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Nick Skolsky, bHip Global


Network Marketing Industry leader Nick Skolsky, a Multi-Million Dollar income earner joins bHIP.

Nick Skolsky, who’s been a multi-million dollar income earner in Direct Sales for the last 10 plus years, following a successful multi-million dollar career running one of the largest lead generating businesses catering to some of MLM’s mega stars, has announced that he has joined bHIP Global as part of the company’s massive reverse expansion of North America.

“At this stage in my career, I really did my due diligence,” Nick says. “There’s a lot of hype in the industry right now— new companies with lots of cash, lack luster products and won’t be here in 5 years. Out of every company I looked at bHIP has everything I would want if I could design my own company!  bHIP has the best-of-the-best leadership with the combined entrepreneurial vision and experience of North American President Ray Grimm and bHIP Founder Terry LaCore.

It’s already a stable five-plus-year-old company from its international growth, yet basically a start-up opportunity in terms of timing and growth in the U.S. and Canada. Now that alone would be enough, but bHIP has something no other company has right now. They have a category defining product line with the world-wide exclusive rights AC-11, a DNA Repair anti-aging breakthrough that can be used topically and internally with 10 patents and 40 plus scientific studies behind it, and it has already fueled bHIP’s explosive growth internationally.

I believe bHIP is the biggest secret in North America and I’m proud to call it my home. I plan to make one last big run in this industry, and bHIP is it. I’m super excited to bring on people that want to take this run with me, have lots of fun, makes lots of money and take it to the top!”

When it comes to the MLM industry, Nick knows what it takes to be successful both as a new distributor to being the number one income earner in a company. He earned more than $50,000 in cash and rewards in his first 30 days with his last company. And, his greatest gift is sharing those insights with others to help them achieve the same success for themselves.

Through his website,, he has helped countless people on his team and throughout the Network Marketing industry achieve financial success. And with his bHIP announcement, he is offering a complete 8 CD set of over 300 minutes of training conducted by 6 different sales professionals— all six-figure and above income earners, to everyone who contacts him on his site.

“I use the Zig Ziglar approach when it comes to building my business,” Nick said. “The best way to succeed is to help others. The whole concept of bHIP—Helping Impact People, is right up my ally. What I love about this industry and about what the bHIP opportunity is offering is the ability to live the lifestyle you want. I’m not just about the money, I love the time freedom, the people, the trips and cars. I work hard and I play hard, and I’m ready to take it to the next level in my career and help others in bHIP do the same as one of the newest leaders in the company.”

Not one to let anything get in his way, Nick, who just came on board with bHIP and is still recovering from a major injury to his rotator cuff and elbow, enrolled 4 new Professionals in bHIP in his first 24 hours.

“I’m so pumped about what’s happening with bHIP, so is everyone I’m talking to on the phone. Absolutely, nothing’s gonna stop me!” Nick said.

Married to Helen, his high school sweetheart and prom date, soul mate and business partner, Nick and Helen spend their time between South Carolina and Florida. They have 3 children and one very talented football-playing grandson to share their new bHIP venture and lifestyle with.

bHIP Global’s expansion of North America includes a massive marketing campaign utilizing bHIP’s proprietary anti-aging DNA Repair (AC-11 technology) products. The campaign called b:Exceptional allows anyone to purchase three full size DNA Repair products for only $100, up to a 60% savings, when set up on auto-delivery.  bHIP associates can earn bonuses and an ongoing residual income on all continuing auto-delivery orders. bHIP Global, which is in its sixth year in business, is projected to do over 75 million annually in sales, mostly in international markets spanning nearly 40 countries. Its global headquarters is located in Melissa, Texas, with additional support facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri. The North American Sales and Marketing Office is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Get more information, facts and figures about bHIP Global, click here for the bHIP Global overview.

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