Jason Silverthorn – ViSalus Hits $1 Million in Earnings

Jason Silverthorn


Jason Silverthorn – ViSalus 2 star Ambassador from Temecula, California, USA has hit the $1 million mark in combined earnings.


I’m a work from home dad of 4 kids under 11. My wife Amber and I have lived in Temecula, California since 2003. Growing up in San Diego and watching my parents own and operate Lemon Grove Motorcycles, I subconsciously saw the ups and downs with running a small business. E

ven though it was a giant “hobby” store, I learned so much from my parents about working with people, relationships, and dealing with the economy. When it came down to my parents retiring and wanting me to take over their business, there was a huge part of me that wanted nothing to do with owning a business period. Who knows why, but it was not what I wanted.

Even though my parents were able to retire at a decent age, it was not my cup of tea. I had worked for them, a couple of banks as a teller, and was recruited to the mortgage side. But when the person I worked with retired, my position was terminated. I had a choice; I could either go back to school, or be a receptionist. I chose school! Ha-ha. After 2 semesters of electives, because the college messed up my transcripts, I decided to go to the San Diego Golf Academy. 16 months of chasing my passion and soaking up the sun while playing golf 4 times a week.

When I picked up my first golf club at 21, I sold all my motorcycles and started on my new passion. I started Golf College as a 27 handicap and graduated at just over a 1 handicap. I received the most improved player of my class and wanted to keep it up and go pro. During that time, I was opening and closing the driving range practicing or playing all day every day. I was serious and was not going to let anyone tell me I could not do it. Shortly thereafter Amber and I started a family. When my family was started, responsibility became my first priority. I put my dream on hold because family was the most important thing. I started back into mortgage and real estate and we moved to Temecula.

We started our own mortgage and real estate company and quickly grew it to 45+. As we were growing our family and company, we started to hit a wall in 2005. We were making great money, but I spent 75+ hours a week being a slave at my own business. Amber felt like a single mom with zero support, our marriage was rocky, I watched my kids grow up in pictures, and my health was not a priority. Things needed to change, but did not know where to find the time or what to do.

When Visalus happened on our lap late 2005, I saw this as an opportunity to make a change and get my health and time back. Not knowing that mortgage industry would not be around in a couple years, we made a decision to start a ”plan B” but never thought we would’ve needed it. We were earning close to half a million a year with our company. In the 2 years to follow, we took a 90% pay cut from our mortgage career. If it wasn’t for Visalus, we would have been a family of 6 that would’ve been forced to move in with my parents and start all over.

Our thought was that Visalus was our “plan B”, but it quickly turned into our “plan A”. We hit the top of the compensation plan in May of 2008 without any prior experience in this industry. Visalus has been the most stable, secure, exciting business we have ever been part of. Visalus was my catalyst to better health, better relationships, more time freedom to spend with my kids, and now, financial freedom.

Being a work from home dad, my days include getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches, dropping them off, working from home, not being forced to clock in or out or having to shave or look a certain way, no commuting or sitting in L.A. traffic, working out from home, maybe some laundry between calls, building teams, marketing body by vi, driving a free black BMW for life, picking up the kids from school, watching our kids ride their bikes, making dinners, goofing off with the kids, a little Nintendo Wii here and there, not having to send our kids to daycare, date nights with my wife, traveling to places I have never been, meeting unbelievable people I would’ve never met, soccer on the weekends, and actually being around my family while I work. I never knew something like this existed! But we are extremely excited to what the future holds and thankful we were willing to do something different for a completely different lifestyle.

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  1. Congrats Jason. We’re hot on your trail.. We should be at a million in earnings in our 3rd year here with Nerium. Love to see others succeed!thanks for giving our industry credability that it can work no matter what your background!

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