Global Wealth Trade Expects To Reach $1 Billion In Sales

Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO, GWT


Global Wealth Trade, from Toronto, Canada introduces aggressive new plans to start their drive “To The Billion” with the Billion Dollar Plan and are officially entering their PHASE III by introducing the Virtual Designer Mall concept (VDM).

Last weekend at their National Conference in Toronto, GWT released the next big industry first announcements that promises to be their biggest ideas yet and was there to cover it.

PHASE III -drive to the Billion- is the start of GWT’s aggressive campaign to add another 100,000 consultants over the next 24 months. To accomplish this task the strategy is retail clients and international expansion focused says Founder and CEO Ramin Mesgarlou.

Last weekend on a sold out National Conference in Toronto, GWT Luxury Consultants from around the world gathered to see the highly anticipated release of The Billion Dollar Plan and to celebrate the start of GWT’s PHASE III.

Ramin says: Imagine being able to shop the hottest designer lines that celebrities from the around the world use any time you want. Now imagine if you received up to 50% discount off the retail prices of these designer lines by becoming a member.

Than imagine the company provided you with a world class Virtual Designer Mall (VDM) and offered you up to 100% in retail profits on every sale that you make and up to 8% override residual income on all sales in your organization to INFINITY plus bonuses, exotic car program, global revenue sharing and more.

Well if you think this sound too good to be true than you need to take a look at the images with the checks that were handed out to top GWT consultants for their VDM sales

Global Wealth Trade has played the role of innovators in Direct Sales as well as in the high fashion world with their Variable Free Flowing Binary system that eliminates ranks, their industry first IA program that replaces the industry “autoship” and the very first company in MLM to ever market luxury designer goods.

Shaan Singh, Reza Mesgarlou, Sean Haynes

 The highlight of the announcements were two major releases:

  1. The launch of the VDM – Virtual Designer Mall and GWT VIP clubs
  2. The Flex Plan – giving consultants the choice on how and when to get paid on a weekly bases.  

Ramin Mesgarlou stated: “The PHASE III Billion Dollar Plan will provide many new options for people to started their own class A home business.  The opportunity comes with GWT’s top rated MLM compensation plan without the traditional negative MLM flavor that makes it tough to promote an MLM business hence the theme for PHASE III is “taking GWT out of MLM – keep MLM in GWT”.

In PHASE I and II GWT focused on building their infrastructure which are quality designer product lines, state of art software technology to process the sales and the commissions globally as well as 5 office expansions in the first 8 years.

The VDM and GWT VIP club ideas conceptually change the GWT business model from MLM Company to launching your own Virtual Designer Mall but structurally the business model remains the same.

Ramin says: “Due to the prestige image of our designer products which enabled us to attract a long list of famous celebrity clients and vast red carpet presence we believe that we are the only Direct Sales company that has the opportunity to really appeal to the” NON MLM” market which is 98% of the world’s population.

For ideas Ramin went outside MLM and studied closely the reward programs being offered by hotels, credit card companies, airlines as well as the ever-popular air miles program and the extensive research resulted in one of the most aggressive reward program being offered today. To start with consultants are able to offer a FREE VIP account to their retail clients.

To incentivize the clients to sign up each account is pre loaded with $15 shopping bonus money that the retail clients can use at anytime to shop. Since GWT product lines start as low as $18, the sign up bonus is a great incentive for everyone to register for their VIP account. Once the client is registered they will be able shop and receive further very aggressive bonus shopping dollars starting from 2% to the maximum of 10% rebate on all their shopping.

GWT believes this aggressive reward program will drive hundreds of thousands of shoppers from around the globe to their LCs Virtual Designer Malls and create massive retail profits as well as commissionable volume for the consultants.

Ramin: “The fashion industry stats are staggering with sales over 1.4 TRILLION dollars per year. We have the product lines to be able to position GWT in the advantageous position to compete globally for that market share”. 

The Flex Plan:

The second big announcement was the introduction of The Flex Plan which allows the individual consultants to fully control when and how to get paid.

Ramin: “ Since inception we have declared that we want to be the company that will give the average person a real shot to hit a financial home run. I am known to be very critical of the restrictions MLM companies place in their compensation plans to restrict the flow of funds from the company to the distributor.

This is why I created the VARIABLE and FREE FLOWING Binary system and the new revolutionary Flex plan yet further supports our target to make commissions readily available to the LCs based on their sense of urgency and not when the comp plan qualifications allows them to. This allows the LCs to not have to wait to meet the full Cycle volume qualification in order to get paid. The Flex Plan will greatly benefit our international LCs in the 81 countries that we operate in with up to 85% faster payout.

For more information visit or the official FB page Global Wealth Trade Corporation.

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