David Moses – Zija Hits A $610,000 Bonus Check

David Moses Zija


David Moses – Zija International receives a whopping $610,000 thousand dollar commission check.

David Moses is the Master Distributor and Top Income Earner in ZIJA International and is the company's first Crown Diamond Elite.

David stated:

These last 5 weeks in ZIJA have seen tremendous momentum, and next year could in fact break industry records, “ I love this compensation plan ”.   “ I believe we will see a tidal wave of success stories in ZIJA throughout 2013”  The company is just starting to get full traction, and leaders are pouring into the company.  My personal goal is to assist seasoned pros in regaining their status and the income they are accustomed too. 

Additionally I will be seeking out those who are looking for a sponsor who I can invest, build, and assist to create new income stories. 2013 will be the year of ZIJA International.

I would also like to thank the www.businessforhome.org website it has helped my business tremendously.

David Moses $610,000 Check

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