Vidacup Co-Founder Donna Valdes Resigns As Chief Marketing Officer

Donna Valdes, Vidacup


Vidacup Co-Founder Donna Valdes resigns as Chief Marketing Officer to become an independent distributor for the company

Vidacup International’s Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Donna Valdes has joined Vidacup as an independent distributor to take advantage of the company’s new growth prospects.

“I’m so confident  in Vidacup that I decided  being behind a  desk wasn’t enough  for me or my family,” said Valdes. “I see Vidacup becoming a global force in the direct-selling industry and I want to be on the forefront of
taking Vidacup to that next level. Marketing is a passion, but building relationships and helping others succeed is a purpose.

I’m proud of the work I have done behind the scenes to present the branding and image of Vidacup, but now it’s time to put it to work and take Vidacup to the next level of growth.”

Concurrent  with  her new  position, Valdes stepped down as Chief Marketing Officer, effective as of Friday,February 28, 2014. Valdes is a proven industry leader who has built large international distributor organizations
over  15  years  in  the  direct  sales  industry.  She  co-founded  two  network  marketing  companies  along with Real Savvy Success, an organization which focused on the development of female leadership in the network marketing industry.

“Vidacup isn’t just another coffee company, we are a company that will change lives with our products, our systems, and our commission structure. Vidacup was born out of necessity to develop and create a company
that  would appeal to me  if  I  were  in  the  field  where  ethics  and  integrity  mean  something  and  people  matter. Vidacup really did appeal to me and the compensation plan is such that I can make more money in the field as adistributor than working in its corporate office.”

“She is a strong leader with a track record of success. While we will miss her as a member of the corporate team, we’re elated that she’ll be using her immense talents as a recruiter and her proven ability as a leader and
trainer to help our current and future Brand Promoters build a brighter future and more effectively spread the word about our unique products and opportunity”, says Jeff Mack, CEO and Co-Founder of Vidacup.

Vidacup partnered with Globus Holdings in August 2013. Globus is working with Vidacup to help build a solid infrastructure  that  is  scalable  for  future  growth  domestically  and  internationally.  Since  the  partnership  began, Vidacup has been working on solidifying its operations and logistics, improving its technology and branding, and supporting its current field while attracting new leaders.


Vidacup International markets a line of healthy coffee and functional beverages and is the exclusive distributor of an enzyme extraction of the Agaricus Blazei mushroom. To learn more go to:


Donna Valdes lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with her husband and three children. Donna’s down-to-earth nature, no-nonsense approach and humor are well known in the industry and it is clear that she knows what it takes to achieve success. She has been the keynote speaker at many events in the Direct Sales arena and is the co-founder of Vidacup. To learn more go to:


Globus Holdings is a US based global investment company with a focus on the direct  selling  industry. Globus’  investment  team  has  decades  of  direct  sales  experience  ranging  from  field development  to  start-up  investments  and  company  ownership  with  several  successful  organizations  in  the industry.

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