Top Earner Tony Rush – Speaks Out About MLM Jumping

Tony Rush


Tony Rush is one of the real characters in the network marketing and personal development industries. He has been fulltime in network marketing since 1996, continues to actively build his organization today and has consistently been in the Top 10 income earners in his company.

Tony Rush:

There are two groups of network-marketers out there…

The First Group focuses on joining everything that moves and dragging their team from one thing to another (usually several times a year).

The Second Group is focused on building ONE thing exclusively and has their blinders on. To them, the idea of jumping from one program to the next is unprofitable in the long run, and creates distraction and division.

There are some very talented people in both groups. Good people. And both groups are full of people who genuinely believe that their choices are best for them.

There's just one difference: if you go do a study of the highest-earners in the entire industry…'ll find that every one of them are in The Second Group.

And you'll also find that the few high-earners that exist in The First Group are the exception, not the rule.

As Steve Jobs said (paraphrased), A lot of people think focusing is about saying 'yes'. But, no……focus is about saying 'no'.

That's why Apple became the most valuable company in the world. They know when to leave stuff OUT…..they know when to EDIT…..they know when to say NO.

Or, to put it in a nutshell, having 100 flashlights might be a cool thing. But, 100 flashlights will never do what a laser can do.

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