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Meet Santiago Esparza, a native of Mexico that moved to San Diego, California at the ripe age of 14. Santiago worked nearly full-time while in high school and college. He started as a dishwasher in a local restaurant and began to study the business very carefully. He continued to sharpen his business skills and after many years of hard labor, worked his way toward becoming a regional manager, responsible for the successful operation of 68 restaurants.

Santiago joined his first multi-level marketing company in 2006 and was a top earner in less than one year. But the company’s local leaders began feeding him false information about expansion into Latin America, so he joined a different MLM in 2009. Again, he became a top leader and earner in less than 6 months. But this time he discovered that some company leaders were moving down lines and taking IBO’s from each other.

“At this time, I decided that the MLM industry was not for me. I worked extremely hard and was rewarded well, but I continued to find poor leadership within my local leaders. The owners were great and I was making a lot of money, but I could not live with the dishonesty between leaders,” Santiago explained. “This was a very difficult decision because I was making upwards of $60,000 per month,” he adds.

Santiago decided to return to corporate America for the next three years and continued to successfully manage restaurants. But a persistent friend continued to discuss his MLM business. “Armand Puyolt is a friend of mine and he was always talking about this great opportunity with Total Life Changes, Inc.

He showed me many of the Iaso™ products and explained how they have been changing people’s lives all over the world, especially in Latin America,” says Esparza. This was the break he was looking for. He had a stable position in corporate America, but he was not earning as much as he did in the MLM industry. Esparza joined TLC in 2011, but did not even look at his back office for about three years. I remember Armand saying, “Santiago, you should really consider building out your business with TLC. We are moving product and receiving thousands of positive testimonies.”

“In January 2014, Armand Puyolt, master distributor of TLC, shared several Iaso™ products with me. I started to see very dramatic results. I lost a total of 42 pounds in 6 weeks, I was absolutely hooked on these Iaso™ products” explains Esparza.

Santiago logged into his back office one day in late March 2014 and discovered that he had 33,000 people in one leg of his down line. “On April 15, 2014, exactly one year after I stopped working in a previous MLM company, I decided to begin developing my TLC business 100% of the time.”

“I now have a sentimental attachment to the TLC products. This year my focus is to help lots of people dramatically improve their health and their income. Personally, I want to lose 30 more pounds and start making $3,000 per week; while developing four leaders and helping them earn at least $1,000 per week by October 2014.”

Over the next five years, Santiago wants to help thousands of people improve their health using Iaso™ nutritionals and become financially free. “My ultimate goal is to be a $100,000 a month earner in the next five years,” he says.

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