will invoice for the transaction. This model ensures BB is kept in a proper business strcuture and makes perfect sense.

          Lastly, David Hooker is a well known in the marketing industry and has a solid reputation in the field. i would put his resume against any of these so-called industry insiders. david was approached by Chris to join BB in a corporate capacity, at hat time, David replied come back when you are bigger. When BB did, David was so impressed with the company, after doing his own due diligence he accepted the offer. David brings a lot of experience to the helm and we are already seeingt he changes which BB is undergoing. Looks like the actual reality is now real in the eyes of all Banners Broker affiliates. In the little time I have got to know David and check him out, I do not know anyone more respected than David. Many people int he industry know who David is.

  4. People amaze me. They think just cause they are getting paid it’s not a scam. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF A PONZI SCHEME. Pay a few so that you keep dumping money in and they pay the top folks off the bottom and late comers. How long can this last? Well Madoff did it for over 20 years scheming people but once again people got paid. However, with it being online and mlm in nature (direct sells) it will draw faster attention and likely won’t make it thru the summer. Just look at Zeek for what you have prepared and pull your money out before you lose it all. Because the longer you leave it the more likely it will disappear. You better believe “Simon” and those other leaders know this and will watch as your money disappear.


    1. You amaze me…..I have many affiliates who have NOT sponsored a single person and are taking out money from BB. The point of a PONZI is to have new affiliates come in to pay the existing affiliates. BB has provided absolute proof that the majority of the income is derived from publishing and advertisers. The are 10 MAJOR ad networks which control banner ads and BB has created a UNIQUE relationship with one of them. They are inside and unless you have that level of connection….no way you can state it is not the case. This week alone…..I know major payments including payza, debits cards and solidtrustpay payment went out. 90% of the income is created through the “blind network”. Google did the same thing collected people through a search engine and then added advertising later. Creating a group of affiliates so that purchasing ad space in volume is a revolutionary idea PERIOD!!!! I think people need to understand once and for all that BB is not another Zeek or penny action and to be constantly compared to that is not correct. BB is worlds apart from any of the penny actions they are a UNIQUE opportunity.

      1. Mark, you claim: “BB has provided absolute proof that the majority of the income is derived from publishing and advertisers.” My definition, and I suspect most people’s definition, of ‘absolute proof ‘ would be verifiable documentary evidence that would stand up in court as fact.

        So my question to you is: where is this ‘absolute proof’? Moreover, would you post it (or post a link to it) in here so we can all see it and judge for ourselves, please? Thanks.

        1. Mark does not have the absolute proof,because it dont exist.He is full of shit and lies…That is the main strategy of bannersbroker
          affiliates.Putting lies on the web…

          Where is the proof of revenue generated from the blind network or the other network? Real proof.Not some proof,from an backoffice account.

          The answer is abvious.They cant. They just put garbage on the web to make people believe that bannersbroker is making money with advertising.hahahahah….

          As long affiliates flow into the program,yes people get paid.That is one characteristic of the ponzi.But that does not mean that it isnt an ponzi.Why dont you ask your CEO Chris Smith to hand over his financial documents with all transactions,regarding the revenue comming from advertising and written proof that affililates are paid through out traffic rather then affiliate money.

          He problaby gonna negate this question by saying that he cant offer that proof.Why not hand over his administration to the autorities so they can investigate it,rather then that everyone speculates about the background of his financial operation.

          If he is an honest and transparant individual he would do that.If he is not doing that,then problaby he gots something to hide.


      2. That Common Sense person is not to bright. BB is not MLM! Bottomline is, come to the world tours and they will show you what common sense is all about. BB has nothing to hide as the owner of this blog, Ted Nuyten, learned. It is obvious You Are A Rook and No Nothing About Internet Marketing and/or BB!

  5. I would like to address this post to any one that actually connected to the administration of BB Company and probably can answer to my questions as I can’t get answers from no one around me although I tried all possible & impossible ways. I registered an account and funded it with money few months ago. First problem appeared almost immediately, as before buying any panel or package I decided to return the sum to my e-wallet from an internal BB account. I wrote via e-ticket support system my question regarding the correct way of doing that, and in 24 hours got an answer: “Hello. Thank you for your ticket.Please follow the refund policy located at the bottom of our site. Thank You. BB Team”. That?s exactly what I did, and I found that in order to request cancellation I should send hard letter to Canada’s office in Oshawa and it should be done within 30 days since the funding. I sent it as registered mail, and was sure it’s all right, but in a month I’ve got that mail back not even opened with a sticker telling me that my mail wasn’t claimed. Next step I took was to contact any one from administration of BB in Israel to get an answer why official address posted on the web site and in refunding procedures does not receive mails. My sponsors couldn’t tell me nothing about this, so I tried to get phone number of any official representative. First I’ve found local address BB reps. needed to be there, but when I arrived ? no such an office & no such a company there. Then I’ve got probably official rep. phone number ? Stacy, but when I called her, she didn’t try even to hear my question, but only asked me “Where did you get this phone number, who gave it to you?”, in a few weeks she called me, finally listened to my question and although she didn’t tell me nothing about the official address in Canada, she made it clear that I can’t take my money back and it must be used for buying panels or packages only. She did’t tell me what is the current office address, but she told me not to bother her anymore on her phone, and promised to send me email for urgent questions but it never came. I also tried to contact mr. Ian Driscoll as leader of all Israel on Skype ? no answer, two phone numbers of office in Britain ? no answers either. So out of choice my next move should be the purchase of packages and eventually the earning of money. It still would be some way to enjoy my money, but then happened another problem. In order to release funds from the system, you should request BB Prepaid Card from MasterCard and to do that you should enter many personal information including government ID copy, proof of address etc., and I did all that, but now there is a message that my ID and proof of address are rejected with no additional explanations. Same problem with PERSONAL INFORMATION approval (as a mandatory way to get prepaid card) currently many new distributors facing, actually all I know, and even if you go to the page where you should upload requested documents, and press “upload new document” or “replace” the system gives you only one answer: “The page is under maintenance. Please come back later”. I’m coming back every day for already a week but every time the system is only in one state.

    The situation is very annoying simply because of fact that you easily can upload funds to BB account, but you can’t take it out as the approval of personal info lies in the hands of corporate office that is clearly not in Oshawa Canada and has no published phone/fax numbers, but only e-ticket support system that seems stopped functioning around three weeks ago. The system however still sending you “e-ticket received” confirmation, but no action after that ? tried that at least three times last weeks.

    BB administration, please help me to resolve those issues, as it’s already too frustrating. Dear members of BB, if you know something or someone that can help me to resolve those things, please write me. My email: [email protected] . Thanking in advance everyone who will answer.

  6. One of my dearest friends is in BannersBroker. He’s a man I look up to and admire. He’s as honest as the day is long, and wouldn’t knowingly involve himself in a ponzi scheme. Unless of course he was taken in by the initial hype, which by all accounts is quite likely given his financial situation when he got involved, and just can’t get out. I suggested to him when he spoke to me about it that his credibility would be affected if he did promote this “programme”. He had an answer which, while possibly seeming appropriate to him at the time, stank of desperation and victim mentality to me. The shame is that he’s a great direct seller and an effortless recruiter who is destroying his reputation with each Facebook status update and each meeting he hosts.
    I’m unable to get the point across without harming our relationship. It’s heartbreaking.
    Unfortunately, the sooner this thing finally goes under, the better it will be for everyone.

    1. What is heartbreaking if your refusal to entertain his thing is for real. This business is here to stay and the sooner people accept hat the better. Already been over 2 years and people have been sayings it has been going down for months. In the end your friend will be vindicated. The truth will come out once and for all.

      1. No. What’s heartbreaking is to see thousands upon thousands of the naive, gullible, and desperate get hooked into this evil, wallet-sucking Ponzi scheme. Albeit extremely well conceived and disguised Ponzi scheme. In fact, so good a job have they done of it, they’ve even managed to get David Hooker hooked.

        I first encountered the much younger David Hooker in 1986, when he was fronting a Herbalife bizopp presentation… my first exposure to MLM. I didn’t join but I did join (and enjoy full-time success with) another company to which David was later appointed training and development manager. I found him to be a slick salesman and first-rate motivational speaker… and nothing to suggest he was anything other than ethical. Since then he’s evidently enjoyed an illustrious career in the MLM/direct sales field.

        So I simply could not believe it when I discovered that someone with his reputation would put it at risk by fronting what is, by its own declaration (but now hidden) “the world’s first straight line cycler doubler”. Which, by definition, is a Ponzi scheme. Perhaps had David spent the the latter part of his career as an online advertising industry insider, he’d have been able to see right through Banners Broker’s grand deception, like others have.

        Like you say: the truth will out.

  7. Can anyone show me one person or company that launched an advertising campaign through BB that actually resulted in click-thrus, opt-ins and/or sales? Did you ask the buyer/optin’er where he/she clicked? My guess is I won’t get any responses… but lets wait and see.

    1. Yes, I have had opt-ins and click throughs and further more it has been documented by top internet marketers. I am not about to prove anything to anybody. In time, BB will be seen for what it really is, a legitimate business opportunity. There are 10 top ad network companies controlling the majority of banners advertising. If you think they simply allow banners to operate as a Ponzi then I think you have not thought this through. BB deals with actually ad inventory from a third-party, if you think they allow this happen with any type of company then think again. The major mistake is that many people are simply comparing BB to general companies that sell bids….that is not BB…..we buy ad space and impressions… we get the best of both worlds……revenue from publishing on other sites and the ability to advertise on the network. Brilliant, it is controversial because it is a brand new way of doing things. Never been done before.

  8. Have any of you bb cheerleaders any reply to Alex Balk’ post above? This is really the essence of bb. It shows the detail of the mechanics used by them to hold on to members and their money, to deny them leaving with their money, to delay and deny payments, and the truth of their ridiculous “support system”. This poor guys story is typical of a ponzi scheme in its later days.. It is hard to imagine anyone in their right mind reading this, and still going ahead and joining bb.

    1. And your actual expertise with Banners Broker, is what exactly ?.
      For myself. I boast a return ( paid out ) which far exceeds the money I put in. I think that’s called PROFIT. Or at least it was the last time I checked with my accountant. That of course coupled with an actual product and customers.

  9. I am amazed at all you “so-called-experts’ pontificating about a company, a program, and a compensation plan that you know absolutely nothing about. You spend all your time reading negative press written by uneducated headline seekers and then just regurgitate the same old myths and untruths. The newspapers are full of it, and so is the internet.

    You complain about Banners Broker yet juice companies selling untested products, at ridiculously inflated prices is ok? Companies selling pills and potions at ridiculous prices is OK? Overpriced diet companies? OK? And how about all the imposed autoship programs – are they OK?

    The world try’s to destroy what it does not understand. Many years ago governments tried to close down Herbalife, Amway was classed as illegal, so was the entire Franchising industry. I can make this list as long as you wish.

    I have completed a tremendous amount of due diligence on BB and it looks as clean as clean can be – the challenge it has is that people think that BB is an advertising company selling advertising space – nothing could be further from the truth. They rent advertising space on the ‘Blind Network” which they then rent out to their affiliates and income generated through the broker network is then shared among the organisation.

    Although one of the smaller brokers helped launch BB one of the larger ones, in fact more than one of the big boys are now chasing BB to become associated with them.

    And finally, before making comments why not do what I did – call the company, set an appointment to go visit them, do some interviews, and then comment – it’s the adult thing to do.

    Thanks for reading this.

  10. Well the thing is that i’am doing several business on the internet ,i follow bb to and i’am doing that from the date they started so the thing is i joint bb in june 2012 invested 415 dollar and now i have my money back and making money every month so you don’t going to hear me complaining about bb,i think you have to try somthing first before you can wright about it!!!!

  11. Uh-oh, yet more bad press for Banners Broker. This time it?s in India, the next stop on their world tour. And it?s more serious than the spanking they suffered at the hands of the Irish press… the authorities are involved:

    Apparently the police have seized documentation and computers from their Goa offices and they?re now closed. Banners Broker are putting their spin on the news in a notice on their Indian website; here?s a transcript:

    Hopefully this will spur other jurisdictions to take action against Banners Broker’s self-admitted “straight line cycler doubler”. Which, by definition is a Ponzi scheme.

  12. Hello Everyone,

    I am the International Public Relations Director, and I’ve extended my hand out to Ted along with others, to come to our office and see for himself who we are, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

    If you have questions you’d like answered, I would request that you provide them to Mr. Nuyten and allow him to put them forth on your behalf. I’m sure there are many, and I’ll do my best to provide the answers you’re looking for, in order to alleviate your concerns.

    Thank You.
    Terry Stern
    International Public Relations Director
    Stellar Point

  13. Chris Smith, Terry Stern, et al:
    You are running a Ponzi scheme. No need to come to your “office” for a chat. We prefer to have the authorities investigate you. It’s a legal issue and needs to be handled legally (and criminal charges laid if need be)… Now, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), the UK Serious Fraud Office and fraud investigation authorities in other countries would like to have a “chat”. How about if you identify yourselves so we can arrange it.
    In the meantime, is it moral to be cheating old people of their life’s savings?!
    Also, affiliates worldwide who promote the Banners Broker scheme are equally liable to be investigated. Aiding and abetting a scam is exposing you to criminal charges.

    All payments made to affiliates have come from the monies paid by other affiliates. Not from any genuine business activities such as so-called online banner brokering or marketing. Affiliates: proof that Banners Broker has made payments to you is not a proof that it’s a genuine business. Do your homework.

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