Robert Hollis Joins GanoLife

Robert Hollis Ganolife


Robert Hollis – Gano Excel Top Earner has joined GanoLife.

Meanwhile Ganolife has send the next letter to its distributors:

Dear GanoLife Affiliates,

This morning GanoLife International Inc. received a copy of a fraudulent FDA warning letter being circulated by some of our competitors that is obviously intended to create tortuous interference with GanoLife’s business expansion efforts. GanoLife is a rapidly growing International Network Marketing company with operations in ten countries and expanding rapidly.

Reception of our nutrient-infused beverages in the marketplace has been nothing short of phenomenal, with first-year sales expected to top $150 million. Obviously, our success is triggering random acts of corporate terrorism designed to undermine our growth. Desperate individuals (perhaps companies) are circulating a fraudulent FDA warning letter discrediting our Ganoderma Lucidum produced using our proprietary processes that are patent pending. The letter includes incomprehensible legalize that, for the less informed, may sound vaguely official. However, the letter is neither signed nor dated. Furthermore, the code being cited is misrepresented and the letter was not issued on official letterhead.

These are the facts regarding how the FDA issues a warning letter: 1.The FDA never issues a Warning Letter without a full and correct address. Warning Letters are further addressed to an individual officer of the company as illustrated in the following example of a legitimate FDA Warning Letter (link provided for easy access):

2. The FDA never issues a Warning Letter without a legitimate officer or authorized person signing the letter as proof of receipt. This further establishes the legitimacy of the letter’s authority (link provided for easy access):

You may be interested in knowing that the FDA posts all warning letters on its official website. We invite you to visit and see for yourself that GanoLife has never received a warning letter from the FDA or any federal agency for that matter:

Vague references in the letter to obscure ingredients like Alitretinoin found in common hand crèmes are completely misleading. This ingredient is not even found in Ganoderma Lucidum. The letter then goes on to GanoLife International | 935 South Milliken Avenue, Suite B, Ontario CA | ?909? 786?0340 claim that the FDA has found our proprietary Ganoderma Lucidum results in birth defects (teratogenicity).

This is a bald-faced lie! Our legal experts conclude that whoever produced the fraudulent letter being circulated with the purpose of discrediting GanoLife, used a legitimate FDA Warning Letter issued to an unknown company that possibly manufactures drug-related substances. They then simply inserted our name, hoping that whoever read the letter would not know anything about Ganoderma Lucidum’s naturally occurring ingredients.

GanoLife’s ingredient theme, Ganoderma 365, symbolizes our natural processing of Ganoderma Lucidum – a raw whole food (certified organic by the USDA). Unlike other companies, we do not produce and market anisolated extract. Our Ganoderma Lucidum’s genetic profile is tested in laboratories certified by the FDA who report consistent quality 365 days a year resulting in a Ganoderma Lucidum that is 99.97% pure (the remaining ingredients include non-converted substrate made from organic whole grains).

No other company marketingGanoderma Lucidumoffers anything comparable. According to research, Ganoderma Lucidum cultivated in this manner is hundreds of times more potent than Ganoderma Lucidum grown in the wild. We sympathize with our competitors who feel so threatened by our superior ingredients, but temper our sympathy with a warning: GanoLife will find the responsible parties and turn them over to the FDA for impersonation of Government Officials – a criminal offense. We have now gathered the following facts: a. Originating from 9 computers with verifiable IP addresses, multitudes of fraudulent letters have been virally received by thousands of GanoLife distributors.

b. A well known internet provider, using IP tracking to ols, helped us locate the IP address gateway used to issue the emails somewhere near Irwindale, CA.

c. Our legal team will be filing subpoenas on no less than 80 computers to be able to pin down the exact computers used and turn them over to the FDA.

d. By Tuesday our legal team will be contacting the FDA to submit evidence of a certain company that impersonated their office in a fraudulent manner. Rest assured the FDA will take immediate legal action. This is a serious matter!

Attempts to tamper with and falsify federal documents may result in fines and/or imprisonment (up to 10 years).

We are offering a $10,000 dollar CASH reward to any person providing information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of these individuals. What is most disturbing is the idea that individuals ( perhapseven a company ) might do something so “ underhanded and despicable out of jealousy and spite.” It is rumored that an MLM legal team was involved in orchestrating this fiasco. What kind of organization would“ fake an FDA document?

” For their legal counsel toallow this dirty trick is very disturbing indeed.

GanoLife International | 935 South Milliken Avenue, Suite B, Ontario CA | ?909? 786?0340

Ask yourself: Would a legitimate corporation with a responsible management team, from CEO down to Vice-President, fail to identify themselves by affixing their signatures to documents if all of this were true? WHO ARE THEY?

There is an ancient proverb that says, “When a tree bears fruit, children throw stones. ” To say that what has transpired is childish is a gross understatement. Simply put, it is wrong. Please help us stop corporate terrorism. Edmund Burke once said, “ All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. ” Today is your day to decide where you stand.


Christopher Tidwell Founder and CEO GanoLife International, Inc.

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  1. Hi Robert. Met you in Cali , you have a personality that shows that you have a love for people. God is love and you said on stage I love God. So lets go Gano Life

  2. Sin importar cuantos supuestos “lideres” abandonen Gano Excel para irse a la competencia, siempre tendrán el estigma de ser una compania que nacío con la mentira. Cuando se tiene integridad, los problemas y retos se resuelven. Si por su posición ellos supieron de todos los retos y problemas que se venían, por qué no dijeron nada? Finalmente, demuestran que aman más el dinero que a la gente que creyó en ellos. Ojalá le valla bien y con el paso del tiempo la gente se olvide de esa vergonzosa mentira.

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