Vemma – 99% Increase In Revenue In September 2013 Close To $21 Million

BK Boreyko, Vemma, Ceo


Vemma, the largest mangosteen product based company in the networking industry recently announced yet another all-time sales record for September, 2013.

Marking a 99% increase over the September 2012 sales total, Vemma closed out the month with sales approaching $21 million and daily sales increasing by almost $100,000 a business day over last month.

The company growth is fueled by the best-selling Verve brand which has become a $100 million+ brand on its own.

The 3 week early release of the new Verve ParTea gave sales a nice bump and allows Vemma Brand Partners to tap into the exploding 'ready to drink' iced tea market.

Later this month, almost 3,000 YPR leaders will gather in Columbus, Ohio, USA for the Verve Leadership Academy hosted by Darren Hardy, editor of SUCCESS Magazine.

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Vemma announced that sales reached $20 million per month in July, a first-ever record for the company.

After taking 7 years to reach the $10 million monthly sales mark in July 2012, Vemma has doubled that to $20 million a month just 12 months later.

In addition, Vemma monthly customer and Brand Partner enrollments reached the 30,000 mark for the first time in July.

Vemma Top Producers:

Tom and Bethany Alkazin Vemma Ruth Elliott Vemma Clay Jackson Vemma Brian McMullen Vemma
Tom & Bethany Alkazin Ruth & Jeff Elliott Clay Jackson Brian McMullen
Harald Maier Vemma Matt Morrow Vemma Ronni Phillips Vemma Hannes and Jessica Sommer Vemma
Harald Maier Matt Morrow Ronni & JD Phillips Hannes & Jessica Sommer
Brad Alkazin Vemma Nancy and Alan Fields Gary Brady Vemma Billy McSwain Vemma
Brad Alkazin Alan & Nancy Fields Gary & Marla Brady Billy McSwain
Peter and Marie Francis Vemma Dan and Cathy Sarver Vemma David & Wendy Graham Vemma Lanny & Deena Morton
Peter & Marie Francis Dan & Cathy Sarver David & Wendy Graham Lanny & Deena Morton
Angelika Maier Vemma Anders Karlsson Vemma Linda Proctor Vemma Dave & Kim Rasmussen Vemma
Angelika Maier Anders Karlsson Linda Proctor Dave & Kim Rasmussen
Dennis Ligon Vemma Gary Kurtz Vemma Michelle Barnes Vemma Jeff Hooks Vemma
Dennis Ligon Gary Kurtz Michelle Barnes Jeff Hooks
Peter Maria Kriwetz Vemma Mike Binder Vemma Siti Fadzilah Binti Zakariah Vemma Ingrid Riegler Vemma
Peter Maria Kriwetz Mike Binder Siti Fadzilah Binti Zakariah Ingrid Riegler
Jeff Bedbury Vemma Yvonne Reichmuth Vemma Ken Stewart Vemma Annie Black Vemma
Jeff Bedbury Yvonne Reichmuth Ken Stewart Annie Black
Martha Diane Hayes Edmund Schilly Vemma Rich and Karen Rowe Vemma Kelli McCamy Vemma
Martha Diane Hayes Edmund Schilly Rich & Karen Rowe Kelli McCamy
Chuck and Sally Wing Vemma Karl Michael Pilsl Vemma Peter Winkler Vemma Maria Pfeifer Vemma
Chuck & Sally Wing Karl Michael Pilsl Peter Winkler Maria Pfeifer

Vemma Top Earners, the est. earnings are as follows:





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