4,000 Attendees At Empower Network Austin Convention

David Sharpe


Empower Network is founded by David Wood and David Sharpe and launched on October 31, 2011 and since it launched it has attracted over 80,000 paying members and paid out over$23+ million in commissions. (Januari 2013). 

4,000 affiliates attended the Empower Network convention in Austin,Texas, USA, the place of yet another power packed, life changing event for Empower Network.

Business For Home had the honor to grant Empower Network the Business For Home Award for Innovation and Momentum.

Vick Strizheus, joined Empower 1 month ago (!) and made est. $700,000 in commissions, setting the world record for the highest commission in the shortest time in the Direct Selling Industry, an amazing achievement.

It was a delight to hear his testimonial and his insights about the MLM industry. Empower's Network amazing pass up compensation plan shows it strenght….

Empower Network Top Producers among many others:

Lawrence Tam Empower Network  Tracey Walker Empower Network Vick Strizheus Empower Network Tony Rush Empower Network
 Lawrence Tam Tracey Walker  Vick Strizheus Tony Rush
Mack Zidan Empower Network Justin Verrengia Empower Network Charles Marshall Empower Network Rob Fore Empower Network
Mack Zidan Justin Verrengia Charles Marshall Rob Fore
John Mroz Empower Network Toby Black Empower Network Carol Douthitt Empower Network Simon Stepsys Empower Network
John Mroz Toby Black Carol Douthitt Simon Stepsys
Aaron Raskin Empower Network Shaqir Hussyin Empower Network Nick Bramble Empower Network Alex Zubarev Empower Network
Aaron Raskin Shaqir Hussyin Nick Bramble Alex Zubarev
Franco Gonzalez Empower Network Alan Cosens Empower Network Barbie Zabel Empower Network Tissa Godavitarne Empower Network
Franco Gonzalez Alan Cosens Barbie Zabel Tissa Godavitarne


Empower Network Top Earners est. income for 80+ distributors:



Empower Network Disclaimer:

The amount of time it takes to achieve the stated income varies by participant. The estimates provided above were the result of an informal sampling of Empower Network participants. Basically, it takes hard work to make substantial income in this business. The income statistics above are for all active affiliates world wide for the date specified above, are based in US dollars, and update daily.

An 'active affiliate' is defined as someone who: 1) Has executed an affiliate application; 2) has an active membership with a minimum of the Empower Network blogging platform; 3)has received at least one direct commission in the last 30 days; 4) has either an approved merchant account, or integrated a payment method in the members area; and 5) has not been terminated, or chosen to discontinue for any reason.


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