Wake Up Now – Trashing Other MLM Companies?

Kirby Cochran, CEO Wake Up Now


Leaders  with Wake up Now, a new MLM company, seems to have chosen for a trash strategy  to attract leads and are upsetting established companies like WorldVentures, Vemma, and others with there unethical behaviour.

Trashing other companies is NOT done in MLM, it is the short road to become the black sheep of the MLM community….

Seems that Kirby Cochran, CEO Wake Up Now, has no control over his field leaders….

On September 6 Troy Dooly published an article about this bad behaviour and WorldVentures yesterday send the next message to their reps, going the royal way to address this issue:

Dear WorldVentures family,

As the founders of WorldVentures, our favorite parts of the job are having candid conversations with our Reps. During these times, we learn so much about your experiences in the field and we appreciate all the stories, information and feedback you share with us—including what “they” may be saying about WorldVentures.

As innovators, it comes as no surprise to hear WorldVentures not only has imitators, but detractors as well. We’re aware there are companies who painstakingly try to discredit our brand. In the past, we’ve chosen to rise above these attacks and continue to overcome negativity the WorldVentures way. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, and we’ve made it clear to our Reps that we would never support the same behavior from them.

When you fight “fire with fire,” everyone gets burned. We stand steadfast behind every product we offer and will continue to refine and improve it perpetually, but going after every negative social media post or each detracting YouTube video with our own dose of negativity does nothing to positively promote WorldVentures. Further, doing so does nothing to sustain our brand or make us any more trustworthy to future Reps and DreamTrips Members.

Instead, we think it’s more effective to focus on building trust in our brand.

We want you to have pride in your voice and hold your head high when you say you’re a WorldVentures Rep. We want you to point to our Core Values as the principles upon which our company operates and know that they’re the reason why we’ve experienced phenomenal growth in just eight short years. 

We are flattered that others want to emulate what you’ve helped us build. The direct-selling industry has enough room for everyone, and we have no problem with healthy and fair competition.  That’s why we want to let you know that your concerns about other companies’ practices and methods have been heard, we recognize the problem, and we are taking swift legal action against a few particular (and highly inaccurate) attacks on WorldVentures.

In the meantime, help us ensure the negative information floating around about us in social media is outshined by everything that is great about us! Visit the WorldVentures TV channel on YouTube, subscribe and then view, “Like”, comment, and share your favorite videos.* This will help push negative postings about us down in search results and thus push our positive content higher. And, of course, one of the most powerful videos you can share is the WorldVentures Manifesto video. Your friends and family will love it just as much as you do!

As always, thank you for your continued support and dedication, and we’ll continue to do our part and be the example for others to follow.  Look for more information on how you and your team can use social media to help protect our WorldVentures and DreamTrips brands in your weekly WV News email and on our social media channels.


Wayne Nugent, Chief Visionary Officer

Mike Azcue, Chief Executive Officer

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