Limu Company Sues Jessica And Eric Ellerman And Get Federal Injuction

Jessica Ellerman, Zija, The Limu Company, Law Suit


Jessica Ellerman has resigned from Limu in October and sign up for Zija International

Gary Raser, CEO – The Limu Company said earlier:

We have received confirmation that former Promoters Jessica and Eric Ellerman have left LIMU and joined a competitor in our industry. We have also been notified that Ms. Ellerman is recruiting other LIMU Promoters to join her, which is both unethical and illegal.

As the CEO of our company, it is my fiduciary responsibility to protect the LIMU enterprise for all Promoters, and prevent anyone from attacking or recruiting anyone else in LIMU, in violation of the Policies and Procedures that every Promoter signs when joining LIMU.


I will protect the LIMU opportunity on your behalf, with every ounce of my being and through every legal means available.

In summary, the court has ordered Ellerman and all persons acting in concert or participation with her to immediately cease directly or indirectly soliciting Limu members to support any other company, including Zija.

It was clearly demonstrated that LIMU is likely to succeed on its breach of contract claim and its tortious interference claim against Jessica Ellerman, and by enjoinder, anyone who is acting in concert with her, including Zija.


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