Javita Coffee Sales Up 78% in April

John Haremza


John Haremza,  Master Distributor for Javita, just announced that sales will pass the magic $1,000,000 in May.

Sales were up 54% March over February and an amazing 78% April over March. 

New member applications increased 67%. 

John says:  I have never experienced this level of customer interest our new customer applications increased 63%.” As John Haremza says, “We are in that ‘sweet spot’ just before momentum, small enough that a leader can establish their place and big enough to be over the risk threshold”.      

Javita jumped into the coffee market just under 2 years ago with Energy and Mind, an instant herbal infused coffee that enhances mental acuity and energy.   As with most startup companies year one was a struggle to get off the ground.

Ten months ago Javita introduced its herbal infused Burn and Control Weight Loss coffee complimented by a revised compensation plan.  It pays out 50% plus of revenue and it does not have the gotcha’s so many plans have.  It’s not just lucrative; it’s fair and accessible at every level.
That’s when things exploded.  Since the introduction of Weight Loss Coffee Javita’s North American sales have grown more than 2000%.
The driving force behind the rapid rise in sales is the insatiable demand for anything that helps people lose weight and the worldwide popularity of coffee.  The brilliance of coffee is that people are already spending money on it. It’s a habit.  Nobody every forgets their morning coffee.

Every other weight loss program requires you to turn your life upside down.  Javita says “change your coffee, change your life”.  Think about it, “who do you know that does not want to lose weight especially if it as simple as drinking coffee?’  

As John says, “I have 24 years in this industry and earnings of $13 million so I am a network marketing veteran.  I am totally, absolutely convinced that Javita with its weight loss coffee will be the all-time most lucrative thing I've ever done.
I’ve wrestled with weight my whole life.  I’ve tried every diet with only one result, “I was miserable”. 

When we introduced weight loss coffee I knew we had a winner.  The important thing about Weight Loss Coffee is that even someone who does not drink coffee knows people who love their coffee.  So the market is huge.  As you know everyone wants to lose weight.  
This success has rocketed Javita to a visibility that networkers big and small are looking and joining.

Get more information, facts and figures about Javita, click here for the Javita overview.

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