ViSalus – New $500,000 Top Earners Break Through

Jordan Delacruz, ViSalus


Royal Ambassadors Tony and Rhonda Lucero has four team members who just graced the stage this last weekend in Atlanta at the National Success Training as $500k + income earners.

Jordan Delacruz 3 Star Ambassador born and raised in Hawaii. Served 10 years in the United States Army and started generating a 5 figure a month income in his 2nd month in Visalus.

Left the United States Army and with no prior experience in network marketing hit $500,000 in 22 months in Visalus.

He will become and desires to produce Vi-Millionaires on his team in 2014.

Neil Bellville is a 3 Star Ambassador from Huntington, WV and has been very successful in the industry.

He earned his $500,000 in just 4 years and has recently teamed up with 3 Doctors in a West Virginia who own 5 gyms. Watch Neil as he is running to the top in 2014.

Danny and Miranda Linares 3 Star Ambassadors from Murrieta, Ca.
Were both Hair Dressers by trade. Now full time with Visalus with no network marketing experience and have earned over $500k in 3 & 1/2 years and on their way to becoming Vi Millionaires in 2014!

Brett and Jessica Boyer are 2 Star Ambassadors from Omaha, now both serious Entrepreneurs.

Brett's background is in the mortgage industry and the CEO of 3 businesses, Jessica a top hair stylist in 9 states. With no prior experience in network marketing they earned there $500,000 in just under 3 years walking away from everything else now staying the course with ViSalus and changing lives.

Jessica and Brett Boyer,  Jordan Delacruz, Neil Bellville, Miranda and Danny Linares

Miranda and Danny Linares,  Jordan Delacruz, Neil Bellville

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