Mommy’s Club Welcomes Former Blue Diamond Executives Catherine And Jimmy Reese

Bill Glynn, Mommy's Club, CEO


Jimmy and Catherine Reese, dynamic network marketers and entrepreneurs from Witter Springs, CA, have joined Mommy’s Club’s field leadership ranks alongside former Black Diamond power couples Mick and Vick Karshner, Mike and Sahi Hernandez and others who have been empowered by Mommy’s Club’s mission to make the home a healthier place to raise a family. A division of the Healthy Home Company, Mommy’s Club is one of the first large-scale social entrepreneurship businesses in the world, and uses direct retailing, a hybrid wholesale buying club and direct marketing approach, to sell its brand of products made from all-natural, EcoCert, and toxic-free ingredients.


Mommy’s Club’s rapid expansion and steady recruitment of top network marketing talent is a direct testament to the power of the social entrepreneurship model, when coupled with a desire to educate and serve others. It was that commitment to educating others and Mommy’s Club core mission to make a difference on a grand scale that motivated the Reese’s to join the Mommy’s Club team.


“Jimmy and I have chosen to pursue our passions as careers, and have found that helping others through this business model has fulfilled us in more ways than we ever thought possible. It feels good to be doing good, and at Mommy’s Club we both know we’re doing just that – educating people about the dangers lurking in their everyday household products and teaching them to make informed, intentional decisions about how to protect their family and home,” said Catherine. “It’s empowering to know that we’re not just helping families lead healthier lives, but also mentoring them on their journey to financial stability and freedom.”


“Catherine and Jimmy have been a wonderful addition to the Mommy’s Club family. Their experience in the industry, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to serving others has already had a noticeable impact in propelling forward our mission of making the home a healthier place to raise a family,” said Bill Glynn, CEO of Mommy’s Club. “We’re honored to have them join our field leadership ranks alongside industry powerhouses like Mick and Vick Karshner, Mike and Sahi Hernandez, Brian and Danielle Fryer and countless others and are looking forward to seeing them grow their business.”

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