Onyx Coale – Top Earner Retires from Monavie

Onyx Coale


Onyx Coale is a Presidential Black Diamond in Mona Vie and one of the highest paid women in the Direct Selling Industry. Her estimated life time earnings are $17 million in 7 years.

She is a healthy, happy, 46 years young, single mother of three great girls. She loves running on the beach in South Florida, USA, where she resides. She has sold her Mona Vie business.


“Seven years ago, I said, ‘yes,’ to Mona Vie and network marketing. I fell in love with the business model, the people, and the product,” says Onyx Coale. Onyx shares, “My journey has been nothing short of spectacular. I’ve had the privilege of personally touching lives in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Romania, Mexico, and India. I have traveled the world and met people who have become some of my closest friends.”  

“It’s been amazing to watch my friendships blossom into teams that span the continents which became my international multi-million dollar businesses,” says Onyx. “Many leaders nationally and Internationally have grown from my team. My team has produced multiple Presidential Black Diamonds, multiple Royal Black Diamonds, and many, many Black Diamonds.   Millionaires were popping up all over the place.” 

Onyx went on to say, My greatest joy was to watch thousands of Bronze and Silver level distributors grow within my business. At this level, mom’s were able to quit their jobs. Thousands of homes were saved from foreclosure. Hundreds of marriages and relationships were saved. You know, just $1500 a month of extra income solves a lot of money problems.”

While I’m at the top of my game as a Presidential Black Diamond and knowing lives have been changed as a result of my work, I feel my work at Mona Vie is complete. I am leaving with a full and grateful heart.

The next chapter of my life is calling. I sold my Mona Vie Distributorship and I just finished writing and publishing my very first book. In my new book, I share the secrets of the new era of MLM that is emerging and how one can capitalize on it.

I am a single mom from South Florida who has learned first hand how anyone with no experience, can say yes to MLM and build an organization that creates millionaires while working from home. IF I can do this…. so can you!!!

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  1. she is a smart women, she knows when to get out of monavie because her business couldn’t grow more than that, and she knows the time, she needs to get out before its to late so smart move, whats next lol

    1. really Andy? A woman she personally sponsored JUST broke Presidential Black Diamond. Her business continues to grow – one of the great aspects of network marketing.

    2. With the VIEW Antioxidant scanner just coming out, Oynx’s business could have grown 10 times its current size. She made a decision to go in a different direction. Glad to have met you Onyx and best of luck in your future endeavors!!!

  2. Onyx is one smart woman who follows her heart. She has been an amazing leader in MonaVie and I’m sure she will be very successful at anything she puts her heart and mind into. Thanks for being part of the MonaVie leadership team for the past 7 years! Thank you for all that I have learned from you! Only the best to you, Onyx.

  3. Congratulations Onyx on an extraordinary career in MLM we have really enjoyed working with you and have learn t so much from your wisdom and friendship. You are unique and have shown unbounded love and leadership to your group and we were Blessed to have known you and worked with you.. Good luck on your journey from here and may God go with you. love you Helen

  4. Eventhough we’ve never personally met. I have been following you since I joined MonaVie, followed your posts and been asking you questions. Thank you for all of them. You are a true inspiration. One of many many many of your downlines.

  5. Great job, Onyx!
    You’ve been a terrific source of inspiration for me over the years.

    Best of luck with your future endeavors!

    Adam Green
    Xocai Ambassador (www.AdamPaulGreen.com)

  6. Onyx is an amazing woman, trainer, leader and mentor to me. I was so grateful to be on her team in my very MLM and I wish Onyx a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness. May everything you’ve given to others come back to you tenfold. Lots of love to you Onyx!!! XOXO

  7. Great job Onyx yet REALITY CHECK…. If the business was built properly then it should be residual and growing. So why would you sell it?

    1. network income is dropping so ‘getting out’. oh dear.
    2. starting with new company – oh dear for old MonaVie network. Maybe she will say the same old lies Randy Gage told us when he joined Agel, said he would not pitch anyone, then pitched us to join!
    3. starting as a speaker trainer. What has she got either than a great story, that your top leaders don’t have? Personal development?
    4. health issues? hope not.
    5. Other industry? Well thats cool and smart for her.

  8. Wish we could have a leader like Onyx in Puerto Rico and our stories would be much different! My best wishes for you always and many blessings the rest of your life! When your book is ready, please let me know! Lots of Love!

  9. Wonderful Lady with Great valuable achievements,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wish you all the best for your future ONYX COALE……….
    Thanx Ted……. thank you for your realy wonderful updates…………….

  10. Congratulations !! It takes courage to follow your heart, and passion. It takes courage to follow that inner voice. I applaud you for doing just that. Many blessings to you and your daughter. Excited to get the book, can you share the link?

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