Franky Magliocco Joins Organo Gold

Franky Magliocco Organo Gold


European Top Leader  Franky Magliocco has joined Organo Gold for the official launching of FRANCE.

After starting network marketing in France, this utterly charismatic leader has brilliantly developed a successful and broad network, as well as a remarkable reputation as a keynote speaker all over Europe.

Franky has achieved one of the most significant growths in the history of network marketing in Europe with ACN : not only did he become a member of the European Circle of Champions 17 months only after his first steps within the business, but he also reached the Senior Vice President position in 26 months, having built an organisation with more than 10,000 distributors at the end of two years only.

His success is the result of a powerful leadership as well as an obvious ability to constantly create and renew simple and duplicable work methods and tools. Franky lately created a free iPhone application (International Network Consulting).

We wish him the best of luck!

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Franky Magliocco


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