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Best In U, Inc. aka Shopping Sherlock (, a global direct marketer of innovative internet and mobile based technology solutions  announced today, that on Saturday August 10th 2013 at the Vitel Impact Conference in Houston, TX, it was announced that Shopping Sherlock had completed a deal to acquire Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC with a target date set for September 1st 2013 to complete the acquisition and merger over to the Shopping Sherlock platform. 

This announcement followed an on stage introduction of Michael Wiedder, CEO and Founder of Shopping Sherlock, who went on to share his vision and plans for the future of the company and the value Shopping Sherlock can bring to the Vitel Wireless Independent Business Owners.

The founders and CEO Scott Rogers expressed their excitement and support about the merger, stating “It has always been our goal to provide the best possible opportunity for the Vitel Wireless independent business owners and their families and we have realized that the Vitel executive team had taken Vitel as far as it could and in order to secure the future growth of the business owners and their families we had to make a tough decision to step back in order to let them grow. 

We felt in our hearts that we were holding them back and that if we could find a stable, growing company with a great product and strong leadership, the Vitel independent business owners could have a brighter future.  It was in this search we found Shopping Sherlock and Michael Wiedder, who we feel exhibits the same heart and passion for his company and members as we do ours.”

Shopping Sherlock offers a global e-commerce shopping app and platform that allows distributors to give an unlimited number of apps away for free and earn usage income when their customers use their Sherlock app and platform.  The company states, the Shopping Sherlock app was designed to open the door to online affiliate marketing for the masses and believes they have positioned the Company in front of the biggest trends in the world.

Global e-Commerce surpassed 1 trillion dollars in 2012 and is still growing at 20% per year In addition with the growth of mobile and m-commerce as well as how people around the world are using the Internet and mobile devices, Shopping Sherlock has positioned itself to be the top Internet home-based business in the world.

When asked what made Vitel a good fit for Shopping Sherlock, CEO, Michael Wiedder, stated, “Vitel Wireless has done a great job building a Company around culture and giving their independent business owners an opportunity to offer discounted services and make residual income on the use of those services.

Shopping Sherlock’s technology that automatically finds the best deals on products and services all over the world is synergistic with Vitel’s mission and culture. In addition, we have given Vitel Wireless independent business owners the opportunity to now build a worldwide business. We look forward to adding their product mix to our vendor relationships which include the largest affiliate networks in North America, Asia and soon to be Europe, as well as one of the largest daily deal aggregators in the world, including Daily Deals from the top Company’s around the world.

When you add the recent launch of our mobile app, that offers daily deals and coupons that are geo-location based and allows our affiliates to make money as people save money, we believe we have the foundation to become a billion dollar Company.  We look forward to working with the leaders and business owners from Vitel to help us achieve our collective goals.”

About Shopping Sherlock

Shopping Sherlock provides independent affiliates all the licenses to share an unlimited number of Sherlock apps to their customers which can help the user save time and money when they shop online, while accruing affiliate income as well.

They provide a complete educational system designed to help the independent Sherlock Affiliate be more effective at distributing the Sherlock Web App, showing users how to save money online, and how to help small businesses leverage the internet to improve their effectiveness and sales. The company also provides customizable Branding Tools, Advertising and Marketing systems, Coupon creators, social media tools, their own blogs, and their own mobile app and platform. The Company also gives their affiliates a tracking system that allows distributors to share deals, products and services through social media and track their efforts so they can be compensated.

Shopping Sherlock has a strong Corporate Mission to be a leader in cause integration and set an example both in the Network Marketing Industry and for corporations worldwide.  The company’s commitment is to support cancer fighting charities and research in helping to find a cure. 

In addition, the company  sponsors their representatives in their fundraising activities, be it, runs, walks, rides or other endeavors as they raise money to help fight cancer and provide services for those in need.  One of the Shopping Sherlock commitments is to creating a corporate culture of “we first”, rather than “me first”, where people and families fighting cancer will be positively impacted by our success and the efforts of our affiliates and product partners.

For more information contact:

Michael Wiedder  CEO Shopping Sherlock

[email protected]

 (310) 405-0011

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