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Alex Morton, Vemma


Alex Morton is 24 years old and is the youngest Royal Ambassador in the Health and Nutrition Company, Vemma, which is one of the top positions in the compensation plan.

He lives in Tempe, Arizona, USA and his team has over 15,000 members in 25+ countries.

On Facebook he has 38,000+ followers, 12,000+ Instagram followers, and 8,500+ Twitter followers.

His monthly earnings are topping $70,000 per month, with his highest month ever exceeding $100,000.

When Alex was introduced to Vemma, he was earning his income working in real estate while maintaining the heavy load that comes with being a full-time student.
Even though he was doing well in real estate, he was intrigued with the Vemma opportunity because the products, specifically Verve (Vemma’s energy drink), resonated with him & his demographic. 

Early on Alex learned that the only way to be wealthy in mind, body, and spirit is to work for yourself and build your own empire.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Alex Morton:

Alex, how did you got introduced to Vemma and Verve?

I got introduced to Vemma through a Facebook message from one of my dad’s good friends, Marty Wewerka. It took Marty a couple tries before I responded to him on Facebook.

After offering me free tickets to the Phoenix Suns game, I attended a game with Marty and we watched from the Verve Energy Lounge at the U.S. Airways Center.

At first I was very skeptical, and was really just excited about getting to see the Phoenix Suns play, but the next day I wound up at the Vemma Home Office. Then I got introduced to a kid in the company who was earning $10,000/week at the time  – Brad Alkazin -, and that really caught my attention.

I knew I had to at least hear what this kid had to say if he was making that type of money. After I got educated and informed on what Vemma actually was about, I got very excited. Now I consider joining Vemma as one of the best decisions of my life!

Team Members

Alex Morton Vemma Team

What was your opinion about MLM before you decided to sign up?

I was skeptical, thought it was too good to be true, one of those pyramid “things.” My parents made a good amount of money in insurance, which is also residual income.

So I knew that was the only type of  income I wanted to work for.  I didn’t know much about the MLM industry itself but I was determined to learn about what Vemma could do for me, and I continued to educate myself about the MLM industry as a whole. It simply makes sense. And when things make sense, they tend to make dollars.

Who is your sponsor and why did you team up with him?

My enroller is Marty Wewerka, who is a phenomenal person and great friend. The person who guided & mentored me, is Brad Alkazin. I was 21 years old and I was hungry for something different. I knew I didn't fit the normal mold but I did not have the right vehicle.

I met Brad and he was earning roughly $500,000 a year. I was able to easily relate to Brad. I noticed there wasn't anything special about him, average kid, just like me, but he was making sickening amounts of money. I felt like we could lock arms and explode this thing, and that’s exactly what we did.

Your father is a succesful business man,  your mother is graduated from Pepperdine University, have you always been a Top Guy ?

I wouldn't consider myself always being a top guy. However, I would consider myself a very hard worker. I was never the smartest kid in the classroom or the fastest kid on the football field, but I always worked really hard. I was blessed to grow up in a house where not trying your best was not an option. My parents always encouraged my younger sister Maddie & I to push as hard as possible and to give maximum effort.  My dad never graduated college yet still became a multi millionaire.

He will be the first to tell you that there is nothing more important in becoming successful than working extremely diligently and pushing through the rough times. I do whatever it takes for my teams: more meetings, more calls, traveling to my teams, and sacrificing sleep.

Zero to Sixty with Alex Morton

I ALWAYS do whatever it takes to make it happen no matter what. After having my highest month ever ($100,000+), my dad said, I am very proud of you, but we need to book your next 30 day travel schedule tonight and you need to get back on the road, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. I continue to push myself to achieve my goals and help others achieve their goals.

I consider my mom a “top girl” she has a master’s degree & earned multiple 6 figures with a company called Visible Changes. She's only 5 feet tall but she's a fire ball. She was the one always making sure I was passing my classes, showing up to school, and making sure I was giving it my all.

She ran the house growing up. To this day she keeps me grounded, humble, and on top of my game.  I have been fortunate to have amazing role models, but to answer your question, no I haven't always been a top guy, I’ve always worked my very hardest to accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Qualified for the BMW

Alex Morton BMW

You have a lot of young people in your team, how come?

When I first got introduced to Vemma, there were not many young people involved in the business. This changed when I joined Vemma because at the time I was currently a student at Arizona State University.

ASU is one of the largest public universities – with students from all over the world. I began by reaching out to my peer group. At first, many of my friends laughed in my face, and that was okay because they thought this was just another one of my crazy business ideas.

However, I did have a few friends who jumped on the train with me. We then began to utilize social media; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help spread the word about Vemma. I realized that with a click of a button on the Internet, I could reach thousands, if not millions, of people. Social Media today is a huge part of young people’s lives.

My thought process was, Why not get paid to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Also, where do we go, as normal young people, and even have a SHOT at becoming a multi millionaire in our 20's? EXACTLY. It just makes sense. We are the most socially connected generation in the history of the world, with a product that all young people consume.

This, VEMMA, Verve and the YPR is Facebook in year one. The leaders listed below are all future 7 figure earners!

Alex Morton Team Leaders – Among many others

Josh Noble - Vemma Marc and Sandi Morton - Vemma Darik Alexander - Vemma Jack Cunha - Vemma
Jos Noble Marc & Sandi Morton Darik Alexander Jack Cunha
Nick Buric - Vemma Colo Jacob - Vemma Andrew Baer  - Vemma Garrett Hill  - Vemma
Nick Buric Colo Jacob Andrew Bear Garrett Hill
Kailey Warren - Vemma Cody Barton  - Vemma Zach Babiarz  - Vemma Diego Avila - Vemma
Kailey Warren Cody Barton Zach Babiaz Diego Avila
Brock Morton - Vemma Nick Ptak - Vemma Zac Meyer - Vemma Austin Schaeper - Vemma
Brock Morton Nick Ptak Zac Meyer Austin Schaeper
Jovana Stewart - Vemma Noelle Rapisarda - Vemma Kanoa Nartatez - Vemma Connor Schaeper - Vemma
Jovana Stewart Noelle Rapisarda Kanoa Nartatez Connor Schaeper


Who are your mentors or inspirators?

My mentors are Brad Alkazin & my parents. Without these people I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have. They have helped guide me through my past 2 and a half years in Vemma. I have Brad to look up to. He has what I want, period, & he has shown me how to achieve it. My dad offers me the best advice, while my mom helps me overcome challenges and keeps me humble. I’m truly thankful for these people.

Furthermore, I am inspired by anyone who has excelled at what they do. Tony Robbins for example is someone who inspires me. He is an author and motivational speaker. I have found a passion for not only helping people but also for public speaking. Every time I read one of Robbins’s books or hear him speak I am always inspired to do more personal development and better myself. I try my best to teach people on my team the importance of personal development. Also, Drake is someone who I am inspired by.

He went from starting off on a TV show, Degrassi, to becoming a well-known rapper and having multiple hit singles, & has 10's of millions of dollars. Drake has excelled in the entertainment industry, and I aspire to excel in the network marketing industry. Finally, my biggest inspiration is my mom because she inspires me to be honest, humble, and the best person I possibly can be. I work hard to live up to her expectations because she is my number one girl!

Vemma Films Presents Alex Morton

How do you overcome rejection?

I overcome rejection by going to the gym and working out. I also like to use rejection as motivation. When someone tells me I can’t do something, it gets me so fired up that I must prove them wrong.

Since I have been involved in this business I have learned you have to develop rhino skin meaning any negative comment, tweet, message, or interaction has to bounce right off of you. Anyone who has reached a high level of success has always dealt with naysayers and people that dislike them for whatever reason. One must persevere and work hard, daily to achieve one’s goals and dreams!

What are your plans or goals for your team?

My goals, aspirations & plans for my team are upon my top priority in this company. I will continue to do calls, meetings, travel, and sacrifice virtually everything until there are over 500 people in my organization clearing 6-figures per year while helping at least 2,000 people retire and give back to their parents.

There is not a plan in sight of me ever wanting to stop helping other people through Vemma. It is the most humbling experience to help people, travel the world, make more than I could ever imagine, and literally make a difference by changing people lives.

Do you have an advice for newbies in the MLM industry?

It is extremely important to get excited and fired up. It’s a positive attitude that helps attract new leaders, promote retention and get people interested in the products. For me, if you treat the opportunity as a mere hobby then it will ultimately pay you like one. This is exactly why I have chosen, along with my motivated team, to treat it like a million-dollar business. I feel blessed to be exposed to something like this at such a young age. Vemma is an opportunity of a lifetime. I am fired up! This is only the beginning and we are just getting started. If you are motivated and willing to work hard, contact me!!

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