Philip Liang Is MonaVie’s Newest Diamond Executive

Philip Liang, MOnaVie


“My journey to success started when I was 16 years old. I came home one afternoon to find my mother crying. She told me that her husband (my stepfather) had left us, and he also left us a debt of $250,000 that had accumulated from his gambling problems. Watching my mum cry uncontrollably was the most painful, agonizing, and excruciating experience that I had ever faced; it was then and there that I promised myself that I’ll do whatever I can to help and protect my family.

A time of sorrow
“I quickly got a part-time job to contribute to the rent, but the next two years only got more difficult for my family. Unfortunately, my stepfather owed some really bad people money, meaning we constantly had bullets and bricks fly through our windows in the middle of the night. I felt helpless and worthless as I couldn’t protect my baby sister and mother and those feelings slowly drove me to depression. I stopped attending school, distanced myself from my friends, and even left home to run away from everything.

Rays of hope
“From there my life quickly fell apart. I became homeless with no family, money, job, or future. However, it was in these dire circumstances that I met a gentleman who changed my life. He pulled me out of my darkness and told me that universities and degrees were great but they weren’t necessary to be successful or to help my family. He introduced me to the concepts and philosophies of business and helped me understand the importance of self-development.

Invest in yourself to succeed
“I eventually started my own traditional business in 2011, and by the end of that same year, I had contributed $50,000 to my mother’s debt and had opened another two businesses. However, it was still going to take me at least another four years to pay off my mum’s debt if I kept up the same pace. Determined that I needed to grow as a person to be presented with new opportunities, I quickly invested thousands of dollars in books, seminars, and courses to break through the plateau but nothing really worked.

“When I was first introduced to MonaVie, I quickly realised it was exactly what I needed. Not only was it the answer to all my family’s financial problems, but it was the perfect environment for me to grow as a person. It provided me with many mentors, an abundance of knowledge, and most importantly a platform to work on my passion—helping teens and young adults realise their true potential and guiding them to create their own success stories.

“By combining the proven system that MonaVie provides and my own burning desire to succeed, I was able to accelerate my success, achieving the position of Gold Executive in one month and Emerald Executive in three months. Today, I can say with absolute confidence that I’ll finally free my family of all our debts and help my mother retire by the end of 2013.

Pain, sacrifice are necessary
“My advice for success in MonaVie is to be prepared to sacrifice and embrace the obstacles and hardships that come with the business! Although this is an amazing company with a proven system, success or an abundance of wealth never comes easy; success goes to those who are willing to sacrifice and put in the work. I often compare MonaVie to the gym—it’s not easy and it will be painful but we go to the gym because we know it the pain will help transform us! The people who don’t deserve it or don’t want it enough will never make the necessary sacrifices or commit long enough to see the transformation.

“Work hard on your MonaVie business consistently for a full year and great results are absolutely inevitable!”

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