TelexFREE – A Very High Risk Investment

TelexFREE Investment


I have a few facebook friends who asked what my thoughts are about TelexFREE and why I published a TelexFREE review. Some people think the review is a “Buy” recommendation and the review got over 40,000 visits.

As of November 2013 this article got 27,000 hits.

It is NOT a buy recommendation, in the TelexFREE review I have published the facts around the opportunity and made it clear in Brazil the company is closed down as a pyramid / Ponzi scheme.

In fact, in Brazil, TelexFree has been shut down since June of 2013, its assets frozen, they have been ordered not to recruit any new people in Brazil and not to pay any commissions and bonuses, they have lost a number of appeals to have the injunction against them lifted, not to mention they have been fined for not meeting the various requirements in Brazil to operate as a VOIP company.

TelexFREE is even under criminal investigation in Brazil and you can be sure in the USA both the SEC as the FTC are looking into the Brazil situation.

The authorities in Brazil have brought in so far 5 of TelexFree’s top Brazilian affiliates for interrogation. In the USA you have a fair chance to get into prison for 5 – 10+ years, to be involved in a pyramid, no fun at all. Outside the USA your risk is lower but certainly not zero.

Anyone involved with TelexFREE is either new to the industry and/or knows nothing about regulatory compliance as it relates to a network marketing company and opportunity. TelexFREE is not a MLM company, it is an very high risk investment opportunity.

The fact that somebody  is making money does NOT make the program legal nor legitimate. People make money all the time in money games, It is part of the lure to attract new people, and the fact that it has been around for awhile does not make it legal either.

Fact is that millions of people worldwide do not mind to be in a Pyramid as long as they make money. Personally I would not touch TelexFREE, there are far better alternatives to invest your money in smiley.

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