Marino and Marjorie Camacho Join Vemma

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1 Star Ambassador, Top Earners in Puerto Rico, Marino and Marjorie Camacho have joined Vemma.

Vemma Nutrition is extremely excited to welcome Marino Camacho as the newest affiliate to join Vemma.

Marino was the #1 income earner in all of Puerto Rico where he played a large role in helping 89 people reach the BMW bonus. He was one of the main leaders in the Latino community.

Marino saw the potential that Vemma had to offer within the latino markets and when he found out the companies mission on developing the Latino community not only in Puerto Rico, but all around the world he was very excited.

“ The vision that Vemma has for the Latino communities is exactly what I have been looking for, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these markets. We are going to build an empire here.

A large factor of Marino’s transition to Vemma came from when Cesar Lopez left his previous company to join with Vemma and partner up with Alex Morton, the youngest million dollar earner in the companies history.  

“ When I saw Cesar was teaming up with Alex Morton I knew that there was something special happening within the Vemma family. I saw Vemma’s plans for the Latino community and I was all in!”

Vemma is comprised of all liquid nutrition products with a line up consisting of: a Liquid vitamin supplement, healthy weight loss (backed by Chris Powell, with Ready to Drink Shakes to come in April), healthy energy supplements, and to come in March of 2014 a healthy vanilla latte coffee.

“On a product stand point there is something for everyone here within Vemma. Everything is ready to drink. No mixing, no stirring, its all ready to go. Convenience is the #1 product. Also,  Vemma’s “Bodé Shake” is the most complete and best tasting shake in the industry. There’s no doubt this is the most powerful product line currently in network marketing.”

Vemma is transforming lives through ultra-premium products, a strong, charitable commitment and a generous compensation plan. It can help you become healthier and happier. If you have a heart for helping people, it may just be the right opportunity for you.

“These products and this opportunity is for everybody because everyone wants to be healthier and everyone wants to be wealthier. Teaming up with Cesar Lopez and Alex Morton.. there is no doubt records will be broken in 2014, and we will make Vemma a top company!

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