Andre Winata Achieves Young Success With Talk Fusion

Andre Winata, Talk Fusion


Andre Winata from Surabaya, Indonesia has always had an overwhelming desire for tremendous success. As an ordinary college student with extraordinary dreams, Andre would sell everything from food to supplements, beauty supplies, mattresses and more hoping to achieve the success he always desired.

He also took up a relationship marketing opportunity during this time. While he loved the business model, he knew he deserved more than what he was being paid.

“I did not fear hard work, because I wanted to succeed so much,” said Andre. “I always had faith that I would succeed in the relationship marketing industry.”

His faith was validated when Grand Blue Diamond Marselinus Halim introduced him to Talk Fusion in 2012.

Andre always had the work ethic, but with Talk Fusion’s innovative Video Communication Products and Instant Pay Compensation Plan, he finally had the strong foundation for the significant success he always dreamed about. With Marselinus as his direct sponsor, Andre immediately started sharing the Talk Fusion Opportunity with like-minded peers, family members and many others.

His work eventually paid off like it never had before.

“Talk Fusion didn’t just change my life, it revolutionized my life,” said Andre. “After only two years with the company, I can do things like give my dad a Honda CRV for this birthday and send my mom and sister on a vacation to Korea. I’ve even bought the land to build my dream house.”

Andre climbed the ranks to earn Talk Fusion’s industry-leading incentives, including the opportunity to own a Mercedes-Benz C250 and take two trips per year to tropical Hawaii on the Talk Fusion Dream Getaway.

Through consistent, hard work, Andre built a large team of young Associates who duplicated his actions and taught other to do the same using Talk Fusion’s simple, four-step system of success. Today he leads a large organization of Independent Associates located throughout Indonesia and beyond.

“At the age of 20-21 people on my team can now buy their own cars, they can travel abroad for the first time, they can make their families happy,” said Andre. “At first I thought becoming successful was the happiest moment of my life, but after helping so many others to find the same success, I know that my happiness comes from much more than my achievements alone.”

Andre exemplifies the the potential for everyone, regardless of age, to live his or her dreams with Talk Fusion. At the esteemed rank of Blue Diamond, he is already well on his way to becoming one of Talk Fusion’s brightest and youngest leaders.

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