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Kevin O'Connor, FG Xpress


Kevin O'Connor is an industry veteran but proudly adds that in 27 years he has worked with only 4 companies, one of which he was President and co-founder.

At FG Xpress his organization extends to every corner of the globe and he travels frequently in support of his team. FG Xpress PowerStrips are a patented fusion of modern energy and ancient herbs.

His team has dominated the rank advance and it has come from unlikely corners of the world, from Kazakhstan to the Philippines, Brazil to Paris. This allowed Kevin to be the first 4, 5, 6 and 7 Star in the company. Recently he earned the top rank in the company called All Star.

In November of 2012 Kevin O'Connor sat in a small leader meeting with Ron Williams, Founder of Forevergreen, as Ron told the group about a product called Power Strip.

Ron has suffered from chronic back pain due to a sports injury. A Doctor had suggested Ron try the product and to his amazement the product relieved his pain. Then Ron told the group of leaders of his vision of starting a new division called FG Xpress with a business model that was breathtakingly bold.

Power Strips mail in a greeting card and therefore can ship anywhere in the world, so if you can send a birthday card to someone we can ship Power Strips.  Connor states,

Kevin says We started pre launch in mid January 2013. Testimonials were coming back fast and powerful to the point where we were worried about the repercussions

The company hired a legal firm to work with the FDA and before long Power Strips were listed by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device for the relief of pain and the improvement of the look and feel of skin.

The credibility that this gives the company and product is unprecedented.

The rest is history in the making as the company grows at a rapid pace around the globe.

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