Anthony Powell – Vemma 22 Years In Network Marketing

Anthony Powell


Vemma Royal Ambassador Anthony Powell is what some might call the original YPR Brand Partner — 22 years ago, Anthony started in network marketing at age 19 and created a huge organization that reached into 35 countries.

“I’ve seen a lot of success with other companies, but I came to Vemma because it is a company that puts people first. In this industry, that’s so important. The Vemma products are awesome — I love Verve. They’re simple and powerful and the business plan is very generous.

There’s not an opportunity out there like Vemma. To be honest, opportunities like this maybe come around once in your lifetime. It’s not often you get to be a part of the precritical mass. This is something that will clearly grow from $100 million to over $1 billion!”

“No one is going to pay your bills except you,” Anthony says. “At age 19, I saw this firsthand when I met a co-worker who’d just been let go after 30 years of working at the company. I was working nights, and one evening I walked upstairs and there was this full-grown man crying.

I ran to his rescue, asking if he’d fallen, and he told me his story. He was just about ready to retire and they’d let him go before retirement benefits kicked in.” Anthony never forgot the injustice of the situation and he realized that the same thing could happen to him someday.

When a company did come along with products he could get excited about, Anthony was ready. By the end of his first year, he fired his boss and went full-time with his network marketing business.

Over the years, his organization continued to grow, and this past January, Anthony switched over to Vemma. Twenty-two year industry veteran Anthony Powell is building a team across the globe. Anthony says, “There’s a four-letter word that separates people in this business: work.

In high school, I played basketball, and I got in extra practice time by getting there early and leaving late. I took that same philosophy into network marketing. I’m the average guy who wasn’t a superstar overnight, but I worked hard.

When I started in this business, I wanted a better quality of life, so I learned from my mentor and did what he told me to do. I fell in love with network marketing. Several years later, I was making more money than anyone in my family ever had.”*

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