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Steve Mitchell


Leading network marketing distributors Steve & Yvette Mitchell,  have made the recent career decision to build a global team with ViSalus,

With nearly 1.5 million new people joining the Body by Vi Challenge™ last year, this made ViSalus the #1 Weight Loss & Fitness Platform in North America – and now Steve and Yvette are excited to grow ViSalus beyond North America as the company plans to open many new global markets, starting with United Kingdom followed by other European countries.

Steve Mitchell was recently voted as one of the ‘Top 20 Global Network Marketers 2013’ and was an ‘MLM Hall of Fame Top 100 Income Earner’.  

Steve shared his thoughts about ViSalus:

“the opportunity to play  a key part in helping this incredible success story that is  ViSalus – the pioneers of the Body by Vi 90-day Challenge – expand and grow around the world, first in the UK, then Europe and ultimately globally was an easy decision to make.

We simply had to be a part of it. Here’s a billion-dollar ‘giant’ that, until recently, has not set foot outside North America – they’ve achieved a billion dollars in sales revenue in just over 4 years and they’ve only been open so far in two countries!

Steve and Yvette Mitchell

To be positioned in front of this with ViSalus as they expand globally is something we all now have the opportunity to be a part of – the timing could not be better, and such a story and opportunity is unlikely again to occur in most of our lifetimes.”

“We are personally enrolled by one of ViSalus’ Co-Founders – Nick Sarnicola – which is certainly an honour and something I’m very excited by.  Plus, what it means for those in our new ViSalus team is that they are positioned very close to one of the three inspirational Founders of ViSalus.”

Steve & Yvette Mitchell explain in greater detail ‘why’ they chose ViSalus:



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